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UPDATE [Patchnote] May Update 05. 15. 2019 Views 8437

1. Update

- Dimensional Storm (Bacchus x Bacchus x Bacchus)

- Dragon Quest Renewal

- Hero Title 



2. Changes/Additions

- Sources of Lapis added

- [Hero] [Ally] Adjustments in routes for gaining EXP

- Acquiring points in ghost state

- Improvements in rare item drop effects

- Materials for enhancing Ancient Equipment added

- Improvements in showing enhancement messages

- Improvements in showing Chat Window’s DPS

- Modifications in extra EXP acquisition phrases

- Changes in transparent effect (party) default settings

- Unnecessary items among materials used for disassembling or enhancing Accessories removed

- Guild repeated mission

- Bulletin Board Readjustment Project

- Improvements in showing Dungeon entry guidance messages

- Goblynn's Fav Box

- Durability when abandoning Dungeons or Nests

- Changes in Escape Current Location

- Changes in Matador Rose Purchase Conditions

- Others



3. Balance

- May Skill Balancing Changes PVE

- May Skill Balancing Changes PVP

- May Skill Balancing Changes PVE

- May Skill Balancing Changes PVP

- Changes in attack movements

- Changes in Transparent Skill Effect option



- Sea Fishing is the Real Fishing!

- Sea Fishing Schedule

- Others



5. Cash Shop

- May Costume: Darkfire Costume (Halloween Costume)

- May Dragon Egg Update



1. Update

1-1. Dimensional Storm (Bacchus x Bacchus x Bacchus)

Bacchus x Bacchus x Bacchus

•Defeat the three Bacchus brothers.

•You can defeat them by using Meteor.

•Success : When defeating all Bacchus brothers within 5 minutes

•Fail : When exceeding 5 min or having at least 1 death

•Bacchus continuously recovers his HP.

•The more praises you get, the better chances of getting Dimension Stone [Gale].




Dimensional Storm - Changes

•The existing 3  Dungeons (Manticore, ArchBishop,  Daidalos) are removed.

•[EVENT] Dimensional Storm -replaced by Bacchus x Bacchus x Bacchus.

•Adjustments in Weekly Clear Limit : 21 times -> 10 times

•Expected Rewards remain the same.


1-2. Dragon Quest Renewal

Come! You foolish human.

It is the strongest’s duty and responsibility to conquer.


I shall kill you

And reach God.

I shall break this futile world of dreams

And become the New World’s King!


※ [Apocrypha 4. Red King, Red Dragon]’s quest, Repentance, has been revamped. You can enter Story-exclusive Red Dragon Nest during the mission.

※  If you have already finished [Apocrypha 4. Red King, Red Dragon] before Updates or if you are currently doing ‘To the Mistland’ quest, you cannot take the new modified story.



I was born within a void, thus I couldn’t feel anything.

My motionless heart slowly became frozen, and only white ashes piled up around me.

And it was you, Hiver, who shared me her warmth.

For you, I decided to live

And remember the long-forgotten emotions.


I hope, with all my heart,

that your very first moment after the end of winter and heavy snowstorms be me,

just like the moment I felt something for the very first time...


※ 3 new chapters have been added to [Apocrypha 5. A Family Tragedy]. You can enter Story-exclusive Ice Dragon Nest during a mission and watch the short story of Ice Dragon Guy.

※  If you finish [Apocrypha 5. A Family Tragedy]’s ‘Take Care of Big Sis’ chapter after Updates, you can take the new 3 quests.

※  If you have already finished [Apocrypha 5. A Family Tragedy] before Updates or if you are currently doing ‘To Rhadames’ quest, you cannot take the new quests.



The only thing Goddess bestows upon her beloved Child is an immense power.

In the end, it is humans who bind themselves with their foolish greed

and turn that power into a pandemonium.

It was you who decided to come here on your own will, wasn’t it?

Then repay the consequences with your own life.



A new quest,  Mamon’s Palace, has been added to [Apocrypha 6. Turning Point]. You can enter Story-exclusive Rune Dragon Nest during the mission.

※  If you finish [Apocrypha 6. Turning Point]’s ‘Feeling Lost’ quest after Updates, you can take the new quest.

※  If you have already finished [Apocrypha 6. Turning Point] or if you are currently doing ‘Ash Casket's Key’ quest, you cannot take the new quest.


1-3. Hero Title

[Hero Title]

All titles, except temporary ones and those that disappear due to a specific event, have now become Hero Title.

Some Hero Titles have a retaining effect, increasing the stats of all 95 Lev characters in the server.

This retaining effect of can be applied when at least one character in the server earns the title

and in order to use the character’s existing Cover Title or Stats Title, you need to earn the Hero Title with the relevant character.


Also, you can obtain a Cover Title of a special colour after you have collected a Hero Title and reached a certain level.

※ Hero Title collection and application is shared by all characters in the server.

※ The relevant reward can be applied by clicking the ‘Receive Reward’ button and please be careful whenever you receive a reward.


[Title Collection]

A function that gives you rewards whenever you complete a certain number of collections has been added.

Also, the 50% achievement mail has been deleted and only the 100% achievement mail will be sent to you.

※ Different from the ‘Hero Title Collection’, characters in the server cannot share rewards for this Title Collection.


A category that is distinguished from the Title Collection List has been created, and a special Title Collection will be displayed in ‘Special’ Tab.



[Title and Improvements]

In case you have a Stats Title equipped, you can mouse over on a Title in the Title List or Mission List and compare the two titles.



2. Changes/Additions

2-1. Sources of Lapis added

-With the previous Patch that has activated Accessory and Ancient Enhancements, now you are required to spend more Lapis.

Hence, we have added other sources so that you can get Lapis at [Fission Maze & Maze Core Middle Boss] [Nest Points Store].


•Fission Maze & Maze Core Middle Boss

-From Level 25 onwards, you can get Lapis at a set rate whenever you defeat a Middle Boss.

-The higher the level, the better the chance to get Lapis.


•Nest Points Store - General

-You can use Nest Points to buy Lapis.



2-2. [Hero] [Ally] Adjustments in routes for gaining EXP

-Currently, the main routes for obtaining [Hero] [Ally] EXP are placed around Dungeons and Nests.

We have judged that this phenomenon which requires you to go round Dungeons and Nests to grow a new [Hero] or a new [Ally] was inefficient,

hence made adjustments in routes for gaining EXP.


•[Mercenary] Adjustments in routes for gaining EXP

-From now on, [Hero] can gain EXP through [Mercenary Exploration] only.

-EXP will differ depending on the task level or the time taken to complete the task, but you will be able to get more EXP than before.


•[Ally] Adjustments in routes for gaining EXP

-From now on, [Ally] can gain EXP through [Ally EXP Juice] only.

-You can buy Ally EXP Juice, which allows you to gain much more Ally EXP, at Community Points Store.



2-3. Acquiring points in ghost state

-Now, in case a player in ghost state transfers to the next Dungeon while party playing in ‘Fission Maze’ or ‘Maze Core’, the points he/she gets will not be added to his/her inventory anymore.

-There was a bug that, when player in ghost state transferred to the next Dungeon, points gained by party member’s pet would be added to his/her inventory.

-Now, points gained while in ghost state will be spent automatically and no longer occupy any space in the player’s inventory.




2-4. Improvements in rare item drop effects

-Now, whenever a rare item is dropped, the light effect colour will change depending on the relevant item’s grade.

-Until now, all rare dropped items were marked with yellow beams of light regardless of their grades.

-In order to allow players to recognize a rare item more intuitively whenever it is dropped, we have added beams of light of a variety of colours.




2-5. Materials for enhancing Ancient Equipment added

-Now, enhancing an Ancient Equipment requires additional Polished Garnet and Quality Life-giving Essence.


2-6. Improvements in showing enhancement messages

- Standards for showing enhancement messages have changed.

- Changes were made so that a world message is sent in case you challenge the modified standards and succeed or the item is destroyed.

- Standards are as follows.


2-7. Improvements in showing Chat Window’s DPS

-When you clear a Dungeon or a Nest, DPS information will be shown to only you through the Chat System message, and you can share your own DPS information with All/Party/Guild.

-In case you clear a Dungeon or a Nest in party status, you can check the information on DPS’s No. 1 as well as the damage contribution of you and that of No. 1.

(in case you are not in party status, there will be no changes)




2-8. Modifications in extra EXP acquisition phrases

-Depending on the number of max level characters you own in an account, the amount of EXP your characters below max level gain will increase.

-You can gain EXP by defeating monsters or clearing Dungeons & Nests. However, we have deleted EXP gained by defeating monsters except for certain Dungeons and relevant phrases have been modified.

-This effect can be applied up to 5 max level characters at maximum. (there will be no effect even if you own more than 5 max level characters)



2-9. Changes in transparent effect (party) default settings

-The default setting of transparent effect (party) shown when you install Dragon Nest for the first time has changed to 7.

In case of a PC that has the game already installed, the transparent effect (party) setting remains unchanged.



2-10. Unnecessary items among materials used for extracting or enhancing Accessories removed

•Unnecessary items used for [extracting Accessories below LV 95] or [Enhancement Transfer] removed

-You can no longer extract [Accessories below LV 95]

-[Enhancement Transfer] no longer requires you unnecessary items.



2-11. Guild repeated missions

[Changes in Dungeon repeated missions]

-After the removal of Dungeon Level from World Remaster update and the consequent expansion in level of difficulty,

the Dungeon repeated missions among Guild repeated missions have changed in the following way.



2-12. Bulletin Board Readjustment Project

※ The Adventurer's League is advancing the [Mission Bulletin Board] Readjustment Project!

※ [Adventurer's Guild Bulletin Board] and [Adventurer's Guild Reward Board] installed in each region will be removed.

※ From now on, please check any new mission from the [Mission Bulletin Board].


※ With the Updates, you can no longer accept quests from any NPC enlisted below.

※ In case you own a quest in the list, you can take the quest normally.

※ However, please note that after March Updates, the quests will be deleted even if you own them.


2-13. Improvements in showing Dungeon entry guidance messages

▶ Entrance message for Dungeon, which were only visible to the party leader, is improved to be visible to all party members.


2-14. Goblynn's Fav Box

•Some of items inside of Gosuk’s Previous Box and their drop rates will be changed.

•The newly added item, [Cloister Map Fragment Bundle (x60)] item itself can be traded, but each [Sunset Cloister Map] which can be obtained by clicking, are not tradable.

•If you use the newly added item  [ Goddess’s Quality Dragon Gem Controller (Lv95 )], you can change Level 95 Enhancement Dragon Gem (Quality Legend)

(except for Victory Dragon Jem)’s option into an option that you want. However, you cannot choose an option with Final Damage. 


2-15. Durability when leaving Dungeons or Nests without clearing

[Durability when leaving Dungeons or Nests without clear]

Even if you leave the Dungeon & the Nest without clearing or shut down the client, the durability of your Equipment will not drop anymore.

However, the loss of durability that you get when your character dies remains the same.



2-16. Changes in Unstuck When Trapped

[Changes in Unstuck When Trapped]

In case you are in party status, the system message [Unstuck When Trapped] won’t be shown to other heroes in the Dungeon anymore.

However, in Colosseum, the system message will still be shown to other heroes.



2-17. Changes in Matador Rose Purchase Conditions

-We have judged that conditions to buy Matador Rose were too high, so it made difficult to heroes for challenge Forest Dragon Nest.

Hence, we have greatly decreased the conditions to buy Matador Rose.

From now on, it will be easier to challenge Light and Normal difficulty of Forest Dragon.


•Changes in Matador Rose Purchase Conditions

-The quantity of Gold and White Flower Seed necessary to buy a Matador Rose has decreased. 



2-18. Others

■ [Hirendel’s Barrier]The location of Old Garden’s Silver Chest has changed

-The Silver Chest that used to be between Zones 2 and 3, has moved to Zone 3.

■ [Hirendel’s Barrier] Improvements in Undergarden

-The placement of monsters in Undergarden has partly changed.

-The tree stems that used to block the entrance of certain zones have now disappeared.


■ Changes in the dropping and purchasing quantity of Hero's Blood, Sweat and Tear

-The number of [Hero's Blood, Sweat and Tear] dropped when defeating a Dungeon Boss or Champion has increased.

-The prices of Low Level weapons and armours that can be bought from a Blacksmith with Hero’s Blood, Sweat and Tears have increased.     


■ Kaeron Island Daily Quest

-Now you can gain 20 Lebrium Points as a reward for Kaeron Island Daily Quest normally.



3. Balance

3-1. May Skill Balancing Changes PVE

<Chaos Mage>

Despite being the very first Awakened Class, Chaos Mage still had meaningless skill effects left unattended. Hence we have prioritized its balancing adjustments.

Though DPS adjustments were not significant, it is our goal to improve some of Chaos Mage class’s defects and offer a better gameplay.


Reliance on Force Mirror Removed

-Chaos Mage has been suffering a big loss in SP cost due to the acquisition of the War Mage [Force Mirror].

-Therefore, we have changed the specs for [Force Mirror] and added a debuff effect to [Gravity Blast EX] so that the debuff can be applied naturally during the deal cycle.

-Additionally, we are making preparations for replacing/improving [Force Shield] and [Force Mirror] among the main skills with War Mage. Hence, these preparations will naturally include a general revamp.


Adjustments in Main Skills’ Hit Confirmation

-The issue in which the location where the hit confirmation of a main skill such as Gravity Blast, Triple Orbs, Black Hole, etc. took place varied has been solved.


Control Elements of Gravity Blast Added

-Gravity Rush and Focus Gravity, which are Awakened skills, had an inconvenient structure that used [Ball of Gravity] and their [Cooldown] as their resources.

-Therefore, reducing the two skills’ cooldown while increasing the duration of Ball of Gravity to use Gravity Blast and Triple Orbs, now you can use the Awakened skills at the desired moment.

-Additionally, we have added [Gravity Trap] as an element that can increase the duration of [Ball of Gravity], so that you can use the Awakened skills at more diverse moments.


Improvements in the usability of skills that are recognised as ‘Chaos Mage’ skills while not being commonly used

-Because neither Summon Comet and Meteor Storm’s Attack Power nor their usability could be used in the [Awakened] mechanism, we have classified the two skills as a ‘Meteor’ skill group and increased their usability.

-It is our goal to moderate the gap created during the deal cycle when Fast Forward can’t be used, and increase the Ultimate skill’s frequency of use.





■ Adjustments in Buff Effects PVE


■ Adjustments in Skill’s Damage PVE

Default class skills’ damages have increased in general.

Damages of the following action passive skills from the 1st specialisation skills, which were set too low, have been greatly increased.


The following Class Mastery Effects have changed due to adjustments in Default Class Skill’s Damage.

The damages of 1st and 2nd specialisation skills that were not included above have been adjusted.

-Damages from Low skill level have decreased in general, except for some skills.

However, damages based on the highest skill level (except for increments due to Skill Crests and others) remain the same or have slightly increased.


※ Developer's Comments : We have increased default class skill’s damage and decreased 1st and 2nd specialisation skills’ damage, limited to low level only,

so that during your level-up process, a skill you learn when you complete a specialisation does not become too strong.

However, damages based on the highest skill level (except for increments due to Skill Crests and others) remain the same or have slightly increased.

Based on Level 95 character that uses the highest level of skill, this decrease in skill damage will not have any effect.



3-2. May Skill Balancing Changes PVP



■ Adjustments in Buff Effects PVP



3-3. May Skill Balancing Changes PVE



3-4. May Skill Balancing Changes PVP



3-5. Changes in attack movements

-The movements of all characters’  Tumble, Aerial Evasion, Wake-up attacks and Tempest-Evasion, Paladin-Auto Block, the first step of Guardian-Stance Of Faith,

Lencea-Hornet’s Touch (except for the counterattack part), Swordsman-Parry, Patrona-Aerial Parry do not become faster with the action speed increase.

-You can spin the camera during an attack movement.



3-6. Changes in Transparent Skill Effect option

-Changes were made so that effects we have judged to be important for the gameplay are shown even if you maximize the level of Transparent Skill Effect.




4-1. Sea Fishing is the Real Fising!

Sea Fishing is now open!!

Tired of hunting? Fishing event is back!!

Who will become the [Legend of the Sea] who catches the most fishes this time?



Saint Haven East Gate ▶ Bonous Island Fishing Ground

Saint Haven West Gate ▶ Bonous Island Fishing Ground

Saint Haven South Gate ▶ Bonous Island Fishing Ground


What is Sea Fishing?

Unlike Fishing in the Farm, this is a Fishing Tournament where you can only enter during the event's opening hours.


1. Characters above Level 24 who have acquired [Secondary Skill]-[Fishing Skill] can do Sea Fishing for 30 minutes in [Bonous Island Fishing Ground] for each account.

2. Fishes caught in Sea Fishing will be accumulated in the Ranking and Top 10 players who have caught the most fishes can get ranking rewards.

3. Ranking will be calculated for each season and rewards will be sent to the mailbox at 9am.


•One season is divided into 2 parts. (Please refer to the schedule for more information.)

•Each account can participate for 30 minutes in one season.



[How to Enter Sea Fishing]

You can only enter Sea Fishing from Saint Haven's South Gate. Click [Bonous Island Fishing Ground] to see more information.

You will see how full the currently available maps are, the opening hours, and the rewards you can get.

If the event is ongoing, select a Fishing Ground to enter and click [Enter] to enter the Fishing Ground.

[How to do Sea Fishing]

Any player above Level 24 who has acquired [Fishing Skill] can participate.

Just remember to bring along [Fishing Rod] and [Bait]!

Also, empty your bag to store as many fishes as you can!

* You can get [Fishing Skill] and [Fishing Equipment] from Farm Manager NPC in front of the Farming Area by doing a [Quest].

[Manual Fishing] is more efficient than [Auto Fishing] in Sea Fishing!


[What's Special About Sea Fishing]

You can catch HUGE fishes in Sea Fishing.

You will see a special effect when you catch a big Sea Fish.


* Take note!

Q : How do I know how many fishes I've caught in the current season?

A : You can see a total sum of the size of the fishes you've caught at the right hand corner of the screen.


-The total size shown is only for one season and it will be initialized when a new season begins.


[Sea Fishing NPC]

You can get ranking information and buy fishing-related tools from Sea Fishing NPC Fishing ‘Fisher Hooksley’ located at [Saint Haven Southern Gate].


[Sea Fishing Ranking]

After talking to ‘Fisher Hooksley’, select [Check Sea Fishing Rank] to see the ranking.

Top 10 players based on the [number of fishes caught] and [Total size] for this season will get special rewards.


You can also buy [Fishing Rods] and [Baits] from Fisher Hooksley.


[Sea Fishing Reward]

You can get one of the following items from the reward pouch from the Sea Fishing Event.

For Dragon Gem, you will get 1 random Level 90 Dragon Gem.



[Waterlogged Ordinary Pouch Contents]


4-2. Sea Fishing Schedule



4-3. Others

■ The Growth Event Ends

- Since the Growth Event has ended, you can no longer gain Lebrium points by clearing the main quest’s chapters.



5. Cash Item

5-1. May Costume: Darkfire Costume/Halloween Costume


5-2.  May Dragon Egg Update



▶WTD: Sparkling Blue WTD



▶Sprit: Blue-eyed Cat Jessy Spirit

We apologize for confusion. We remain Saint Religion Growth Spirit which is released in last month. 

▶ Saint Religion Growth Spirit 



▶Mount: Dream Controller Hamal



▶Accessories: Red Dragon Pink Flower Ring, Red Dragon Pink Flower Necklace, Earrings