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SALES Light Up! High Purity Cores Sale ♪ 07. 20. 2021 Views 424






Special Sale opportunity back in July!

We are delighted to introduce you to a golden opportunity to get High Purity Cores at a discount rate of up to 33%!




Seize this opportunity to offer even just a single core at a discounted price!








[Sale Period]




After finish 21st, July 2021 Scheduled Maintenance ~ before start 28th, July Scheduled Maintenance   / 1 week, PDT
























EYEC and DNP is unable to purchase these promotional products and the 1:1 Inquiry service / GMs does not provide refund/exchange assistance for wrong charges and purchases for any reason.

② Any mistake/accident cases caused by a lack of comprehending of these promotion details shall be interpreted as attributable to the buyer/player.

③ The promotion period and details may be extended or reduced and changed in consideration of the operational circumstance.







Happy Nesting with Special Sale