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Developer's Greetings! 01. 01. 2017 Views 7843

Hello, everyone!

Nice to you meet you all for the first time! We are Dragon Nest development team from EYEDENTITY GAMES.

We are launching new from our own EYEDENTITY GAMES nest after leaving Nexon America and we would like to thank all the heroes for staying with us!

As you know we are servicing our games on our own for the first time, therefore, we have decided to change the minds and attitude regarding our game which is to go back when we first started to develop our game, when we were open to many ideas and full of passion.

Please do not hesitate to comment us regarding our game either good or bad. We will listen to your ideas and messages to create top action game with a lot of excitement.

Once again thank you for you caring and kindness to stay with us.


Thank you.