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The warrior's story who pull through the crisis that covers Alteia continent


Goddess Althea created the beautiful world Alteia. But she drank a poison of decadence and fell into a deep sleep..

Creation of the World
Mighty God Desmodeus ordered Goddess Althea and Goddess Vestinel to create a world.
Althea created the beautiful world called Alcheringa. But her sister, Vestinel envied this new world and made her sister to drink a poison.
Fortunately Desmodeus found out the conspricy and to protect Althea he ordered God Of Sleep a deep sleep for her.

A story about six dragon slayers leaders and Hero Argenta.


Gray Hair beauty who wears a red cape

Red caped beauty but sensitive and bad tempered woman.
She ignores other's opinions and do her own way but all that actions are
quite right and it looks her more mysterious.

She also participated in Black Dragon raid but only few knew
about this and she couldn't be the one of six heroes.

Once again, we meet up here, fool.


Action House, Eyedentity games' first project


Eyedentity Game's First title, 3D Action MORPG "Dragon Nest",
is developed to introduce high quality action and fun of console game to Online game field.

After 3 years preparation, Dragon Nest was released in Korean Market at early 2009
and grapped players with vivid graphics and fast dynamic action.

A story of warriros who emerged to against evil 6 warriors

Evil dragons and monsters continuously threat the Alteia continent.
And little girl who graps a key of new hope appears at a little town of the continent.
Some of high clerics and sorceress sense her advent and start to make their move.
On the other side, evil forces also makes their move.
You are dragged into their battle...

and fate of Alteia is on your hand now.

Dragon Nest imposes FPS game control that uses WASD and Mouse so it brings fast view change
and character movement more than other action games.
Also Dragon Nest arranges a character at left side of screen that make players can see character's movement
and opponents attack action more easily

The action of Dragon Nest is the result of consideration of character's movement and monsters' feedback
with background particles and interaction.
Players can do unique combo attacks when monster's rebounded action is activated.
Also if players make a party then they can make various play patterns such as long distance
player's long ranged attack after a close range character makes monster fly.

Dragon Nest's action lives without a gripping story. Players are immersed in stories while they play various main and sub quests.
And event movies at important quest moment enhance the understanding of stories and arouse player's curiosity about next chapters.


Introduces live sceans of global celebration of dragon nest players from all over the world.

Dragon Nest World Championship, DWC

DWC is PVP championship of all dragon nest players and each national team competes to be a champion.
The national teams passed fierce local championships and they finally meet other players in DWC mode within same circumstance.
There are 2 DWC from 2013 to 2014. 1st DWC winner is "Fairy Tail" from China and 2nd DWC winner is "TGG" from Taiwan.

* National Championship process can be different based on each local's policy.