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Hello, this is [GM]Loren. How are you doing these days?



Before the update patch,  especially today, I'd like to introduce 3 contents earlier through this post.  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚





Let's start with the item, 'Trinket' promised as the winner of this time GM event.








-What is Trinket?

: The item that decorates for the mount. When equipped, certain effect flows out from the Trinket.








[Item info.]


-Non-tradable and deletable

-Save in [Cash Inventory] - [Misc.] list.

-Apply for all types of mounts.




We will bring various Trinkets through upcoming updates and events to the NA server! 

Don't forget! The GM event is still ongoing. (~16th February)





▶Event Notice Page Link:

▶Event Forum Page Link:








■ New Grubby Key Package with Dream Fragment 





Grubby Key and  Dream Fragments met each other!  ◕‿◕

The fantasy package finally comes out! 

You can meet them at the Cash Shop for about two weeks. Please refer to below for details.




*You cannot purchase with EYEC/DNP.



Package Name




Grubby Key (10+1) Dream Fragment 5




Grubby Key (100+15) Dream Fragment 50






[Item Unboxing Screenshot]
























■ New Costume: Musician Costume Package 




Have a great time with your hero being a great musician!

You can purchase these at Cash Shop after the February update patch. 


Check the 'Black Color' design with GM Character!




























[Costume Info.]


-Grade: Rare

-Sale Price:  45,500CC  →  28,900 CC (36% discount)

-Must be level 1 or higher to purchase with EYEC 








[Ladder Schedule Changes]





After this time update, the ladder time table will be changed likely below. 

Please keep this schedule for your play! ᵔᴥᵔ




 - Ladder Time Table -  







Besides what I explained, we have a lot of content waiting for you.


Please look forward to it a lot and Happy Gaming!