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Preview of April 2020 Update Contents 03. 31. 2020 Views 2239




Good day, Dragon Nest Heroes!

[GM]Loren is here again for April Update Preview~ *(◕‿-)*


In the coming April, many contents will visit our heroes.

Are you ready to enjoy abundant content?



Let's Look into it! 








■ [UPDATE] Blood Moon Jade ■





Resting Places eroded by the Blood Moon have emerged, replacing existing Dreamy ones.

These Resting Places eroded by the Blood Moon give rise to Cursed Souls possessing powerful strength.









[Description Preview]










I. Blood Moon Dragon Jade is exclusive to your character’s second class specialization.

After defeating Cursed Souls and Resting Places,

you can acquire 'Moon Fragments' and (very rarely) 'Blood Moon Dragon Jade,' 

both of which contain the mighty power of these beings.





II. Blood Moon Dragon Jade has the same enhancement and disassembly structure as Dreamy Dragon Jade.





III. Blood Moon Dragon Jade can be traded and sent to the server storage.

[5000 Seal Stamps] are required to seal Blood Moon Dragon Jade.











■ [UPDATE] Forest Dragon Nest- HARD MODE ■







[Entry Info]




•Entry Location: Merca's Port, Dragon Nest Entry Gate


•Entry level: LV 95 or higher

•Entry capacity: 5-8 people

•Entry difficulty: Labyrinth 15F (single)


•Entry ticket item: (Oops, Coming Soon!)


•Weekly clear limit: 1 time

•Number of inner stage rewards per week: 1

•Revive count: 0 (characters revived after clearing each stage)




*[GM]'s Comment: It's harder than BDN and easier than Gust Dragon! ◕‿↼










■ [EVENT] Saint Haven Defense ■




The Saint Heaven Defense event returns!






[Entry Info]


• Entry Level: Lv 40-95
• Entry Items: None
• Number of starting players: 4 - 16 (Cannot be entered while in a party)




[Related Quest]

• Saint Haven Defense - Remote Quest [Saint Haven Defense]

※ Unfinished Defense quests from the previous season will be reset.





[Location Info]

Saint Haven East Gate/West Gate/South Gate ▶ Saint Haven Defense











■ [CASH SHOP UPDATE] FTG Recovery Potion (6000) ■





Indeed, FTG Recovery Potion (6000) is added to the cash shop after April update!

The large-capacity potion is the best, Always! Absolutely!






Loren strongly recommends this product to heroes who enjoy PVE play for a long time. ٩(˘◡˘)۶












■[NEW HERO] Lunaria Hero Update ■





Enjoy the fun play with [HERO] Lunaria!

These days, GM also concentrates on Lunaria's growth so took a screenshot in Red Lotus Garden for oneself! (Uwu)*























[Stat Info.]





















This is all I've prepared! TWT

I haven't introduced everything, but I'm always happy to let you know even a little bit first.




Oh, Are you all waiting for the update while joining in the Countdown event, right? 

Don't forget to attend every day for the reward before the update!


▶Event Link:





Be Safe and Happy Gaming~