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[The Story of DN Studio] - #5. Game Master 06. 17. 2020 Views 437







#5. Game Master












Q. Please introduce yourself firstly with your favorite class from Dragon Nest.






Hello. This is [GM]Loren. Loren stands for Florence. (Many people are curious, so let me explain~)

My main character is Machina and I'm into Kali play these days.










Q. What do you do on the team and how do you work?





I'm in charge of game operational management

and everything that makes you happy with the managers who run the NA service.

I am in charge of various tasks such as maintenance & update support, event planning & support, bug checking,

inquiry dealing (requires my confirmation), monitoring, market price studying, report writing, copywriting, etc.
Among them, the short break time and event that I can communicate with you is the most enjoyable.











Q. Is there any reason for working at Dragon Nest Studio?





I've loved RPG games since I was young. Also, games only made me happy over whole my life.



I worked really hard to become a top ranker,

and I really liked the time when I fell in love with the story and made or bought my own creations or spent time with the same guild members.

(I still keep in touch with the guild members.)



So I always wanted to work related to games, worked in different positions before,

and I was most attracted to the GM position, so I applied to Dragon Nest Studio.

Actually, I thought a lot about whether to join this team or not until the day I joined this team,

but I think I would regret it if I didn't I'm very happy to be with you now. ^---^












Q What would it be like if you had a hard or enjoyable time with your work?





When I can't help you, when I'm confirmed to be a problem or issue that I can't resolve,

and when I have to tell you bad news, it's the hardest. I'm very upset at that time.





On the other hand, it's the happiest moment when I can tell you good news and face the moment when I solve the problem through myself. 




And the day when the player says ‘Thank you’ after it's resolved I'm happier than my payday.













Q Do you have any special episodes from your work?






When I just became in charge of the NA server,

I was talking to a player and he/she asked, Why have you abandoned us?

I was so sad as if my heart was broken.

Since then, I've decided to work really hard even though I just joined the company and lack skills.

From that episode, I changed a lot.













Q Do you have anything to say to NA players?






I want to make the NA server better step by step with our great team members and our heroes.

I'm listening to everything you say through games and inquiries.
Tell GM what you want and what you don't like.

I will be more diligent GM to keep my promise to do my best!
Also, thank you always for loving GM.