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Equipment Enhancement & Item Tier Guide for Heroes (1) 04. 16. 2018 Views 4214

Dear heroes,

We prepared a guide about equipment enhancement.

Please refer to this guide while playing DN!


<1. Equipment Enhancement>


Equipment can have improved stats through enhancement consuming Gold as enhancement fee and enhancement materials.

■How to enhance equipment

①Talk to Blacksmith NPCs at each town to access [Trade]-[Enhance] menu

②Select the item to enhance (right-click or drag to the enhancement window)

③If you have enough enhancement materials, click [Enhancement] button.

④If you click [Buy] button under the enhancement materials, purchasing the items from Marketplace is available.

*Required Enhancement Materials are different depending on type of item. (Equipment/Weapon)



How to reduce enhancement fee

Purchase Golden Goose VIP Membership Coupon to reduce enhancement fee by 50%.

(From Dishonest Merchant Pero (previous Honest Ed) at Saint Haven)




<2. Equipment Tiers>

Equipment Items

Heros can see equipment collections at [Growth Guide] located under the mini map.

Searching Equipment Items

①Select a class you want to see at equipment collections

②Put certain equipment level (or character level) and click Search button

③Click the equipment icon to check item's details and where to be obtained


■How to grow equipment tiers

I. Purchase [Hero's Heris Equipment] from shops of Blacksmith NPCs at each town.



II. Enhance the equipment to +20 consuming enhancement materials at Blacksmith NPCs.




III. Access to Blacksmith NPCs' [Trade]-[Craft] menu and select [Item Tuner] at [General] tap to create item tuners.

>Unique tuners can transfer Hero's Neris +20 Tier 1 into Hero's Medea +0 Tier 1, or change Hero's Medea +20 Tier 1 into Hero's Medea +0 Tier 2.
>Legend tuners can transfer Hero's Medea +20 Tier 1 into Hero's Calypso +0 Tier 1, or change Hero's Calypso +20 Tier 1 into Hero's Calypso +0 Tier 2.




IV. Right-click the Tuner to grow tier or change equipment to higher level. Only +20 equipment can grow its tier or level.



V. Select one to change on the new equipment list, and click [Change] button!