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NEWS Preview of December 2020 Update Contents 11. 18. 2020 Views 6851




Good day, everyone! [GM]Loren is back with a December preview!

It's literally the last preview post in 2020.




To finalize 2020 successfully, We have a grand patch for this December.

Let me show you things as much as I can! 




Let's go! ▼ 









■ [UPDATE] Environment Upgrad_Map Renewal■








The environment of major villages and dungeons will be upgraded in December.
In particular, the structure of the entire map has been changed with a new guide quest for Saint Haven.
























For everyone, I will split a video of exploring the new Saint Haven on our test server in two and post it on Facebook.
Please check through the official Facebook link a few days later!










▶ The official NA Facebook Link:














Saint Haven is much prettier! You can leave a lot of legendary screenshots like this.
Please look forward to it :)






















■ [UPDATE] Seasonal Guild Contents■






    [Developer's Comment]






    Guild Missions, the crystallization of the unity and effort of all guild members.

    Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena, the battlefield for the star heroes representing each guild.

    Red Lotus Palace Faction Conquest, the proving ground for the power of guilds.

    The Guild Base, a new hideout where tired minds can relax.  

    We want to integrate all of these content into a single season.




    Heroes seeking adventure, growth, challenge, and romance...

    We hope all the heroes of Dragon Nest will have fun using guilds.


























For more details, please wait for more for our patch note!




















■ [UPDATE] Faction Conquest ■




















Faction Conquest Introduction







[Faction Conquest] is a [Guild Mode] meant to encourage <cooperation between guild members>.










• [Process of Gameplay]


1) The <individual accumulated damage> registered by each guild member

during the Conquest, battle will be displayed in the ranking form within the Conquest tab.





  (Conquest rankings will be reset every morning.)






2) Every two weeks the accumulated damage of the top 50 guild members

will be added up and a <shared guild reward> will be provided.


















Streets of Red Lotus Palace, Oun Mountain Cliff Gate


Access route



[Town] Red Lotus Palace Main Street à [World Zone] Streets of Red Lotus Palace

 à[Gate] Oun Mountain Cliff Gate à [Stage] Oun mountain Jeokam gorge




Required Entry Level


Lv. 95+

Entry Capacity


1 - 8 people



Entry Ticket Item


[Faction Conquest Entry Ticket] x1

Entry tickets can be purchased at the [Faction Conquest Shop]

run by <Palace Attendant Jeokwolyang> in Red Lotus Palace Main Street.



Entry Difficulty


Labyrinth 11F


Max. Number of Revives


0 times


Ability to Return



Stage return disabled



Related Quests


Red Lotus Palace Main Street à Head Merchant Jamihwa


“[Guide] Suspicious Message”



















For more details, please wait for more for our patch note!






















■ [UPDATE] Verdure Dragon Jade ■







Verdure-encroached Resting Places appear instead of the current Blood Moon.

Verdure-encroached Resting Places summon powerful Cursed Souls.































※ Developer's Comment:





- Resting Place Invaders appear beginning on Labyrinth 6F, but only at a very low rate.






- Upon eliminating Cursed Souls and Resting Places, you can acquire powerful “Forest Fragments”

and (at a low probability rate) complete Verdure Dragon Jade.”






 A maximum of 50 Forest Fragments can be obtained when a single Resting Place is summoned.






- Additional Lapis and Lebrium can be acquired upon eliminating a Resting Place,

and the acquisition rate and number acquired increases based on Labyrinth difficulty.






- “Moon Fragments"and “Blood Moon Dragon Jade” can no longer be acquired

for eliminating Cursed Souls and Resting Places.








[Blacksmith Craft]













▶ You can craft [Sealed Verdure Dragon Jade] by paying the town Blacksmith 89 [Forest Fragments], 8 [Powerful Bonding Agents], and 1,000 gold.





▶ Right-click [Verdure Dragon Jade] to acquire one Verdure Dragon Jade for a specific character.






▶ [Sealed Verdure Dragon Jade] can be traded or moved to server storage prior to right-clicking.

However, Dragon Jade received upon right-clicking is unsealed and therefore needs to be sealed using  

    Seal Stamps to trade or move to storage.






▶ Forest Fragments cannot be traded but can be moved to server storage.











▶ You can craft 1 [Moon Fragment] by paying the town Blacksmith 1 [Forest Fragment] and 1 gold.










For more details, please wait for more for our patch note!





















■ [NEW] Christmas Costume 2020 ■







New Christmas costumes are coming this year!
It will be released in three colors:
Red, White, and Blue!

Please refer to the image below for a detailed design~


































■ [NEW] Frozenheart W/T/D Update ■





New props will be updated.
Meet new wings, tails, and decals with cool but warm energy!








































■ [GM EVENT] End-Year Dance Party with Buff !■





Only 3 days in December, I will hold an end-year dance party in Saint Haven.
This time GM event is with special guest [PM]NANA!

Stop by the party to have a fun chat and get special buffs prepared by GM! :)

















The effect of the GM buff lasts for 2 hours

and does not stack (duplicate) with the effect of the normal [Normal] Rock of Blessing.
















When receiving the GM buff, the effect of the [Normal] Rock of Blessing disappears,

and it is automatically renewed with the gm buff.





② Conversely, if you receive the effect of a [Normal] Rock of Blessing 

 while having the GM buff mode, it is changed to the [Normal] Rock of Blessing buff mode.











*For more details, please wait for the upcoming December GM event post!




















① With the December update, all players can purchase all gestures from the cash shop at any time.

The price will be fixed at 5,000 EYET.







② Following the November update, the English dubbing voices pack will be added to some classes and NPCs.











③  We will inform you in advance that  the next Sunset Training Contest will be held

in the middle or around the end of December.


For more details, please check the official announcement to be uploaded later.



















I felt that the morning commute in Korea is winter already.


The temperature has already dropped below freezing.







When the first snow comes, I'll show you pictures =)



Then see you in the game!