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UPDATE Granom Nest Patch Notes 16th February 02. 14. 2017 Views 14963



- Granom Nest (Normal / Hardcore)

- Return of Rumble Mode

- Changes & Additions

- Dragon Vault Updates



1) Granom Nest (Normal / Hardcore)


"And a new experimental subject has walked in... what have you got to offer me?"



Entry Info










You may attain the following achievements and titles by clearing Granom Nest:









2) Rumble Mode



Rumble Mode Changes


- Monster level has been increased to Lv93.

- HP of all monsters (except boss monsters) has been slightly increased.

- A buff that periodically recovers MP will be applied when you enter.



Entry Info



1) Press the Matching key (Default: Insert key) or click on the Matching Icon to open the Matching UI



2) Click the Battlefield Tab



3) Click the Matching button to begin matching



Rumble Mode Info


- Rumble Mode is a massive PvPvE battlefield, where players have to kill monsters or players from the opposing team within the time limit.

- Up to 12 people (6 per team) can participate in each instance of Rumble Mode.

- Only level 93 characters can participate in Rumble Mode

- Schedule for Rumble Mode is as follow:



*Above Timings are in PST


Party Matching


- Matching can be done in a party, and the party must have at least 2 members.

- Matching request can be done only by the party leader.



Winning Conditions


- The team that collects 30,000 points first is declared the winner.

- If both teams does not reach 30,000 points within the time limit, the team with the higher point will be the winner.





- Points are obtained when monsters or enemy players are killed.

- If you are killed, your points will be deducted. If you are killed by an enemy player, the player who killed you will take the points deducted from you.

- Players with 0 points will not have any points deducted

- You lose 30% of your points if killed by an enemy player, and 50 points (fixed) if killed by a monster.





- The following icons will be shown above your character following the amount of points you have




Monster Hunt


- Various Monsters roam the battlefield, and you will gain points by killing them.

- Some higher grade monsters will appear at certain intervals, which will award more points when killed.

- Certain monsters provide buffs when killed, so be mindful not to let the opponent team kill them.






- You may surrender the round, but only after 5 minutes have passed

- To surrender, open the menu by pressing the ESC key, then click on the [Surrender] button

- You will surrender successfully if more than 70% of your team agrees

- If surrender fails, you can request for a surrender again after 1 minute.



Re-entry and leaving penalty


- If you are disconnected during the match, you can re-enter when you log in back into the game.

- However, if you choose not to re-enter, a leaving penalty will be imposed on you for 10 minutes.

- With the leaving penalty in effect, you are not allowed to request for Rumble Mode matching.





- You will be awarded a reward pouch when you win or lose









Enhanced Rumble Mode Title Stats


- Rumble Mode Titles' stats has been enhanced




Daily/Weekly Tasks




Store Rewards





3) Changes & Additions


Lv93 Rare Talisman Crafting Added


- Lv93 Rare Talisman can now be crafted

- Brilliant Talisman Fragment and Brilliant Talisman Essence are needed for crafting




Lv93 Skill Accessory Crafting


- Lv93 Epic Grade Skill Accessory crafting will be added to Blacksmith NPC’s crafting menu

Obsession Theano Fragment and Brilliant Technique Fragment (Hero’s Battlefield) are needed for crafting Lv93 skill accessory.

- Obsession Theano Fragment can be obtained by disassembling Lv93 Epic Grade Obsession Theano accessories, which drops from Granom Nest




Nest Gold Pouch Added


- Epic Grade Gold Pouch will be dropped from Granom Nest



4) Cash Shop Updates


Rajuul Costume Set




New Epic Costumes (From Costume Synthesis Tablet) - Racer Set



Rajuul Egg



- Chance to obtain Fascinating Rajuul Wing/Tail/Decal and Necklace from this special Dragon Egg (Note that Weapon coupons is not included in the egg this time round)




Dragon Egg Addition


- Ruby Lustre Dragon mount has been added into the Dragon Egg