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EVENT Redemption of Conversion 04. 17. 2017 Views 7516

From the day of last update, we know many of you already tried to acquire conversion costume and we know most of you are disappointed because of the failure. To be honest, we want to give you more chances to get Conversion Costume and we believe and hope this would be a good chance to redeem previous disappointments.


Even if you already purchased eggs and failed, please don’t be discouraged. This event is retroactive and also it guarantees 1 Magical Conversion Thread per every certain amount of Conversion Eggs you purchase.


For more details, please see below.



Event Period:


April 13th – April 30th 11:59 PM PDT



Event Details:


- If you already purchased 400+ Conversion Eggs, you will receive 1 Magical Conversion Thread per 400 eggs.


- Every 400 Conversion Egg purchase, you will receive 1 Magical Conversion Thread as guaranteed reward.


- There is no any limit for the amount of Magical Conversion Thread you can acquire from this event.


- Guaranteed Magical Conversion Thread will be distributed every 00:00 AM PDT, 1 day after you reach total 400 eggs purchase.


- If you purchase 400 eggs during weekend (including Friday), the reward will be distributed on Monday 00:00 AM PDT.



Since we want to give you more chance to get Conversion Costume and we want more users can have the costume, the conversion Egg available period has been extended until certain amount of users have the conversion costume full set. Before it gets discontinued, we will announce you first.

Please don’t feel so much pressure on getting Conversion Costume. Until we end the sale, we will do some more encouragement events like this.



Side Note: Conversion Costume Sale Period Change


- Before Change: April 13th – May 18th (Before Update)


- Changed Period: April 13th – Until Announcement


*Notice: Only eggs are purchased using EC/ET are qualified for this event.



Again, we hope this event can help you to get conversion costume and reduce your disappointment.


Thank you.