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NOTICE The 1st DN Quiz Event! 04. 19. 2017 Views 2774



This is Eyedentity Games.

For this week, we just prepared event for you all!

Everyone can participate in the event during scheduled event period.

Event will be until April 23rd 7 PM from April 19th 07 PM.

For the further more details, please see below.


Event Period:

- 1st Round:

- 1st Quiz: April 19th 7 PM PDT

- 2nd Quiz: April 20th 4 AM PDT


- 2nd Round:

- 1st Quiz: April 20th 7 PM PDT

- 2nd Quiz: April 21st 3 AM PDT


- 3rd Round:

- 1st Quiz: April 21st 7 PM PDT

- 2nd Quiz: April 22nd 12 AM PDT

- 3rd Quiz: April 22nd 3 AM PDT

- 4th Quiz: April 22nd 7 PM PDT


- 4th Round:

- Final Quiz: April 23rd 12 AM PDT


Event Details:


- Each Round, every set time, Quiz will appear in game with Pink Notification Message. So for the 1st round, 1st message will be shown on April 19th 7 PM and 2nd message will be shown on April 20th 3 AM.


- You are not able to participate in 1 quiz several times using different characters in same account, but you can participate in all quizzes in 1 round. So that means you can acquire 2 rewards per account in 1st and 2nd rounds and 4 rewards per account in 3rd and 4th rounds.


- You must leave the answer in the designated each Quiz Event Thread on GM Event Page within 4 hours after each message appears. So, for example, you must leave the answer on event page until April 19th 11:00PM since the 1st quiz message’s set time is April 19th 7 PM.


- When you reply on the event page, your comment must be like this. (Answer – IGN)


Event Reward:

- 1st Round: Hero’s Box x 2 per each quiz.

- 2nd Round: Cube Pouch x 2 per each quiz.

- 3rd Round: Regular Egg x 1 per each quiz.

- 4th Round:  Crystal Ancestor Dragon Wings, Tail, Decal (30 Days) (If you answer the right answer until April 23rd 07 PM, you will get the Crystal Ancestor Dragon Set!)



- You can only participate in each quiz once per account.

- You must leave your comment within 4 hours after scheduled each quiz time.

- If you participate in same round using different characters in same account, you may receive only 1 reward per quiz.

- Event period is based on PDT.