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- Nest (Slayer Mode)


- Heatwave Volcano Nest (Hell)


- Lv93 Limit Break Nest


- Events

a) Halloween Event


b) Best Hero Tournament (4 player)


- Others

a) Lv95 Dragon Gem Added


b) Lv95 Legend Equipment Added


c) Goddess's Sparkle Store


d) Nightmare Store


e) Daily Tasks and Rewards renewal


f) Wonderful Theme Park Store


g) Equipment Collection


h) Master-Apprentice Store


i) Tier Information Added


j) Item Enhancement Level


- Cash shop updates


- New Launcher Update



1) Nest (Slayer Mode)



Slayer Mode is a new mode with various difficulty levels added to the existing Nest stages. Choose a suitable difficulty level for yourself in Slayer Mode and you can play each boss stage separately. Kill the boss of each stage and collect the Legend Equipment that you can only get in Slayer Mode.


• Slayer Mode Characteristics

- 1~2 players

- Play each Nest boss’s stage

- Normal/Master/Abyss Difficulty Levels added for Nests


• Nests with Slayer Mode

- Counterattacking Manticore Nest

- Returned Archbishop Nest

- Daidalos Nest


• Entry Info

- Entry Level: Lv95 and higher

- Party Size: 1~2 players

- Difficulty Levels: Normal/Master/Abyss

- Entry Restrictions: Slayer Mode Entry Ticket and 60 FTG

- Resurrection Limit: Unlimited


Slayer Nest Daily Buff


- Buff will be applied when you enter a certain nest every day (except Slayer’s Testing Ground). (starts at midnight)

- Buff will be applied in the order of [Slayer] Manticore, [Slayer] Archbishop, [Slayer] Daidalos Nest. (all stages of those nests)

- Mouse over on the icon on the left side of the minimap and you can see the details of the daily Slayer Nest buff.


Entry Gate


You can enter Slayer Mode by entering the Nests that have Slayer Mode.

- Saint Haven > Garden of Time and Space (Lv90) > Slayer Mode Nest Gate



Unlike normal Nests, you can select the stage and difficulty level in Slayer Mode.

- Click on 4-player Nest then select “Slayer Mode” tab > Select Stage/Difficulty Level





- You can get Slayer Equipment, Enhancement Hammer, and Slayer Points in Slayer Mode.

- You can get different Armour item in each Slayer Mode.

- Go to Equipment Collection > Slayer Equipment > Location to see which items you can get in each Slayer Mode.


Exclusive Slayer Equipment

- You can get new Legend Grade Armour in Slayer Mode.

- You can get different Armour items in each Slayer Mode.

- Additional enhancement (Tier upgrade, enhancement, evolution) cannot be done on Slayer Equipment, but they basically have Lv95 Tier 1 +20 Enhancement Level Legend grade item’s stats.

- You can buy the equipment from Temple Knight Elizer by using Slayer Points attained in Slayer Mode.

- When you buy the item, it will be exclusively for 2nd specialization job and special features will be added to Slayer equipment in future updates.


Enhancement Hammers

- Epic, Unique, Legend Grade item is added.

- It is an item that allows enhancement without Gold or materials.

- There is no penalty like drop in enhancement level or item destruction when enhancement fails.

- Right click on the item in the inventory in town to use.

- Success rate will be different from enhancing the item through the Blacksmith.

- Each Enhancement Hammer can enhance items of lower grade than itself.


Epic Enhancement Hammer : Epic equipment enhancement

Unique Enhancement Hammer : Epic/Unique equipment enhancement

Legend Enhancement Hammer : Epic/Unique/Legend equipment enhancement


Obtaining Entry Ticket to Slayer Mode

To enter Slayer Mode, you need ‘Slayer Mode Entry Ticket’. ‘Slayer Testing Ground’ is a sure place to get the Entry Ticket quickly.


• Entry Info

- Merca's Heart > Slayer's Testing Ground Gate

- Entry Level: Lv95 and higher

- Party Size: 1 player

- Active Difficulty Level: Abyss

- Entry Restrictions: 180 FTG

- Resurrection Limit: Unlimited



- Collect Slayer Shards which drops from defeating enemies in Slayer's Testing Ground.

- These shards can be used to exchange for Slayer Mode Entry Tickets from Temple Knight Elizer




- [Lv95] [Slayer] Curious Incidents

- When you reach Lv95, go to Saint Haven’s NPC Traveller Free to get the starting quest, “[Lv95] [Slayer] Curious Incidents”.



2) Heatwave Volcano Nest (Hell)



Entry Info


Entry level: Lv95

Party Size: 1 ~ 4 Players

Difficulty: Hell

Weekly clear limit: 3 times

Resurrection limit: 1 time




- High Grade Hero's Weapon/Armour Powerstone

- Enhancement Heraldry Plate

- Rarestone (5000 Gold)



* High Grade Hero's Weapon/Armour Powerstones will now be dropped in Hardcore mode as well.


3) Lv93 Limit Break Nest



Entry Info


Saint Haven > Garden of Time and Space (lv95) > Lv93 Limit Break Nest

Entry Level: Lv93 and above

Party Size: 1 ~ 4

Weekly Clear Limit: 1 time

Resurrection Limit: 3 times

Quest: [Lv95] [Nest] Pushing the Limits




- Limit Break Nest is a special nest where you can only get Nest Points.

- You can use Nest Points for obtaining and evolving Dragon Gems.

- You also stand a low chance to get Magical Accessory Box which contains Unique Grade Accessory.


4) Events


a) Halloween Event



Halloween Event Stage: Graveyard of Angry Ghosts


Entry info

How to enter : Take the quest from Storyteller Kathy

Number of entries : Once a day

Level requirements : Level 90 and above




You will turn into Detective Gobby when you enter the stage.



Your objective is to gather evidences that identified the culprit, and you only have 3 minutes.

There are several ways to do so.


Pumpkin Boxes


Run around the field and search for Pumpkin boxes, which may contain evidences that points to the culprit. When you are near a Pumpkin Box, a Heartbeat sound can be heard, which gets louder the nearer you are to it.



Angry Ghosts


Sometimes, Angry Ghosts will appear when you open a Pumpkin box. These Angry Ghosts will provide you with important information about the culprit!



Seeing is believing


The culprit himself will be running around in the Graveyard. However, he moves too quickly for Gobby the detective to keep up. Being able to catch a glimpse of him may prove useful.

However, there are also several other Goblins running around in the Graveyard who are attempting to throw you off track, so pay close attention!

Hint: Speech Bubble


At the end of the time limit, you will be asked to point out who you think the culprit is, based on all the evidence you have gathered.



If you correctly identify the culprit, you will be rewarded with 1 Confession Letter and 3 Ghost’s Treasure Chest Key.

If you wrongly accuse an innocent Goblin, you will get 1 Complaint Letter and 1 Ghost’s Treasure Chest Key

If you don’t choose any Goblins, you will not have any rewards.




After choosing the culprit, several treasure chests will appear. Use the Ghost’s Treasure Chest Key to open them. Below are the contents of the Treasure Chests.



Ghost's Valuables Pouch Contents




Ghost’s Eerie House (Exchange from Storyteller Kathy with 50 Ghost’s House Document.



Halloween Artbook Event


You can participate from the event popup window (go to Menu – Event or press [V]) and click “Artbook Event” menu.

You can turn in the Confession Letters you have gotten (by correctly identifying culprits) for rewards!




b) Best Hero Tournament (4-Player)



The Best Hero Tournament, where players get to use only their fighting skills to compete has returned as a 4-player mode. Now there is less burden than the 8-player mode and more people can access <The Best Hero Tournament>! Anyone who is at least Level 93 can feel free to join in!


*Stats of participants will be balanced for 4-player mode too.




1. Party Size

From the previous 8 players, now the number of players has changed to 4 players.


2. Entry Gate

You can enter from any of the gates in Saint Haven. You cannot enter from Wonderful Theme Park World Zone.



Entry Info

- Entry Level: At least Lv93

- Party Size: 1~4-player

- No. of Clears: 2 times per week

- Resurrection Limit: 3 times
※ You will resurrect automatically when you clear Round 3 and Round 4 bosses.




- Legend Rune Dragon's Wrath

- Legend Ice Dragon's Wrath

- High Grade Essence of Life

- Epic Dragon Gems

- Enhancement Crest Plate

- Polished Garnet

- Magic Talisman


5) Others


a) Level 95 Dragon Gem Added


Level 95 Dragon Gems are divided into [Defense], [Attack] and [Attribute] types.

Unlike previously, the new Dragon Gems can be equipped on items of lower grade (E.g. Level 95 Legend Dragon Gem can be equipped on Level 95 Epic Grade Equipment)

All grades of Dragon Gem can be traded. Dragon Gems will get random stats when obtained.


L95 Dragon Gem – Epic


Level 95 Epic Dragon Gems can be purchased from the Goddess’s Sparkle Store at 1000 Nest Points each.



L95 Dragon Gem – Unique & Legend


Level 95 Unique and Legend grade Dragon Gems can be crafted via the Blacksmith NPC, in the [Dragon Gem/Talisman] tab. Stats of the Dragon Gems will be random when crafted.



Refer to the table below for the required materials and costs.



Low/Mid grade Dragon Gem Fragments and Low/Mid grade Dragon Gem Hearts can be obtained at a low rate by disassembling level 95 Dragon Gems.

Dragon Gem Fragments and Hearts can be traded.



b) Level 95 Legend Equipment Added


You can now craft Hero’s Calypse Weapon/Armour Converters via the common goods tab at the Blacksmith NPC.



You need at least a +10 Greedy Rune Dragon Equipment in order to use the Hero’s Calypse Weapon Converter.

Enhancement levels will not be carried over after the conversion.

However, if a +11 and above Greedy Rune Dragon Equipment is converted, additional rewards will be given.



The Enhancement Hammers given from the conversion are better and also different from regular Enhancement Hammers. It is a one-use item with a fixed success rate used for enhancing Hero’s Calypse Equipment from +16 to +20.

When this item is used, no Gold or materials are required, and there is also no penalty should the enhancement fail.



c) Goddess’s Sparkle Store


Level 95 Epic Grade Accessories have been added to the Goddess’s Sparkle Store.



d) Nightmare Store


Cost of items in the Nightmare Store has been reduced.



e) Daily Tasks and Rewards renewal


Daily Tasks have undergone a renewal and more variety of rewards have been added.

* PVP related tasks will be updated in the future.



With the removal of Light Cubes from Daily Tasks rewards, the purchase limit of Light Cubes in the Goddess’s Lament Store and Goddess’s Sparkle Store has been increased.



f) Wonderful Theme Park Store


Level 95 Chaos Heraldry and Hero Awakening Potions have been added.

Level 93 Heraldry can no longer be purchased.



g) Equipment Collection


The following has been added to the Equipment Collection in the Growth Guide.


- Level 95 Hero’s Calypse Equipment

- Slayer Equipment

- Level 95 Accessories

- Level 95 Dragon Gems


h) Master Apprentice Store


- Price of Willpower Fragment (3 Days) has been changed.



i) Tier Information Added


-Tier information will be shown when you mouse over on Level 95 equipment.



j) Item Enhancement Level


- Enhancement level is shown at the top left corner of items that have been enhanced.



6) Cash Shop Updates


Monthly Costume - Vampire Series




Two-toned hair styles (all classes)

- Hair Partial Dye: Beige 01


2017 Halloween Double Gacha Box


Dignified Beelzebub Wing/Tail/Decal

- Explosion BS (Beelzebub Special Edition) Medallion

- Blanket Ghost Spirit




- New Launcher update

We would like to proudly announce our new launcher!

The launcher will be updated automatically with patching.