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-Green Dragon Nest Time Attack

-Miracle Jelly Jelly

-Loffy's Dicey Dungeon




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Green Dragon Nest Time Attack



Like an afterglow which lasts when I close my eyes
after staring at a very bright light,
Karahan’s grudge deeply laid in nightmare and illusion,
the Green Dragon Nest

The dragon’s eyes are wet in ambition.
Can you hear its angry roar?

Come, hero who will stab its throat and sit in a glory.

Your time is running out!



[Entry Info]

Sort Details
Level Requirements At Least Lv. 95
No. of Players Minimum 5. ~ 8(Max)
Difficulty Single Difficulty Level
Weekly Clears Once (No bonus entry for premium benefits)
Gate Saint Haven -> Garden of Eternity (Lv 95) -> 12 o'clock direction
Quest [Lv 95] [Nest] Time Attack! Dragon in afterglow


Main Characteristics


1. An environment for showing off [dealing abilities]

2. A Dragon Nest for [conquering], a Dragon Nest for [challenging] yourself

[Green Dragon Nest Time Attack] has only one difficulty level but it is suitable for both hardcore and medium-core players.

For hardcore players, the last stages will be a place for testing their strength and for medium-core players, the earlier stages will be a place for gaining strength.



Core Rules


1. Time Attack


There is a time limit for each stage, not the entire nest.

When time is up, there will be 30 seconds of bonus time and it will be deemed as a failure to clear the nest.


Sort Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
Time Limit (Min) 5 5 5 7 10



2. Stage Clear Resurrection


All players who are dead will resurrect when [stage is cleared].

#For example, when 7 players in an eight-player party have died and the last standing player kills the stage boss, he or she will become the hero who resurrects all the other party members.



3. Number of Resurrections


You can use the new resurrection item - Flower of Hope to resurrect up to 25 times.



4. Growing Distrust


Whenever a party member dies, the whole party will get an attack power debuff that cannot be cancelled.

The debuff can be stacked up to 5 times. Once one debuff is applied, the next one will only be stacked after 5 seconds.


Sort Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4  Stage 5
ATK reduction for each debuff (%) 1 5 10 15 20
ATK reduction for max debuff (%) 5 25 50 75 100





Entrance Area : Bishop Ganeus

※ There is no time limit or death penalty in the entrance area and it has no stage rewards.



Stage 1 : Gloom



Stage 2 : Krakas



Stage 3 : Marsh Queen



Stage 4 : Karahan



Stage 5 : Karahan the Green Dragon



Half-way Reward


-You can get the boss’s items as rewards when you kill each round’s boss in Green Dragon Time Attack.



-Other than the above rewards, you can also get Unique Grade Accessories at a set rate.






Crimson Twlight Earrings 

Hourglass of Memory Necklace


-You can use boss’s items at [Garden of Eternity] > [Priestess of Darkness] > [Dragon Scale] shop.

-With each item, you can buy cryolites needed for buying and upgrading Unique Grade Accessory.


Dragon Scale Store
Tab Name Item Name Currency Qty Conditions
  Serene Nature Ring Gloom's Poision Mushroom 4 At least Lv 95
Krakas Green Ray Ring Krakes's Suction Cup 4 At least Lv 95
Crimson Twlight Earrings  Zabel's Fang 4 At least Lv 95
Hourglass of Memory Necklace Karahan's Hair Lock 4 At least Lv 95
Green Crystal Gloom's Poision Mushroom 2 At least Lv 95
White Crystal Krakes's Suction Cup 2 At least Lv 95
Red Crystal Zabel's Fang 2 At least Lv 95
Gold Crystal Karahan's Hair Lock 2 At least Lv 95



Green Dragon Clear Reward


-You can get [Legend Grade Accessory] and [Unique Grade Dragon Jade] when you kill the Green Dragon.

-You can also get a [Green Dragon Mount] at a low rate.

-Set stats can be activated with Legend grade accessories.









Majestic Green Dragon Mount (Unique)



Accessory Upgrade


-When you clear Green Dragon Time Attack, you can get Unique/Legend Grade Green Dragon Accessories.

-These accessories can be upgraded using the crystals sold at the [Dragon Scale Shop].



-Both Unique and Legend grade accessories can be upgraded up to level 3.

-The item cannot be upgraded anymore upon reaching the maximum level, but you can change the options using the crystals.

-Basic stats and growth rate is the same for both Unique and Legend accessories.

-Legend accessories can be more powerful than Unique accessories with the set stats applied.


Serene Nature Ring Level  Stat 1 Value 1 Stat 2 Value 2 Stat 3 Value 3
Level 1 STR 2,800 Physical ATK 3,500    
AGI 2,800 Physical ATK 3,500    
INT 2,800 Magic ATK 3,500    
Max HP 175,000        
Level 2 STR 3,600 Physical ATK 4,500    
AGI 3,600 Physical ATK 4,500    
INT 3,600 Magic ATK 4,500    
Max HP 250,000        
Level 3 STR 4,000 Physical ATK 5,000    
AGI 4,000 Physical ATK 5,000    
INT 4,000 Magic ATK 5,000    
Max HP 250,000        



Krakas Green Ray Ring Level  Stat 1 Value 1 Stat 2 Value 2 Stat 3 Value 3
Level 1 Physical ATK 5,600 Critical 35,700    
Physical ATK 5,600 Crit Damage 35,700    
Magic ATK 5,600 Critical 35,700    
Magic ATK 5,600 Crit Damage 35,700    
Level 2 Physical ATK 7,200 Critical 45,900    
Physical ATK 7,200 Crit Damage 45,900    
Magic ATK 7,200 Critical 45,900    
Magic ATK 7,200 Crit Damage 45,900    
Level 3 Physical ATK 8,000 Critical 51,000    
Physical ATK 8,000 Crit Damage 51,000    
Magic ATK 8,000 Critical 51,000    
Magic ATK 8,000 Crit Damage 51,000    



Crimson Twlight Earrings Level  Stat 1 Value 1 Stat 2 Value 2 Stat 3 Value 3
Level 1 Max HP 56,000 STR 3,150    
Max HP 56,000 AGI 3,150    
Max HP 56,000 INT 3,150    
Level 2 Max HP 72,000 STR 4,050    
Max HP 72,000 AGI 4,050    
Max HP 72,000 INT 4,050    
Level 3 Max HP 80,000 STR 4,500    
Max HP 80,000 AGI 4,500    
Max HP 80,000 INT 4,500    



Level  Stat 1 Value 1 Stat 2 Value 2 Stat 3 Value 3
Level 1 STR 4,900 AGI 1,470 INT 1,470
STR 1,470 AGI 4,900 INT 1,470
STR 1,470 AGI 1,470 INT 4,900
Level 2 STR 6,300 AGI 1,890 INT 1,890
STR 1,890 AGI 6,300 INT 1,890
STR 1,890 AGI 1,890 INT 6,300
Level 3 STR 7,000 AGI 2,100 INT 2,100
STR 2,100 AGI 7,000 INT 2,100
STR 2,100 AGI 2,100 INT 7,000



Miracle Jelly Jelly




I made up my mind!
I am gonna be a Magical Girl!
I  want to bring★~Dream and Hope~★ to Children of Althea!
It's okay to be living in a dream! 

Refreshing you like Jelly!

I’ll waiting for you!
Here, at [Miracle Jelly Jelly] Stage -☆★


[Entry Info]

Sort Details
Level Requirements At Least Lv. 95
Entry Route Saint Haven > Daredevil's Faire > Daredevil Faire(Event)
Number of Players 1 Player
Entry Quest [Lv95] Miracle! Jelly Jelly
Entry Ticket Miracle Jelly Flavoring



Entry Ticket



Entry Ticket Name Where to get? How to get?
Miracle Jelly Flavoring Lvl 95 Dungeon (Abyss) Dimensional Rabbit
Rune Dragon Nest [8-player] Clear Reward Box
Green Dragon Nest
Limit Break Nest
Lvl 95 Nest





Find Frye the Explorer to get the event.



How to Play



Stage Characteristics


-Kill monsters that run randomly at you and get jellies.

-A buff for the player or a debuff for the monsters will be activated whenever the gauge is filled.



Reward Characteristics




-[Royal Bacchus] appears at a set rate and gives bonus rewards.

-During the Treasure Chest Time, one of the three chests will drop the most amount of Item Protection Magic Jellies.

-Treasure Chest Time will appear only 2 times in one game.



-Loffy's Dicey Dungeon


Loffy's Dicey Dungeon is back!


[Entry Info]


- Click on the Dice Icon to access the dungeon.

- You may enter the second time if you receive tickets from other players.

- Please note that Loffy's Dicey Dungeon will be closed every Saturday from 0730HRS to 0930HRS (PST) / 1030HRS to 1230HRS (EST)






◆ Rollback of Machina’s basic hit

-Machina’s basic hit skill will be rolled back to before the awakening changes were applied.



◆ Daily Task – Blood Phantom, Best Hero Tournament Rewards Removed

Blood Phantom creation and Best Hero Tournament have ended so rewards for Daily Tasks have been changed back to their original rewards.


[Reward for clearing at least 7 daily tasks]


Rewards during event Rewards after event ends

Best Hero Tournament Entry Ticket

Daily Mission Pouch

Exploration Key x50

Goddess' Sadness

Crystal Points (200)
Exploration Key x50
Goddess' Sadness



■ Best Hero Tournament (4-player) ends

-Best Hero Tournament (4-player) will end.

-You can no longer get entry tickets from Daily Tasks.

■ Blood Phantom growth event ends

-The event that rewarded Blood Phantom Begins and Blood Phantom’s Path upon reaching Level 95 with a Blood Phantom character will end.


■ Valentine’s Day Event Store items will be removed.





1. Moonlight Essense Event


Moonlight Essence will be dropped in various stages and nests during the event period. Defeat all the monsters in stages and dungeons and get Moonlight Essence to receive the rewards! Moonlight Essence will be dropped in the following dungeons.


- Lvl 95 all stages(Abyss)

- Slayer Mode / Slayer's Testing Ground

- Heat Wave Volcano Nest / Grievous Guardian Nest / Dark Mist Nest(all difficulty levels)

- Limit Break Nest 

- Rune Dragon Nest / Green Dragon Nest(all difficulty levels)


[Moonlight Essence]



Use Moonlight Essense as it is designed to create a Moonlight Essense Box, using a number of different levels. By opening the boxes, you will get special items by various moonlight essence. 


Moonlight Essence Box rewards


[Moonlight Essence Chest(Magic)]


Required Moonlight Essence

Expert Hero’s Weapon Enhancing Stone x 30


Expert Hero’s Armor Enhancing Stone x 30

Moonlight Essence Chest(Rare)


[Moonlight Essence Chest(Rare)]


Required Moonlight Essence

Veteran Hero’s Weapon Enhancing Stone x 30


Veteran Hero’s Armor Enhancing Stone x 30

Quality Garnet X 30

Moonlight Essence Chest(Epic)


[Moonlight Essence Chest(Epic)]


Required Moonlight Essence

Item Protection Magic Jelly X 200


+20 Hero’s Neris Set

Quality Garnet X 40

Moonlight Essence Chest(Unique)


[Moonlight Essence Chest(Unique)]



Required Moonlight Essence

Hammer of Enhancement (90%, Unique)


Quality Garnet X 50

Moonlight Essence Chest(Legend)


[Moonlight Essence Chest(Legend)]


Required Moonlight Essence

+20 Hero’s Medea Tier 1 Set


Medea Tier 1 – Medea Tier 2 converter


[Event Mechanics]

1. Moonlight Essence will be dropped after April 12 update, until May 10 update. 

2. Moonlight Essence will be dropped from various stages and Nest as described above.

3. Moonlight Essence Chest (Magic) will be distributed to your special storage, and will be credited account basis.

4. They can be claimed from April 18 00:00 - April 25 23:59 PST.

5. Moonlight Essence Chest that has not been claimed during the above period, will be removed from your special storage. 


Cash Shop Updates

-Monthly Costume


Detective Costume



- Engraving Scroll Collection(Weapon) Sale


Engraving Scroll Collection (Weapon) will be sold in the cashshop for a limited time. 




- Engraving Extractor Sale

Engraving Extractor has been newly added in the cashshop!






-Dragon Egg Updates


1. Clear Sky's Black Armor Giant Wings / Tail / Decal




2. Dryas Spirit




3. Purifying Light Weapon