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EVENT [ALL BINGO!] April Events upcoming! 04. 11. 2018 Views 10354

Dear heroes, 

We have prepared the following events as below for you!


1. Moonlight Essense Event



Event Period: April 12th - May 10th, 2018

(Moonlight Essence - Magic will be distributed on April 12th)


Moonlight Essence will be dropped in various stages and nests during the event period. Defeat all the monsters in stages and dungeons and get Moonlight Essence to receive the rewards! Moonlight Essence will be dropped in the following dungeons. 


- Lvl 95 all stages (Abyss, Dimensional Rabbit)

- Slayer Mode / Slayer's Testing Ground

- Heat Wave Volcano Nest / Grievous Guardian Nest / Dark Mist Nest (all difficulty levels)

- Limit Break Nest (4 of them)

- Rune Dragon Nest / Green Dragon Nest (all difficulty levels)


[What is Moonlight Essence?]



Use Moonlight Essense as it is designed to open a Moonlight Essense Box, using a number of different levels. By opening the boxes, you will get special items by collecting various numbers of Essence!


Moonlight Essence Box rewards


[Moonlight Essence Chest(Magic)]



Required Moonlight Essence

Expert Hero’s Weapon Enhancing Stone x 30


Expert Hero’s Armor Enhancing Stone x 30

Moonlight Essence Chest(Rare)


[Moonlight Essence Chest(Rare)]



Required Moonlight Essence

Veteran Hero’s Weapon Enhancing Stone x 10


Veteran Hero’s Armor Enhancing Stone x 10

Quality Garnet X 30

Moonlight Essence Chest(Epic)


[Moonlight Essence Chest(Epic)]



Required Moonlight Essence

Item Protection Magic Jelly X 200

Sour Flavor Jelly Pouch x 1


+20 Hero’s Neris Set

Quality Garnet X 40

Moonlight Essence Chest(Unique)


[Moonlight Essence Chest(Unique)]



Required Moonlight Essence

Hammer of Enhancement (90%, Unique) X 5


Quality Garnet X 50

Moonlight Essence Chest(Legend)

Sour Flavor Jelly Pouch x 1



[Moonlight Essence Chest(Legend)]



Required Moonlight Essence

+20 Hero’s Medea Tier 1 Set [Armor]


Medea Tier 1 – Medea Tier 2 converter


* By opening 'Sour Flavor Jelly Pouch', you can get 150 Jellies to 1,000 Jellies by random rate. 'Sour Flavor Jelly Pouch' can be earned from 'Moonlight Essence Chest[Unique]' as well!


* 'Moonlight Essence Chest[Legend]' , you can get +20 Hero's Medea Tier 1 Set [Armor] and its Medea Tier 1 - Medea Tier 2 converters. 




[Event Mechanics]


1. Moonlight Essence will be dropped after April 12 update, until May 10 update. 


2. Moonlight Essence will be dropped from various stages and Nest as described above.


3. Moonlight Essence Chest (Magic) will be distributed to your special storage, credited by account basis on April 18th.


4. Moonlight Essence cheest can be claimed from April 18 00:00 - April 25 23:59 PST.


5. Each levels of Moonlight Essence Chest(Magic/Rare/Epic/Unique/Legend) and it's reward that has not been claimed or opened during the above period, will be removed from your special storage on May 10th, during the scheduled update patch.


6. Moonlight Essence's sell price is 1 gold per each.



2. Mission! BINGO EVENT



Mission! BINGO EVENT requires all of our hero's cooperation to complete the Bingo! Yes, you! Open to everyone and win a free items! Enjoy an engaging game of Bingo! 


Event Period: April 26th - May 10th, 2018
Event participant: Lvl 93 - Lvl 95 All characters in the server 




Event Mehanics:


1. Each BINGO sell contains each types of Abyss stages by different clear times.


2. Each BINGO sell's clear times will be summed up by all heroes' clear time within the server. You need to cooperate to clear the BINGO!


3. Each Vertical/Horizontal Bingo Row is cleared, the rewards will be distributed during the scheduled maintenance (May 3 and May 10).


4. Diagonal Row will not be counted for BINGO Clear.


5. Each Bingo sells will be updated every 12am PST; once they are cleared! (Weekend cleared count will be updated on the following Monday)




Event Reward:







1) Heroes cleared one Bingo Vertical Bingo Line - Will receive Crystal Points x 1,000 

2) Heroes cleared two Horizontal Bingo lines during the weekend - Will receive Dreamy Blue Courier Bird x 10 and Fatigue Potion(500 FTG) X 1


Important Note:


1. Once Vertical/Horizontal Bingo Row is cleared, not only accounts who have participated the event, but all accounts in the server which has Lvl 95 characters will receive the rewards. 


2. The rewards will be credited account basis per one time only via your special storage.


3. 'All BINGO' Rewards will be credited to the Lvl 95 accounts who have cleared all five stages for more than 10 times during the event period.



3. Fatigue Discount Event


Event Period: April 26th - April 27th, 2018, all day long


Event Reward:

All characters who enters the following stages will use 20% less fatigue. 


[Fatigue discount Stages]

- Kaeron Seashore

- Abandoned Wharf

- Forest of Illusion

- Old Kaeron Urban District

- Mysterious Underwater Cavern


Get Dragonnested!