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UPDATE January Update Patch Note - Sunset Cloister 01. 01. 2019 Views 9037


1. Sunset Cloister 

2. Trial Granom Nest

3. Nest Ranking Added



1. Increased Labyrinth Nest EXP

2. Division Nest 2

3. Tasks Revamp

4. Goblynn's Fav Box

5. Improvements in Mercenary Exploration

6. Improvements in Item Crafting and Option Conversion Window

7. Event/Collection - Improvements in Event Album Window

8. Notification Icon Added

9. Lancer - Knightess Classes Job Change Scroll

10. Improvements in Guild Member Login System Message

11. Changes in the Order of Entering 2nd Password

12. Server Unification Points

13. Improvements in Battle Training Ground

14. Gear Score Sign Added

15. Lebria Store

16. Others



1. January Skill Balancing Changes PVE

2. January Skill Balancing Changes PVP

3. Additional Skill Balancing Changes PVE

4. Additional Skill Balancing Changes PVP



1. Board Game Battle


Cash Shop Update

1. January Costume: Vernon Costume

2. Vernon Hero Dragon Egg

3. New Hairstyles and Hair Dye added



1. Sunset Cloister


 Sunset Cloister Entry Information 

1. In the Garden of Eternity located under Saint Haven’s statue of the goddess, a gate to “Sunset Watchtower” will open.

2. From “Sunset Watchtower”, you can enter “Sunset Cloister”.



 Sunset Cloister Store Added 


- A store related to [Sunset Cloister] has been added.

- You can access the store from Sunset Watchtower located at the centre of Saint Haven.

- You can buy items related to Sunset Cloister from the NPC Priestess of Darkness Canele.

- You can buy Deep Twilight Box which contains certain parts of Goddess Gear from Sunset Cloister Store.




 Sunset Cloister Map 


Sunset Cloister Map is needed to enter [Sunset Cloister].

- You can make a Sunset Cloister Map using 5 Sunset Cloister Map Fragments.

- There are two types of Sunset Cloister Map Fragments -- tradeable and untradeable.

- When you clear [Lv95 Stage (Abyss)], [Fission Nest (Labyrinth)], [Fission Maze], or [Fission Core], you can get the item at a set rate.

- Chances of obtaining a tradeable Sunset Cloister Map Fragment is very low.

- More Sunset Cloister Map Fragment (Untradeable) are dropped in higher difficulty levels.




 Sunset Cloister Key 


- One Sunset Cloister Key is needed to open Goddess’s Twilight Box that appears at a set rate when you clear [Sunset Cloister].

- When you clear [Lv95 Stage (Abyss)], [Fission Nest (Labyrinth)], [Fission Maze], or [Fission Core], you can get the item at a set rate.




 Reward Information 


- When you clear Sunset Cloister, you can get [Sunset-tinted Leaf], [Goddess’s Twilight Box], or [Sunset Cloister Key].

- The higher the difficulty level, the higher the chances of getting the items.


- You can use Sunset-tinted Leaf to buy items in Sunset Cloister Store.

- Sunset-tinted Leaf cannot be [traded] or [stored in Server Storage].



 Goddess Gear 


Goddess Gear can be obtained from the newly added “Sunset Cloister”.

- Each Goddess Gear has its unique skill effects.

- There are no class restrictions for Goddess Gears but to enjoy the skill effects, your character’s class must be able to use the skill.

- You can disassemble Goddess Gears to get a large amount of Sunset-tinted Leaf.

- Enhanced Goddess Gears cannot be disassembled.

- Goddess Gear Icon and appearance:




 Sunset Cloister Feats 

- 4 feats have been added for Sunset Cloister in [Achievement (L) - Feat]



2. Trial Granom Nest


 A new challenge has opened! 


1. [Trial Granom Nest] and [Trial Kaeron Nest] require separate entrance tickets. (you can buy one for each Nest once a week)

2. Lebrium Point rewards for each level in [Trial Kaeron Nest] is the same as that of [Trial Kaeron Nest].

3. Crystal Point rewards for each level in [Trial Kaeron Nest] has been cut by half but the other 50% can be obtained at [Trial Granom Nest].

4. From now on, [Trial Nest] gates will only open on certain days. (Trial Kaeron Nest : Sunday, Wednesday, Friday / Trial Granom : Saturday, Tuesday, Friday)



 Entry Information 





 New trials are here to challenge you! 


1. New trials will appear in Trial Kaeron/Granom Nest.



2. “Trial of Plague” has become more powerful.



Trial Granom Nest Missions Added 


[ Achievement (L) – Nest  ] now has new Trial Granom Nest Missions.



- 5 missions and 1 title have been added for Trial Granom Nest.


3. Nest Ranking Added


Nest ranking will be applied only for Trial Kaeron Nest, Trial Granom Nest, Green Dragon Nest, and Forest Dragon Nest.

- Ranking will be based on the difficulty level and clear time for each map and will be calculated between 07:00AM to 09:00AM every morning.

My Info’s My Ranking will be reflected when ranking is confirmed and personal best record will be reflected real time for difficulty level and clear time.

- Ranking of up to 1,000 players will be recorded for each map and you can use the View User menu to check the equipment used and skill information of the ranked users.

- Nest ranking record will be initialised when you change job.




1. Increased Labyrinth Nest EXP


■  Increased Labyrinth Nest EXP

- EXP that can be obtained for each Labyrinth level has been increased.

- The amount of EXP gained increases for higher levels.


2. Division Nest 2



- HP and attack power have been adjusted for some monsters in Fission Nest Area 2.


 Typhoon Kim Nest 

- Gardener Garland’s tornado attack’s speed has increased.

- When Typhoon Kim collects energy within the barrier, players inside the safety zone will not receive damage.


 Professor K Nest 

- When Professor K’s laser touches you at Arch Reactor, you will be pushed back further.


 Serpentra Nest 

- Golem Lava’s defence power increases while it collects energy to release heat.

- Golem Moltan rises from the ground sooner when it appears to prepare for poison explosion.

- Golem Moltan’s defence power increases while it prepares for poison explosion.



3. Tasks Revamp


 Changes in Daily and Weekly Tasks 

- Some of the Daily Task missions and rewards have been changed.



4. Goblynn's Fav Box


Some of the items inside Goblynn's Fav Box and their drop rates will be changed.


5. Improvements in Mercenary Exploration


Recommended Mercenary image has been added so that you can check the recommended Hero in the Remote Dungeon Exploration’s task list.

- When you are selecting a Mercenary to send, recommended Mercenary will be shown at the very top.

- Now you can click anywhere inside the Mercenary slot instead of the checkbox when selecting a Mercenary to send.

- Now you can cancel a task in progress by clicking it. However, the time spent of the task and gold used will not be returned and the task will be registered in the task list again.

- Time taken to check task results after a task ends has been changed to 1 second.



6. Improvements in Item Crafting and Option Conversion Window


While crafting item or changing options, if there is only one result item, it will be selected automatically and this would relieve the hassle of having to select the list.

(If there are multiple result items, they will not be selected automatically.)


7. Event/Collection - Improvements in Event Album Window


- If there is no available minigame, [Minigame] tab in Event window (V) will be inactive.

- Irine’s picture has been added as default Artbook list in Collection window ([Home] key)’s [Event Album] tab.


8. Notification Icon Added


[Notification] icon has been added to let you know about the usage duration and expiry of Wellsping, Ally, Skill-Up Crest, Hidden Crest, and Hidden Talisman.

- Mouse over on the [Notification] icon on the left side of the minimap to check the information.



9. Lancer - Knightess Classes Job Change Scroll

[Lancer], [Dragoon], and [Valkyrie] can now use the Job Change Scroll to change job to [Knightess] and [Avalanche].

You can now change job to [Landgrid] too.


10. Improvements in Guild Member Login System Message

Previously, “Guild Member” was not shown in the system message when guild members logged in and “Guild Member” was shown when they logged out and the following changes have been made.


11. Changes in the Order of Entering 2nd Password

- Before : Select server > select character > enter 2nd password

- After : Select server > enter 2nd password > select character

With this change, you no longer have to re-enter your second password every time you change your character.


12. Server Unification Points

- Some points have been unified at the server level for the account.

- Unified points can be used by any of your characters in the server.

- Following points will be unified.


- You can check the unified points at the Point Information section at the bottom of Character Info (P)

- Unified Points can be found under the category of [Shared Server Points].

- After unification, it will be shown in red font when you have reached the maximum amount and you will not be able to gain any more points in this case.


13. Improvements in Battle Training Ground

• Golem will not die anymore!

• When Golem’s HP is below 1%, it will fully recover its HP.

• When Golem’s HP is below 1%, [Kill] count increases.


※ Without buffs, you can measure your true DPS.



14. Gear Score Sign Added

■  When you click [Inspect] on other users, you can now see the user’s Gear Score.



15. Lebria Store

■  Calypso Tier 1 cannot be purchased

- Calypso Tier 1 equipment in Lebria Store’s Equipment tab can no longer be bought.



16. Others

◆ Maximum registered and owned gold has been increased
- Maximum amount of gold you can store in your inventory, storage, mail, and Trading House has been changed to 99,999,999 Gold 99 Silver 99 Copper.


◆ When you enter [Dimensional Storm] in a party, “quit party” message used to be shown and this issue has been fixed.


◆ When matching search window for entering [imensional Storm] was closed or deactivated, mouse cursor used to become activated and this issue has been fixed and the cursor is now inactive.


◆ Changes in attack power buff limit

- For attack power buff that is stacked in all dungeons and 4-player Nests except 8-player Nests, current attack power buff limit is 200% but it has been changed to 1100%.

◆ Knightess voice added

- Voices have been added for Knightess, Avalanche, and Randgrid.


■ Equipment Collection

Goddess Gear has been added to the Equipment Collection


■ Calypso Equipment

-Calypso’s Origin that appeared when Calypso Tier 2 +20 Equipment was disassembled will no longer be dropped. (Changed to Lebrium)


◆ Changes in the location for getting White Flower Seed

White Flower Seed is no longer dropped in Fission Nest - Labyrinth. Instead, it will be dropped in [Hirendel’s Barrier] located in Merca’s Port.


◆ Items added for Special Server Storage usage

- You can now store Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman (5.1%~5.5%) in Special Server Storage. 

- Commission for using Special Server Storage is one Special Storage Tickets for each Talisman. 


■ Improvements in Crafting

- In crafting window, gold will also be checked before informing you whether crafting can be done.

- Default number of crafted items will be set as the maximum number of items that can be crafted.


■ Restrictions in creating chat rooms

- Changes have been made so that chat rooms can only be created in towns. (chat rooms cannot be created in dungeons and Nests)


■ FTG benefits for Master removed for Master-Apprentice System

- FTG were not used up to 5 times when Master and Apprentice entered dungeons together but this benefit has been removed.




1. January Skill Balancing Changes PVE



3-2. January Skill Balancing Changes PVP



3-3. Additional Skill Balancing Changes PVE



3-4. Additional Skill Balancing Changes PVP



4-1. Board Game Battle


Event Period 

January 10th, 2019 after the scheduled maintenance - February 14th, before the scheduled update patch




- [Roulette Tickets] and [Board Game Coins] used in the previous season can be used again in this season.

- Board game rewards have changed. You can see more details on the rewards at [See Rewards].

- You can get [Roulette Tickets] from Level 95 dungeons, Fission Maze (middle reward)Green Dragon Nest (Time Attack), Hero's Battlefield (Normal/Hardcore), Circus Maximus (Daily Quest), and Daily Tasks (Dimensional Storm).




- You can use [Board Game Coins] earned as a reward from the event at [Cassie]’s [Event Store] to purchase various items.



> Moon Rabbit Ring/Necklace/Earrings 




Cash Shop Update

1. January Costume: Vernon Costume


2. Vernon Hero Dragon Egg

Blue Viper Vernon W/T/D/Necklace



Iridenscent Twilight Weapons


Vernon Spirit


3. New Hair Dye added


New Hair Dyes have been added to the Cash Shop.