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NOTICE Bulletin Board Maintenance after May Update 04. 30. 2019 Views 1465

Dear Heroes,







We would like to announce in advance, that there will be some changes after May Update.




1. After May update Patch, you cannot receive the quests from NPC in below list.


NPC Location
Future Chat 3s Saint Haven East Gate
Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus Saint Haven (Terminus Gateway)
Ultra-Dimension Board Saint Haven (Terminus Gateway)
Commission Board (Kaeron Island) Saint Haven (Terminus Gateway)





2. We inform you that quest deletion is scheduled for May Update Patch, even though you already received quest from NPC.

Since you cannot receive quests, proceed and receive quest rewards anymore, please complete these quests before May update.


Gadgetry from the Future Future Chat 3s
The Wannabe Chef Future Chat 3s
The Missing Song Future Chat 3s
Orc of Honor Future Chat 3s
Legend of Great Wizard David Future Chat 3s
Controlling Chaos: Shrouded Ruins Future Chat 3s
The Collapse of Civilization Future Chat 3s
Learning to Write Future Chat 3s
The Hero-King Future Chat 3s
Impossible Time Loops Future Chat 3s
Secret Innocence Future Chat 3s
Goblinstone Future Chat 3s
Controlling Chaos: Shadow Grave Future Chat 3s
The Rightful Pecking Order Future Chat 3s
The Food Fighter Future Chat 3s
Like Giving Candy to a Baby Future Chat 3s
Finding Seliana Future Chat 3s
Controlling Chaos: Valley of Fire Future Chat 3s
Making Games Fun Again Future Chat 3s
Poor Trevorius Future Chat 3s
The Kingdom of Poochonia Future Chat 3s
Regrets Future Chat 3s
Write a Quest for Me Future Chat 3s
High Protein Diet Future Chat 3s
Controlling Chaos: Blazing Caldera Future Chat 3s
Where in Althea is Damkina? Future Chat 3s
Making Games Fun Again, Again Future Chat 3s
Dawn of the Warrior Future Chat 3s
 Dream of a Dream inside a Dream Future Chat 3s
Controlling Chaos: Watcher's Spire Future Chat 3s
Nightmare Future Chat 3s
Starting New Research Future Chat 3s
Stop Blaming Me! Future Chat 3s
Cooking without Hands Future Chat 3s
Beware of Pets Future Chat 3s
Everything is Terrible Future Chat 3s
Controlling Chaos: Wall of Laments Future Chat 3s
Once You Leave... Future Chat 3s
Kasarana's Krazy Kaleido-land Future Chat 3s
First Flight Future Chat 3s
The Queen's Orders Future Chat 3s
Controlling Chaos: Eyes of the Goddess Future Chat 3s
Divine Flirtations - First Issue Future Chat 3s
A Very Special Recipe Future Chat 3s
Death to Marriage Future Chat 3s
Returning To Our Roots Future Chat 3s
Back to the Future Future Chat 3s
A Story from Another World Future Chat 3s
Controlling Chaos: Prayer's Heart Future Chat 3s
Peace Is Best Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
The Adventures of Great Wizard David Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Heroes Who Wander Throughout The Town Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Bad Blood Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
The Doll Lover Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Holy Plagiarism Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
The Tiger and the Dried Persimmon Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
If You Want It Bad Enough... Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Cheaters Always Prosper Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
The Blue Mouse Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
 Sad Clown Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
The Ghost Girl Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Aurum Chicken Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Child and Services Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Interdimensional Gardeners Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
The Sheep and the Wolves Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Pocket Goblins Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Sacred Chalice Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Fit for a King Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Garbage Technology Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Vestinel is the Way Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Post in the Forums! Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Persimmon Vengeance Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Just Keep Sewing Interdimensional Chat 6s Plus
Wasteland Life Ultra-Dimension Board
Fried Chicken Followers Ultra-Dimension Board
Boss to National Assembly! Ultra-Dimension Board
Shut Up Ultra-Dimension Board
Gregory's Jewel Lecture Ultra-Dimension Board
Don't Think This is the End Ultra-Dimension Board
For Them - Red Waste Ultra-Dimension Board
Krag's Failed Counterattack Ultra-Dimension Board
What's Wrong With My Cooking? Ultra-Dimension Board
Art of Time Ultra-Dimension Board
Goblinmaster Meteorite Dungeon Ultra-Dimension Board
Black Flame Dragon Boy Ultra-Dimension Board
I'm a Busy Butler Ultra-Dimension Board
For Them - Vulcanus Swamp Ultra-Dimension Board
Forget Me Not Ultra-Dimension Board
Master of Quests Ultra-Dimension Board
Bored Ultra-Dimension Board
Crisis of the World Ultra-Dimension Board
Mistupholders and Mistbreaker Ultra-Dimension Board
Only This Time Ultra-Dimension Board
or Them - Black Lake Ultra-Dimension Board
Invitation to Kaeron Island Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Blue Blade Spitflower Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
The Life of a Fisherman Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Dreaming of Vacation Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Beach Friends Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Kaeron Challenge : Kaeron Seashore Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
The Beginning and the End Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Rainbow Moonlight Spitflower Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Advertisement Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Who Do You Think You Are? Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Irritating Children Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Kaeron Challenge : Abandoned Wharf Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
The Vegetation of the Island Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Irony of the Ruins Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Get Rid of the Stalker Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
I Want to Become a Sorcerer Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Goblin's Game Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Kaeron Challenge : Forest of Illusion Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Collecting Information Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Hopeless Land Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
I Hate This Town Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Kaeron Massacre Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Childlike Childs Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Kaeron Challenge : Old Kaeron Urban District Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Job Advertisement Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Rehearsal Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
I'm a Child but Not a Child Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Cave Chicken Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Search Request Commission Board (Kaeron Island)
Kaeron Challenge : Mysterious Underneath Ocean Cave Commission Board (Kaeron Island)





Thank you for your cooperation.