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UPDATE [Patchnote] June Update 06. 10. 2019 Views 7646

1. Updates

- Dimensional Storm - Experience the Dragon Nest Field!



2. Changes/Additions

- Changes in Green Dragon Crystal




- EVENT – Board Game Competition Season 5



4. Cash Shop

- June Costume: Wedding Costume

- June Dragon Egg Update









1. Update

1-1. Dimensional Storm - Experience the Dragon Nest Field!



[EVENT] Dimensional Storm has changed.





[EVENT] Dimensional Storm - Experience the Dragon Nest Field! -

•Awaken the souls that lie within your memory and defeat Apocalypse!

•You will be chosen by any of the 12 souls in total.

•You may also not be chosen because of their caprice.

•The Power of Light and Darkness will be sealed due to Apocalypse’s Evil Thoughts!

•In case two souls get in contact with you at the same time, you won’t be able to transform.

*Transformation must be cancelled before being chosen by the souls!



Dimensional Storm - Changes

•[EVENT] Dimensional Storm - Bacchus x Bacchus x Bacchus has been removed, and replaced by Experience the Dragon Nest Field!









2. Changes/Additions

2-1. Changes in Green Dragon Crystal



Now you can register and store Green Crystal, White Crystal, Crimson Crystal, Gold Crystal at the Marketplace and Server Storage.










3-1. EVENT – Board Game Competition Season 5



[Event Period]

- June 2019 (after maintenance) - July 2019 (before maintenance)




- Following the changes in rewards for clearing each Board Game level and Event Store composition, you can no longer use the [Roulette Ticket] from the last season in Season 5.

- The same changes will be applied for the future seasons of Board Game Battle.

- You can sell the last season’s [Roulette Ticket] at the store for “1” Gold. (You can use last season’s [Board Game Coin ])

- Due to the changes in last season’s Roulette Ticket settings, the number of [Roulette Ticket] needed for Resurrection as decreased from 20 -> 10.



[How to get Roulette Tickets]

- You can get [Roulette Tickets (Season 5)] by clearing Dungeons and Daily Tasks.

- You can no longer use [Roulette Tickets (Season 5)] in any Board Game after Season 5.






- You can get rewards when you kill monsters or clear monster levels. You can see more details on the rewards by clicking [See Rewards].

- You can use [Board Game Coins] and [Cute Teddy Bear] earned as a reward for clearing Level 3 at [Cassie]’s [Event Shop] to purchase various items.

- You cannot use [Cute Teddy Bear] in the next Season’s Board Game Battle! (Season 5-Exclusive)









4. Cash Shop





4-1. June Costume: Wedding Costume (Except Machina)

*New Costume Package includes Force Tuner: Cherry Blossom and title. 





June Costume: Machina Wedding Costume





4-2. June Dragon Egg

▶WTD: Banquet of Flowers Giant Wedding WTD




▶Spirit: Elisia Spirit





▶Mount: SS Ideal mk-0S