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UPDATE [Patchnote] January Patchnote 01. 07. 2020 Views 18210

[1] Update

1-1. Chapter 17 Setting a Trap

1-2. Gust Dragon Nest

1-3. [Honor]Dragon Nest – Gust Dragon Nest

[2] Change/Addition

2-1. Dreamy Dragon Jade Enhancement Level Expanded

2-2. Aurora Dragon Jade

2-3. [Changed as Tradable] Green/Forest/Black Dragon Item

2-4. Crystal Point Store Restructure

2-5. Sunset Cloister Changes

2-6. Improve Item Move Convenience- Paraselene Dragon Jade

2-7. Change Item Types (: Change to Collect Items)

2-8. Hero Store Added

2-9. Guaranteed Purchase of Goddess Equipment

2-10. Purchased Currency of Lebria Heraldry Revised

2-11. Obtained Location of Powerful Bonding Agent Change

2-12. Stage & Nest Store Restructure

2-13. Dreamy Dragon Jade Craft Cost Adjustment

2-14. World Daily Task Added

2-15. Rank Counting Region Changed (Rank Board)

2-16. Others

[3] Balance

3-1. Dreamy Dragon Jade Balance Change

3-2. PVE Skill Balance Changes

3-3. PVP Skill Balance Changes

3-4. January Character Balance Tweaks - PVE

3-5. January Character Balance Tweaks - PVP

3-6. Dreamy Dragon Jade Balance Modification

3-7. Decreased Skill Cooldown, Heraldry Formula Changes

3-8. Skill Effect Changes of Particular Character

3-9. Others


4-1. Everyone's Banquet

4-2. World Daily Task Event

4-3. January Attendance Reward

[5] Cash Shop

5-1. January Costume: Pilot Costume

5-2. Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Box Change

- Pure Metallic Wings/Tail/Decal

- Super Pet's Boom Boom Beverage

5-3. Cash Shop Change

- Seal Stamp Price Revision

- High Purity Dreamy Core Pocket Added

- Hero Level EXP Potion (7days) / (30days)Added 

- Grubby Key Limited Package Added

5-4. Legend Pet Added 
















[1] Update

 1-1. Chapter 17 Setting a Trap 




















 1-2. Gust Dragon Nest 




























[ Details of Zephyr Dragon Secondary Weapon ]






[Details of Zephyr Helmet ]







[Set Effect of Zephyr]








[ Item Drop Information ]


  • Eliminate the boss of each gate that appears in the Gust Dragon Nest and earn the middle stage reward.
  • Eliminate the Gust Dragon Jade at the final stage of Gust Dragon Nest and get the final reward.












[Blacksmith Item Production]

  • You can make [Zephyr Dragon Gear] and [Zephyr Dragon Secondary Weapon - Evolution Hammer] through [Craft Item] option of Blacksmith in each town.












 1-3. [Honor]Dragon Nest – Gust Dragon Nest 



◆ [Honor]Dragon Nest – Gust Dragon Nest

Win Your Honor Only With Your Powers in The Presence Of A Powerful Enemy!

Who Shall Have The First Glory?



[Honor] Dragon Nest erases equipped item effects and equipment stat and balances character stat.

It provides an environment where any participant can fight against a dragon. Therefore, you can participate even if your equipment stat is low.



If you have outstanding control, visibility into monster attack patterns, and the ability to play the role of an attacker, you can demonstrate and boast your capability through this content.






•The effects of the equipment and items being mounted will be temporarily removed.

•The character stat will be balanced to match the corresponding [Labyrinth] stage.

•No special skills, buff or food available.

•[Labyrinth's Cruelty] is not applicable for even more than 15 [Labyrinth] floors.







Accessible Dragon Nest

[Honor] Gust Dragon Nest opens on January 8, after scheduled maintenance.

When [Honor] Gust Dragon Nest is cleared for the first time, the Gust Dragon Nest opens.







◆ Entry Information of [Honor]Gust Dragon Nest




◆ How To Enter?

•The Labyrinth stage level of [Honor] Gust Dragon Nest is 15th.

•You can enter the nest by talking with NPC [Temple Night Isaac].








◆ Ranking Registration

•All clear result of [Honor Dragon Nest] is registered on Ranking Page.



※ How to check [Ranking]?

* Menu(Basic Quickslot N) ▶ Ranking(Basic Quickslot  /) ▶ Nest(Tap) ▶ [Honor]Dragon Nest(Select)





◆[Honor]Gust Dragon Mission and Title

Please refer below images to the added mission and title information.





















[2] Change/Addition

 2-1. Dreamy Dragon Jade Enhancement Level Expanded 



[Dreamy Dragon Jade Enhancement Level Expanded]

- After January update patch, you can enhance Dreamy Dragon Jade up to 15 level, which was possible to 10 level.

- The enhancement effect is only applied to the skills adapted to the Dreamy Dragon Jade.




[Enhancement Information of Dreamy Dragon Jade]



- Enhancements after 10th level are probable, and the higher level, the lower the rate of success.




[How to get High Purity Dreamy Core?]

- You can purchase the core through Cash Shop.

- You can make the core through [Special Dragon Jade] section of Blacksmith.

   : Required Material > [2 Same dreamy cores] and [10,000 Gold]















 2-2. Aurora Dragon Jade 




[Aurora Dragon Jade]

- With using special item [Aurora Stone], you can evolve [Paraselene Dragon Jade +10] as [Aurora Dragon Jade].

   It can be equipped on necklaces with 95 level unique grade or higher, the same as Mirage and Paraselene Jade.

-[Aurora Dragon Jade] has same stats as [Paraselene Dragon Jade +10] and a firebird appears to help attack with a certain probability.

-[Aurora Dragon Jade] has no enhancement mechanic. You can get [Aurora Stone] with Moonstone (10) or Gold Lotus Crown (300) from Gold Lotus Crown Store.



- With using 5 [Premium Storage Ticket], [Aurora Dragon Jade] can be moved to Server Storage.











 2-3. [Changed as Tradable] Green/Forest/Black Dragon Item 






[Tradable Item List]

- If you registered in Trading House before update patch, the number of sealing appears to be 0 in Trading House status.

- When you move to the inventory, the number of sealing is displayed as 4 normally.




- Now, above legend grade Green/Forest/Black Dragon Item can be tradable.

- The items can be traded up to 4 times if it sealed.



- When sealing, the quantity of Seal Stamp required is as follows.

- Weapon: 5000

- Accessory: 2000






-[Corrupt Black Dragon Gloves & Shoes] can't be traded and only [Corrupt Black Dragon Gloves Box or Shoes Box] can be traded.

    [Corrupt Black Dragon Gloves Box or Shoes Box] can get from [Black Dragon Boss] as the same before.

- Currently available [3 types of Forest Dragon Accessory] will reset to 4 regardless of the number of Seals remaining, and the demand will increase to 2,000.









 2-4. Crystal Point Store Restructure 



  • Crystal Point Store will be restructured.




  • Engraving Extractor has deleted from Mission Board Store.










 2-5. Sunset Cloister Changes 

■ Sunset Cloister – Golden Goblin / Lost Hound Event Time Increase

-The Golden Goblins and Lost Hounds in Sunset Cloister will stay twice as long.










 2-6. Improve Item Move Convenience- Paraselene Dragon Jade 



  • Paraselene Dragon Jade is changed to allow disassemble.



  • Gold Lotus Water is changed to use Server Storage.












 2-7. Change Item Types (: Change to Collect Items) 



Items that are missing some of their use destinations have been changed to collect items.












 2-8. Hero Store Added 


Heroes are also sold at Community Point Stores.



Requirements (Community Point)

•Trainee Gosuk, Orc Kim, Orc Park - 1000 Points

•Rare Hero Pouch - 4000 Points (Delete the number of purchase limit)

•Hero Synthesis Device – 2000 Points (Delete the number of purchase limit)

•[Exploration] Hero Awakening Potion (S) - 300 Points

•[Exploration] Hero Awakening Potion (M)- 1000 Points

•[Exploration] Hero Awakening Potion (L)- 3000 Points










 2-9. Guaranteed Purchase of Goddess Equipment 


[Guaranteed Purchase of Goddess Equipment]

- In the case of Goddess Equipment, there is an uncomfortable situation in which you have to travel to Sunset Cloister until you get the equipment you want.

-Once you have a certain number of purchases, we want to provide you with the minimum guarantee that you can purchase the equipment you want.




[How to get guaranteed purchase?]










 2-10. Purchased Currency of Lebria Heraldry Revised 



[Delete Stage Point requirements when purchasing and enhancing Lebria Heraldry]

- The situation that requires a large number of Stage Points in the Lebria Heraldry is considered to be a barrier to entry for new users.

    Therefore, it has fixed to only require Lebrium Points.











 2-11. Obtained Location of Powerful Bonding Agent Change 



[Obtained Location of Powerful Bonding Agent Changed]

-In the case of the existing Powerful Bonding Agent, the location of acquisition is set as the Red Lotus Palace Quest Reward Pouch, causing unnecessary goods to be accumulated for users who do not need it.

- As changing the acquisition location we want to match the convenience, retention purpose and situation.





[Changed Details]

- Powerful Bonding Agent Removed from 3 type of Red Lotus Daily Quest Pouch.

- Added to be able to buy 1 Gold Lotus Water in Gold Lotus Crown Store.












 2-12. Stage & Nest Store Restructure 



[Guaranteed Purchase : Enhanced Battle Heraldry (Hero)]

-[Enhanced Battle Heraldry (Hero) Box] has added to Stage Point Store. You can obtain the heraldry upon opening the box 100%.





[Guaranteed Purchase : Extracted Battle Jade Dust]

- You can purchase [Extracted Battle Jade Dust] from Nest Point Store.









 2-13. Dreamy Dragon Jade Craft Cost Adjustment 

[Dreamy Dragon Jade Craft Cost Adjustment]

-Dreamy Dragon Jade has a high production cost compared to the price traded, making the charm less attractive.

 We have lowered the craft cost from 50,000 gold to 1,000 gold.











 2-14. World Daily Task Added 

-[Conversion Special Armor Box (Untradable)] has added to [Clear Mission from Mission Board 1 Time].

-The box by obtaining World Daily Task can be used within 1 day after receive.



- [Conversion Armor Box] can be found at NPC Kathy's store.

- [Conversion Armor Box] can be used until 1 day, and it is unavailable to trade and use Server storage.

- [Conversion Store]'s name has changed to [Conversion Armor Shop].

-[Magical Conversion Thread] is added to [Conversion Armor Shop] and it can be exchanged with [Magical Conversion Armor Fragment x3500].









 2-15. Rank Counting Region Changed (Rank Board) 


Removed rank counting region is likely below:


•Forest Dragon Nest

•Green Dragon Nest TimeAttack

•[Trial] Chiron Nest

•[Trial] Granom Nest











 2-16. Others 

◆ Title <Grave Keeper> changed.

The title that is awarded for the mission, [Come On Back] among [Red Lotus] – [Loser’s exile place] has been changed likely below.




◆ Beginner’s Guide changed

- The existing [Mysterious Enhancement Talisman Box] Guide is changed to [Deep Abyss of Nightmare].




◆ [Stage/Nest Reward Changed]

- Purified Seal can no longer be obtained on all Stages and Nests.

-  Purified Seal from the Crystal Point Shop is added. 




◆ [Black Dragon Nest]

- Removed the [Growing Distrust] of Black Dragon Nest.




■[Sealed Dreamy Dragon Jade]

- Sealed Dreamy Dragon Jade open no longer displays the world message.




■[Removed Some Rewards of Beginner's Guide]

- Removed [Bluebird] and [Nightmare Points] rewarded from the beginner's guide.




■[Remote Dungeon Attainable Reward Changed]

- Changed to [Talisman Material]-> [High Grade Garnet], which is exposed to the attainable rewards of Low / Middle that can be obtained from Remote Dungeon Exploration.



■ The Vena Plaga growth event has ended so Beginners' Guide mission has been removed.



■ Fixed an issue that prevented fatigue from being used in Duel Dragon Nest.



■ Changed [Quest] section to disappear in certain situations during NPC conversation

- If there are no quests to proceed, the [Quest] section has been removed from the NPC conversation.



■ Consume 300 Fatigue when leaving Stage

- Normal stage has been changed to consume 300 fatigue regardless of dungeon progression when leaving.



■ Purchase Available for Mirage Jade in NPC Palace Attendant Jeokwolyang Store

- You can purchase Mirage Jade in NPC Palace Attendant Jeokwolyang Store with 1 Gold Lotus Crown.



■ [Catastrophe] Red Lotus Palace

[Catastrophe] Increased the buff effect time for champions in the Red Lotus Palace. (All buff effects: 120 seconds> 360 seconds)



■ Change message output when clearing mission

- The message displayed when cleared during some Dragon Nest missions disappears.

-> Rune Dragon Nest / Lund Dragon (Hardcore) Nest / Green Dragon Nest TimeAttack / Forest Dragon Nest



In addition, a message will be displayed when clearing more than 14 floors of Sunset Training Ground.











[3] Balance

 3-1. Dreamy Dragon Jade Balance Change 

The following Dreamy Dragon Jade effects have been changed:










 3-2. PVE Skill Balance Changes 










 3-3. PVP Skill Balance Changes 









 3-4. January Character Balance Tweaks - PVE 




<Character Balance>

Some skills effects have been changed for the following jobs.













 3-5. January Character Balance Tweaks - PVP 







 3-6. Dreamy Dragon Jade Balance Modification 



<Dreamy Dragon Jade>

The following Dreamy Dragon Jade effects have been changed:












 3-7. Decreased Skill Cooldown, Heraldry Formula Changes 

Modified the effects of cooldown reduction Heraldry so that any decrease is based on the current cooldown value.

 e.g.) [Moon Blade Dance] cooldown: 14 sec / after learning EX: 6 sec

      Before modifications: after learning EX and equipping Heraldry 20%, (14 sec X 0.8) - 8 sec = 3.2 sec decrease

      After modifications: after learning EX and equipping Heraldry 20%, (14 sec - 8 sec) X 0.8 sec = 4.8 sec decrease











 3-8. Skill Effect Changes of Particular Character 

■ The skill effect of the following characters will be changed.

- Ripper - Beast Swipe

- Bringer- Chakra Heal

- Light Fury - Chakra Heal EX









 3-9. Others 

■ Vena Plaga Forest Dragon Main Weapon Skill Type changed

-[Insane Forest Dragon Spear] skill type has been changed from [Injury] to [Fatalism].

















 4-1. Everyone's Banquet 



[Entry Info]

- Entry level  :  LV 93 or higher

- Entry capacity: 1-2 people

- Weekly clear limit: 7 times

- Revive disabled


※ You must have an Entrance Ticket to enter the Everyone's Banquet.









[Entrance Ticket]

- Acquisition area: Temple Knight Training Area [Dimension Rabbit] - [Everyone's Banquet]

- Can be purchased 1 time daily per character, and Entrance Ticket must be used within 1 day.





[Guide Quest]

•Remote Quest > [LV 93] Everyone's Banquet

   ※ Can be received by pressing hotkey ‘U’ to open the quest window, then click ‘Remote Quest’ tab at the top.






[Stage Details]

<Stage Objective>

- Challenge the highest floor to receive better rewards.


<Stage Rules>

- User HP, MP restored upon clearing normal stages

- Dead players will be revived upon clearing boss stages

- Stage will end when all players perish.


<Reward acquisition conditions>

- First treasure chest: Clear boss stage (4F)

- Second treasure chest: Clear boss stage (7F)

- Third treasure chest: Clear boss stage (11F)

- Final treasure chest: Clear boss stage (12F)








[Stage Composit]

- Upon normal stage entry, you will be randomly sent to one of two stages.

- The stage clear count will increase after clearing 3 floors.




[Reward Info]

•Everyone's Banquet rewards

   Upon clearing Everyone's Banquet 4F, 7F, 11F, and 12F you can acquire a reward item, [Ancient Element Cube Fragment] from a chest.

- There a small chance of acquiring Lapis, Dark Stones, or Golden Goblin Coins from the reward chest after the final floor, 12F!





•Everyone's Banquet Shop

-  The Ancient Element Cube Fragments received in the Banquet Hall can be exchanged in the [Dimension Rabbit - Open Banquet Shop] 







[Talisman Enhancement (Ancient Element Cube)]

- The [Ancient Element Enhanced Talismans] available for purchase at the Everyone's Banquet Shop come with four elemental properties: fire, water, light, and dark.

- The initial stats for each elemental property of the [Ancient Element Enhanced Talismans] purchased in the shop will be 0.5%. Each property can be developed up to 6.0%! (Using 1 = 0.1% Growth)

- Cubes will disappear after a single use.












 4-2. World Daily Task Event 



Challenge [Honor] Gust Dragon Nest and Get Reward!

30 Goddess Coins allow the exchange of 'Deep Twilight Box (Class-specific-Armour)' from 'Priestess of Darkness Canele' located in 'Sunset Watchtower‘

You can proceed this event before Fed Update patch.




- From Jan Update Patch ~ Before Feb Update Patch

※  You can complete Daily Mission after the [Honor] Gust Dragon Open.









 4-3. January Attendance Reward 

- From January Update, you can earn 1 'Goddess Coin’ each time you attend before the next update.

*  30 Goddess Coins allow the exchange of 'Deep Twilight Box (Class-specific-Armour)' from 'Priestess of Darkness Canele' located in 'Sunset Watchtower'.











[5] Cash Shop








 5-1. January Costume: Pilot Costume 


- Pilot Costume is newly added to cash shop!







 5-2. Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Box Change 




[Pure Metallic Wings/Tail/Decal]

- Pure Metallic Wings/Tail/Decal are added to Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Box.

- Cannot acquire Frozen Angel's Wings/Tail/Decal anymore. 






[Super Pet's Boom Boom Beverage]

-Super Pet's Boom Boom Berverage is added to Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Box as key item.

- Super Pet's Boom Boom Beverage increase Minion (Pet) Level from 1 to max level. 














 5-3. Cash Shop Change 



[Seal Stamp Price Revision]

- Seal Stamp Price has revised. 






[High Purity Dreamy Core Pocket]

- High Purity Dreamy Core Pocket has added to Cash Shop

- Available to purchase by EYET only






[Hero Level EXP Potion (7days) / (30days)]


- Hero Level EXP Potion has added to Cash Shop. 

- Hero Level Acquisition EXP is increased by 100%. The effect applied on all max level character in your account. 







[Grubby Key Limited Package] 1 Month Only

- Grubby Key has upgrade as special package during one month!

- Special Grubby Key (10+1) Box contains Grubby Key (10+1) and Sunset-tinted Silver Coins x25. 

- Luxurious Grubby Key (100+15) Box contains Grubby Key (100+15) and Sunset-tinted Silver Coins x250. 














 5-4. Legend Pet Added 







- Legend Pet 'Steel Retrobo' has updated!

- Shop name of NPC Trainer Lindsay has changed
[Trade] -> [Mount Shop]  
[Pet Accessory Store] -> [Pet Shop]

-[Season Pet] Tap has added to [Pet Shop] menu.

- [Heart of Friend] is available to trade 4 times.

- [Legend Pet] is available to purchase with [Heart of Friend] x10 at NPC Trainer Lindsay's [Pet Shop].

- [Legend Pet] isavailable to trade 4 times and its starting level is 61. This is not a growth pet. 

- When [Legend Pet] is disassembled, [Heart Pounding Pet Accessory Pouch] can be acquired.


- When [Heart Pounding Pet Accessory Pouch] has opend, Can acquire [Heart of Friend] or [Legend Pet Accessories].

- [Pet] Tap has added to [Cash Accessory] Category  in Trading House.