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UPDATE [Patchnote] March Patchnote [Revised on March 18] 03. 18. 2020 Views 13155

[1] Update

- Shooting Star Remake

- Push! Crystal Statue

[2] Change/Addition

- Shop Contents Improvements

- Ladder Reward Restructure

- Remove Unusable Item Acquisition

- Change Gosuk’s Precious Box Component

- World Mission Change and Removal

- Party Reward Basic Condition Added

- Change Beginner’s Guide TIP

- Other

[3] Balance

- PVP and PVE Balance changes

- Improved Aurora Dragon Jade Fire Bird

[4] Event

- Lagendia Continent Exploration

- March Attendance Reward

- Other

[5] Cash Shop

- March Costume: Hiphop Costume + Title

- Lunaria Transformation Wings, Decal, Tail, Necklace and Weapon

- Cash Shop Change: Hope Flower, Adventurer’s Bag and Storage Expansion, Elite Jumping Package

- Male Academic Costume 

- Conversion Weapon Status and Box Composition Change and Price Discount













[1] Update

 1-1. Shooting Star Remake 
















 1-2. Push! Crystal Statue 






[The Adventurer's Guild Training Area is now open!!]



With the support of the Saint Haven Temple Knights, we have prepared a special joint training ground in the Adventurer's Guild for you to improve your skills

and develop your social network.

"Push! Crystal Statue," the ambitious debut production of Sidel Fairystar, head of the new sorcerer’s association!

Protect magic crystal statues from the phantom Minotaur Legion created by the Fairystar Sorcerers Association.

A bountiful reward from the Adventurer's Guild awaits you.

The new training ground can be entered at any time through the Temple Knights Training Area in Saint Haven.

We look forward to talented guild members emerging to take up this challenge.



- Saint Haven Adventurer's Guild Master Gunter









 ● Push! Crystal Statue – Introduction 







◆ Guild Contents Update

- Calling all heroes: new guild contents awaits!








● Push! Crystal Statue – Features








◆ [Work with fellow guild members!]

Keep the crystal statues moving to protect them from monsters and patterns.

If guild members are not in sync, it will be impossible to adequately protect the statues. The idea is to delegate tasks among players from the very start.











◆ [Increasingly frightening patterns are activated with each phase!]

As the game progresses, new and more powerful phases will be activated.

Protect the crystal statues by avoiding various patterns including meteors, bulls, and bombs.









◆ [Now Is the Time event phase]

Use a ballista to defeat hordes of monstrous birds within the time limit during the event phase.

If you succeed in the event phase, just one guild member gets to choose the treasure chest.

Treasure chests contain items for restoring crystal statue HP or buffs that will help you toward victory.








◆ [Urgent Missions]

Each phase a portal will open to a randomly generated Urgent Mission.

Enter the portal and find a bountiful treasure chest within 15 seconds. The chest will contain a helpful buff or pattern.









● Push! Crystal Statue - Rewards

- You can acquire an [Alliance Crystal] for clearing Push! Crystal Statue.

- On rare occasions you can acquire even more [Alliance Crystals].

- [Alliance Crystals] are used when crafting and enhancing [Allied Life Enhanced Jade] through a [blacksmith].









- You can craft [Allied Life Enhanced Jade] using Craft Item accessed through a blacksmith.

- [Allied Life Enhanced Jade] can be enhanced up to +15 using Dragon Jade Enhancement accessed through [Blacksmith Stronghammer] in Red Lotus Palace Main Street.












● Stats per [Allied Life Enhanced Jade] enhancement grade


















[2] Change/Addition

 2-1. Shop Contents Improvements 



● Mission Bulletin Board Shop 

- We added 4 new types of items to the Job Shop that will increase gameplay convenience and aid heroes in combat.






● Stage Shop

- We revised the shop so that only Heroic Heraldry Fragments are required for purchasing Heroic Expedition Plates.

- We also moved Lethargy Potions and Disarmament Potions to the Common Goods Shop for purchase.



● Nest Shop

- Purchase of Mid Grade Dragon Jade Removers and High Grade Dragon Jade Removers now require only Fragments or Hearts.



● Common Goods Shop

- We also added Auto-Open Box, Lethargy Potions and Disarmament Potions to the Common Goods Shop. They can be purchased for 20 silver.










 2-2. Ladder Reward Restructure 





● Ladder Store

- Items have been added to the General Stock of the Ladder Store to help heroes grow.








● Rock of Strength (7 days) Effect Change

- The effect of Rock of Strength (7 days) available in the Ladder Store has been significantly increased.








● Ladder Season Reward

- Depending on the tier achieved at the end of the season, the title stats paid have significantly increased.














 2-3. Remove Unusable Item Acquisition 

■ [Remove Co-op Token Key Acquisition Place]

- Alternative rewards will be provided after Co-op Token key is removed from the content that can obtain the key currently.


▶ [Sunset Cloister]

- Co-Op Token Key gained from killing a boss no longer comes out, increasing the chance of obtaining a Sunset Cloister Key.


▶ [Red Lotus Daily Quest]

- Components of [The price of a bitter defeat] [The price of an exhilarating victory] [Complimentary Pouch] have a certain chance to obtain the Sunset Cloister Key instead of the Co-op Token Key.



■ [Remove Stage & Nest Point Acquisition Place]

- Alternative rewards will be provided after removing points from the content that can obtain stage & nest points currently.


▶ [Main Quest]

- Removed Stage & Nest points from Chapter 25 Main Quest.


▶ [Mission]

- High Grade Garnet instead will be provided Mission Points when completing certain segments.


▶[Level Up Box]

- Gold Pouch instead will be provided the points coming from Level Up Box.










 2-4. Change Gosuk’s Precious Components 




 ●Gosuk's Box components and odds have some changes.




● Co-op Token Key has removed, and the acquisition change of Lapis has increased instead.










 2-5. World Mission Change and Removal 





■ Some World Mission tasks has changed and deleted.

※ After the March update, you will be able to play on improved Daily Mission for a month.










■ Removed the following Weekly World Mission Task.














 2-6. Party Reward Basic Condition Added 






Community (O) –Party Reward condition added.













 2-7. Change Beginner’s Guide TIP 






Revised [Use a Seal Stamp] Guide tip.













 2-8. Other 

- Revised so that the acquisition place of Calyps Tier 1 equipment and 4 type Limit accessories can be displayed correctly.

- Added using tooltip of [Legend Weapon Converter] to Skila Main/Secondary weapon.

- [Catastrophe] Red Lotus Palace description has removed from Nightmare point guide tooltip.

- High Purity Dreamy Core craft description added to Dreamy Core item description.

- Added acquisition place to hero-related merchandise available in Community Store.

- Dissambling Paraselene Dragon Jade description has added to the way of obtaining Gold Lotus Water.

- Fixed an issue where the entire message would not be printed if a player with a less Calypse 3 tier was successfully enhance round 20.

- Striking Fellowship Heraldry has added to Equipment Collection.

- [Unidentified Goddess Heraldry] will be updated on April.

- [Revised Mission Expected Reward (Lapis)] Added a statement that the [Acquisition rate and number increase depending on difficulty]

  on the Lapis description exposed to the Mission Expected Reward.

- The bug in sub quest <Shadow’s Hole> has been modified.

- When purchasing golden apples seed from NPC Mori on the farm, certain points that were required are removed.

- The [Pre-season] notice has been added to the Ladder timetable.











[3] Balance

 3-1. Balance 



















 3-2. Aurora Dragon Jade Summoned Object (Firebird) Improvements 










[4] Event

 4-1. Lagendia Continent Exploration: Season 14 





● Event Period: 21st March 2020 ~ 4th April 2020


- A super quick crash course on Lagendia for newcomer heroes!

- Lagendia Continent Exploration?




[How To Play]

1. Enter once per day by clicking on the dice icon.

2. Enter Lagendia Continent Exploration, roll the dice, and access a wide variety of stages.

3. Carry out missions unique to each stage and collect Gold Keys.

4. After reaching the final treasure island you can open treasure boxes with your Gold Keys and get a bounty of rewards!





[Enter one more time!!]

Exchange to get an Entry Ticket! Get 1 Entry Ticket from another user and you can enter again.







1. Guild Rank

● Guild Ranking is based on the aggregate score of Lagendia Continent Exploration while it is open.

● (A reward based on the aggregate score and final rank from the opening to the closing of this content will be provided.)

● This is a ranking based on the total number of Gold Keys acquired in your guild.

● The aggregate sum is calculated upon entering the final island (treasure storage) and is added to your guild when you are a member of one.

● Rewards will be provided to those ranked in the top three.

● Rewards will be sent to all guild members.









What changes have been made for the 14th season of Lagendia Continent Exploration?

Let’s take a closer look at the 14th season!





◆Basic Info.

● Season 14 time frame: : from Coming Saturday after 2020 March Update week to Saturday Before 2020 April Update week

● Period of inaccessibility: Every Saturday from 07:30 to 09:30

● The weekly ranking aggregate score is calculated every Saturday at 09:00.

● Entry Level: Can be entered at Lv 95 of higher

    - Lagendia Continent Exploration contains revised game content.

● Entry conditions: 1-person entry / unlimited revival

● Clear limit: Can be cleared once a day. (The entry count is shared by all your characters on the server.)

1) If you give up halfway all the Gold Keys acquired from Golden Box will disappear, but you can keep challenging again until you clear it.

2) You can clear an additional time after receiving 1 Entry Ticket from another user.



[How to get Gold Keys]

1) Golden Box appear for completing missions on each map / wooden Box appear after failing missions.

2) Golden Box contain at least 1 Gold Key and Golden Box from any area on the map indicated with a gold box icon contain double the amount of Gold Keys.








● Map Info.

- Lagendia Continent Exploration Board map is the same as before.








● Reward Info.

- You can acquire the following items from the two types of ‘Golden Treasure Boxes’ on the Festive Treasure Warehouse island.

- You need 1 Gold Key to open the normal Golden Box and 7 Gold Keys to open the Jackpot Golden Box.

- Take the [Lagendia Coupon] obtained as an additional reward from the Festive Treasure Warehouse island to Loffy, the beggar in Saint Haven, to get a special quest.









[Lagendia Exchange Coupon]

- Gather 20 of these and take them to Loffy in the town and give them the 'Navy Pirate Hat'.

- Lagendia coupon period: From March 2020 update ~ before April 2020 Update










● Store Info. 

- A variety of items are available for purchase in the Lagendia Guidance stone at the event store.

- The event shop is located via Saint Haven- Kathy or Red Lotus Palace - Sobong.






※ Not allowed to equip ATK and DFS jade.

※ Not allowed to enhance these accessories.








 4-2. March Attendance Reward 

- From Match Update, you can earn 1 'Goddess Coin’ each time you attend before the next update.

- 30 Goddess Coins allow the exchange of 'Deep Twilight Box (Class-specific-Armour)' from 'Priestess of Darkness Canele' located in 'Sunset Watchtower'.









 4-3. Others 

■ Best Hero Tournament end.










[5] Cash Shop

 5-1. March Costume: Hiphop Costume + Title 





- Hiphop Costume has arrived! Get costume and be the trendsetter in Lagendia with title ‘Dr.DNE’

- Machina's Hiphop Costume has released! Meet new costume for her! 

- Those players who purchased Hiphop Costume before 2020 March, also status will be increased. 





● Overall Hiphop Costume









● Machina Hiphop Costume  New Arrival 







● Real Ingame Screenshot 











 5-2. Lunaria Transformation Wings, Decal, Tail, Necklace and Weapon 



- Lunaria has visited to Lagendia! 

- Transformation is available when Wings, Decal, Tail, Necklace, main and secondary weapons. 

- Lunaria Egg shares Potential Gauge with Snow Iona Eggs.









● Lunaria WIngs, Tail, Decal and Necklace Information 










● Status and Grade Information









● Lunaria Weapon is available to exchange with Lunaria Weapon Exchnage Coupon at NPC Pania. 








 5-3. Cash Shop Change 




- Hope Flower Price has discounted until April target maintenance.

- Due to update of Mission Bulletin Board shop, Adventurer’s Bag and Storage Expansion price are discounted.

- Jumping Potion has added to Cash Shop.

- Jumping Package has removed in Cash Shop.

- Newbie’s Elite Dreamy Package has added to Cash Shop.

- Style (Hair) and Hair Dye & Partial Hair Dye have added to Cash Shop! Go to Cash Shop and find your style. 









 5-4. Male Academic Costume: Shy Geek's Costume 



- Male Academic Costume is available to purchase in Cash Shop!

- Price: 50,000 Cash (DNP & EYEC Purchase Available) 

- Package is composed to Shy Geek's Hair / Work Suit / Cannon / Mecha Glove 4 parts. 










 5-5. Conversion Weapon and Costume Change 



Conversion Weapon Box is on sale during the period!

- After March 18 maintenance - before March 25 maintenance 22:00 (PST) 




● Status Change

- Some parts of Conversion Weapon and Costume status has changed. Please refer to below image.






● Conversion Weapon Box Composition and Price Change

- Conversion Weapon Box Price has changed.

1,500 Cash -> 1,200 Cash.

12,000 Cash -> 10,000 Cash



- Conversion Weapon Box Composition items are changed. Please refer to below image.