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UPDATE [Patchnote] July Patchnote 07. 05. 2020 Views 17839

[1] Updates

1-1. The Thrill of the Fight! – Monster Improvements

1-2. Sparta Goblin Returns

[2] Changes/additions

2-1. Expanded Guild Mission Stages

2-2. Side Quest Precondition Changes

2-3. Guide Quest Reorganization, Displayed Dungeon Name Changes

2-4. Removed alpaca quest rewards from mission rewards

2-5. Beginner’s Guide Order Changes

2-6. Changes to Required EXP for Leveling Up

2-7. Main Quest Reward Improvements

2-8. Main Quest Reward Hero Title Stat Changes

2-9. Beginner’s Guide Reward Additions

2-10. Fierce Battle – Closed

2-11. Cash Item Disassemble

2-12. Conversion Store Moved to NPC Merchant Pania

2-13. Other

[3] Event

3-1. July Attendance Event

[4] Cash Shop

4-1. Costume 2.0: Wedding 2.0 Costume

4-2. Red Lotus Palace Gacha Change

4-3. Crystal Point Shop Change

4-4. Change




[1] Updates

 1-1. The Thrill of the Fight! – Monster Improvements 



◆ The Thrill of the Fight! – Monster Improvements




To eliminate the discomfort felt while playing dungeons and maximize the fun of battles in a manner befitting Dragon Nest,

we have made improvements to your old friends, the monsters.




1. Monsters can now be attacked as soon as they appear.

Players can probably recall playing a dungeon and waiting until a monster completes its entry for the battle to begin.

You may have used a skill, but the monster is unaffected because it is invincible until it has finished its entry, so now you are forced to wait for the cooldown to elapse.


We have therefore modified all monsters (stages and nests) to enable hits to register when they appear so that the battle can begin without any disruption.







2. Rebalanced Monster Super Armor.

We have rebalanced the stats of normal stage monster Super Armor, allowing them to be knocked down, launched into the air, or fall.

Our ultimate goal is enabling monsters to actively react to a hero’s actions and results so that players can feel the thrill of the fight and the satisfying impact of landing a blow.

This update is the first step in achieving that goal.







3. Modified stage monster HP.

We have reduced the HP of normal and elite monsters while increasing the HP of named and boss monsters.

We also internally classified monsters by grade, maximizing the difference in HP by grade

to promote a more dynamic sense of combat based on the grades and composition of the monsters in each dungeon.












 1-2. Sparta Goblin Returns 



Sparta Goblin Returns






◆ The Sparta Goblin is back.

• The Sparta Goblin who will help you grow has returned in [Sparta Goblin Returns].











◆ Entry Ticket Purchase Locations

• Entry tickets can be purchased at the [Mission Bulletin Board Shop] in each village.

• Entry tickets can only be purchased by characters at or above Level 95 and can be sent to server storage.





◆ Feature 1: [Slay as many as you like.]

• Slay 300 Sparta Goblins rushing in from all sides!


◆ Feature 2: [Select difficulty]

• Players can now select a difficulty matching their abilities before entering.


◆ Feature 3: [Improved rewards]

• More experience can be acquired than before.






























[2] Changes/additions

 2-1. Expanded Guild Mission Stages 




◆ Expanded Guild Mission Stages

Guild Missions were previously restricted to 5 stages, making it hard to participate.

We have expanded Guild Missions to 20 stages, spurring guild growth potential.




• Expanded Guild Missions from a maximum of 5 to 20 stages

















 2-2. Side Quest Precondition Changes 





We have integrated main dungeon entry points to minimize movement required between stages.



◆ Saint Haven/Anu Arendel - Quest activation/spoiler improvements

▶ Upon first entering Saint Haven, only the main quest and guide quests will now be shown.

▶ After meeting King Cassius in Saint Haven, you can carry out Saint Heaven side quests.

▶ You will receive the main quest and side quests taking you to Hermalte Port at the same time.

▶ Main/side quests of several dungeons, including Forsaken Islet, now begin at the same time.

▶ Modified conditions for carrying out some quests connected to the storyline to prevent content spoilers.

▶ As a result, some Saint Haven and Anu Arendel side quest conditions have been modified.



◆ Lotus Marsh - Quest activation/play experience/spoiler improvements

▶ After you meet Karacule in Karacule's Hut, you can carry out Lotus Marsh side quests.

▶ Ancient Armory East, Dragon Followers’ Base main/side quests now begin at the same time.

▶ Mutant Habitat, Meteor Crash Site Core main/side quests now begin at the same time.

▶ Sanctuary of the Miraculous Altar, City of Tel Rosa main/side quests now begin at the same time.

▶ You can complete 3 of Tamara's cooking quests at the same time.













 2-3. Guide Quest Reorganization, Displayed Dungeon Name Changes 





◆ Reorganized guide quests

▶ We have closed guide quest content that repeats content offered in the Beginner’s Guide.

▶ Unnecessary nest guide quest were also closed.



◆ Changed Dungeon Names Displayed

▶ Modified some dungeon names displayed in quests to match what appears in the ‘History of Dragon Nest’ guide book.

▶ The quest title <Ancient Library West> that appeared erroneously was corrected to <West Ancient Armory>.











 2-4. Removed alpaca quest rewards from mission rewards 




◆ Removed alpaca quest rewards from mission rewards

▶ Alpaca material can no longer be acquired after clearing a Stage Mission.



▶ Each Alpaca quest material will give 80,000 Hero EXP with the August update and all remaining materials will be deleted after the September update.

※ The amount of Hero EXP offered may be subject to change.













 2-5. Beginner’s Guide Order Changes 



We made changes to guide categories and their order to make finding content easier and facilitate the guide process.













 2-6. Changes to Required EXP for Leveling Up 




▶ The amount of EXP needed to level up is now the same for all levels up to and including Level 95.

The amount of EXP offered for clearing a stage differs only by the difficulty level selected, regardless of the character’s level.













 2-7. Main Quest Reward Improvements 



[Developer's Comment]



Greetings, heroes :)

Having determined that it took too long to progress through Levels 1 to 94, we have made it so players can now reach Level 95 quickly

and improved main quest rewards to make the main storyline of Dragon Nest more enjoyable.



- The main quest is divided into [parts] and [chapters], as shown in the image below.

- The main quest is made up of chapters and when each chapter of the main quest is complete, players will receive a [chapter reward].

- Each chapter is in turn made up of parts and when each part is complete, players will receive a [part reward].






[Part Rewards]

For each [part reward], players will receive an adventurer’s necessity and character EXP along with 300 FTG.









[Chapter Reward]



- All [Chapter Reward] items are bound items.

- Costumes distributed as [Chapter Rewards] are permanently available.

- FTG 300 will be distributed for all [Chapter Rewards].

- All of the [Level Achievement Boxes] already distributed will be recalled because the components of the existing [Level Achievement Boxes] will be paid in the main quest reward.

- Skylla Equipment cost gold will be changed to 0, between +1~+9 from July target.




[Returning User]

- A [Multiple gift box for Returned Hero] will be rewarded to returning characters when they log in.












 2-8. Main Quest Reward Hero Title Stat Changes 



- Modified the stats granted by hero titles earned as main quest rewards.














 2-9. Beginner’s Guide Reward Additions 



- Added a reward for the [Input something in the chat window.] guide.











 2-10. Fierce Battle: Black Fortress – Closed 



■ [Battlefield] Fierce Battle – Black Fortress Closed

We have closed Fierce Battle – Black Fortress.



- Removed "Play Fierce Battle 1 time through [World Daily Task] battle matching"

- Removed "Win Fierce Battle 1 time through [World Weekly Task] battle matching"

- Removed "Win Fierce Battle 7 times through [World Weekly Task] battle matching"









 2-11. Cash Item Disassemble Available 

- From July target, Cash Item is available to disassemble.

- Acquired Crystal Point will be different, depending on each Item part and grade.





- Cash Item is available to disassemble at Disassembler in Saint Haven and Red Lotus Palace.









 2-12. Conversion Store Moved to NPC Merchant Pania 






- Conversion Store Moved from Storyteller Kathy to NPC Merchant Pania from July update.













 2-13. Other 



- We have modified the Fortune Coin - Ladder Points (100) item so that it can be used immediately upon use.


-  We also improved the disassembly process so that the resulting item will be sent to the inventory immediately upon using an [Item Disassembler] outside a village. (Cash Item Disassemblers can still only be used within a village.)



■ Removed the Unique Equipment Set tab from the Blacksmith Craft Item set equipment crafting feature.

■ Added the Named Equipment Set tab to the Blacksmith Craft Item set equipment crafting feature.

■ Changed the Craft End of Dreams Weapon tab to the Named Equipment Set tab.

■ Added End of Dreams Weapons and Starcatcher Weapons to the Item Guide.


■ Removed the Hector equipment of some classes that still remained in the Ladder Shop.


■ Removed MP Discount Coupons from internal mission rewards

- Removed MP Discount Coupons from [Uh oh... No mana! I need a potion!!] mission clear rewards.


■ Changed Revival Apple Juice, Revival Apples, Revival Apple Seeds, and the Revival Apple Juice Recipe into collectibles.


■ Removed Revival Apple Juice from cooking recipes.


■ The Farm Manager no longer sells Revival Apple Seeds.


■ Changed the special revival icon into the Hope Flower icon.


■ Lagendia Continent Exploration task has removed from the Weekly Event Task tap in the Event Task.


























[3] Event

 3-1. July Attendance Event 

• Players will get one 'Goddess Coin' as an attendance reward with each daily login from July maintenance until the next update.

• You can exchange 30 Goddess Coins for a ‘Deep Twilight Box (Class-exclusive Armor)’ through ‘Priestess of Darkness Canele’, located in ‘Sunset Watchtower’.























[4] Cash Shop

 4-1. Costume 2.0: Wedding 2.0 Costume 






- Wedding 2.0 Costume is available to obtain by synthesis.








▶ Status




[How to Synthesis?]

- Prepare 2 same costume parts. (Heroes can use costumes that already have, or purchase Costume Synthesis Package from Cash Shop.)

- Synthesis costume by Costume Synthesis Device.

- Costume Synthesis device can be purchased from Cash Shop.

- Wedding 2.0 Costume can be obtained with certain rate.


※ Saviour Costume Package will be maintained in July target.













 4-2. Red Lotus Palace Gacha Change 




▶ Tube Wings/Tail Decal






▶ Summery Accessories: Earrings / Ring / Necklace


- Fire Spirit Accessory will be removed from July target. 


■ Trade Warranty's rate has slightly increased from July target. 














 4-3. Crystal Point Shop Change 



▶ Space Pirate Costume Added

• Look









• Status



• Note

- Space Pirate Costume has added to Crystal Point Shop.

- Space Pirate Costume Part will not be available to purchase at Cash shop from July update.

- Space Pirate Costume package is available to purchase with 300,000 Crystal Point.






▶ Hats of Memory Box 3 Added

- Hats of Memory Box 3 has added to NPC General Storekeeper Cherry.

- Hats of Memory Box 3 can be purchased by 50,000 Crystal Points.










 4-4. Change 

■ Newbie’s Elite Dramy Package will be removed from July target.

■ Hero Level EXP Increase Potion will be removed from July target.