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EVENT [GM EVENT] Blooming Vandar and Happy Halloween ! 09. 29. 2020 Views 1140





 [EVENT 1 : Blooming Vandar]










LorenVandar, Ready To Go!


With [GM]Loren, who turned dualist, let's clear the daily mission!
Loren will bring the Co-op Mission to clear Daily Mission Nest =)










 [Event Date]






Total 3 days (PDT)




13th October

20th October

27th October 




*To prevent any server crowd issues, GM will appear randomly on the event date.








 [Event Mechanics]





 GM will play a nest which will be set as a daily mission on each event date 

with players 2 times each event date.



The time of the event is random and will be guided through the in-game notice or Red/Bluebird when GM appears.




*The total number of winner: 18






② GM has a [Co-op Nest Mission] of her character 

and will play and clear the mission with 3 users for each round who have been partied in the following method.

Surely, the co-op nest mission will be the same as the required daily mission nest. 

[GM]Loren and the event participants should only play LB 11F nests.





③  [GM]Loren creates a private party room and announce a quiz before proceeding the event play

through in-game notice about the password for 15 seconds.






Quiz example:

Q. When the movie <Titanic> released?

Password & Answer: 1997






④  Users should enter Loren's answering the quiz correctly as soon as possible.

This event and party room will be run on a first-come, first-served basis.





⑤ When 3 people enter the party, separate notice or a Red or Bluebird will be exposed to announce the closing.




⑥  Users who have cleared the mission with GM until the end to receive the following reward.











[Event Reward Info and Reward Date]




Crystal Point (50,000)

Gold Lotus Crown (150)





The reward will be delivered on 29th October 00:00 (PDT) by account basis.

All winners can claim the rewards until  5th October 23:59 (PDT).






※ After finish, each play, [GM] will suggest taking official screenshot time.

It can be used for future inquiries such as reward delivery issues so make sure to save a screenshot on your end.



























▶ The event date may change. 

▶ Matched users (event winners) will be announced later in this event notice.






▶ Duplicated winner selection won't be applied.

-Example: If A is selected on the 13th of October, A won't be selected even if match and clear for the next time.

-Example: Even if there are duplicated cases, there will be no additional play match to recruit new winners.

 GM will play only 6 scheduled times.



▶ If the user interferes with DC/departure/play progress during play, the user will not be recognized as 'participation'.

All players must 'Clear' until the end 
to be recognized as one participation.



※GM and the party members will be waiting for the disconnected party member for a certain period of time.

For more than 10 minutes, the participant will be automatically failed for the event.








In the case of GM disconnection and meeting connection issues during the play,

all users who participate during the playtime are recognized as 'clear participation'. 

Regardless of this rule, to prevent such mishaps, GM will be prepared to play in the most stable environment surely.







▶ If there is any difficulty in progress due to server issues or other issues, we will notify you through a separate notice.






All participants must hold enough FTG to join the event. 

If not, GM will leave the party room and create a new room and do not accept other participants too as clear participants. 






▶ GM won't be accepted any inquiries during the event time.

Anyone who keeps asking and trying inquiries, GM can leave the match and party and the matched players lost their participation qualification automatically.



Please cooperate so that GM finishes the event smoothly until the end.






▶ Using offensive language vulgarity can be sanctioned with the following operation policy.






▶ GM's decision is final.














 [EVENT 2 : Have A Golden Halloween!]







To celebrate Halloween,

[GM]Loren gives out Halloween Candy Basket, Trinket, and Big Head Potion for all!


Log in during the event time and have a Golden Halloween with small gifts!











2020.10.20 00:00 ~ 10.30 23:59 (PDT)


Loren presents to all accounts within the above period!

(Level limit: Lv.30 ~ 95)















① Halloween Candy Basket 













② Trinket  














③ Big Head Potion (14 days)














[WAIT!!!!! Another Special Event!] ▼





From the 20th of October to 25th October! (00:00 ~ 23:59 PM, PDT)



Please send your awesome screenshot 

with the above prize at Saint Haven, decorated with Halloween concepts!

(Take a screenshot with your friends o~o!!!)


Through a review, we will upload a congratulatory photo post with the submitted screenshot at dev's blog!

And 5 Special Lagendia Box will be given to the selected players! (Up to 5)



GM makes you keep Halloween, which is only once a year forever! =)



▶Dev's Blog Link:

▶E-mail address:




★ Make sure to write  [DN_NA] Have A Golden Halloween!  in the email title! ★

★ Make sure to write  Your IGN in the email body! ★















- The event result will be released on October 29th,

and the rewards will be delivered on October 31st at 00:00 AM (PDT).





-Only NA players are allowed to join this event.




-There is no level/class limit for participating in this event.




-GM's decision is final.