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EVENT [GM EVENT] Enjoy ValenDN Day ♥ 01. 26. 2021 Views 1290






[GM EVENT 1 : Where is Your Valentine?]















Do you remember the event of writing a letter

to someone who wants to give a sweet gift like Valentine's Chocolate in February 2020?


In February 2021, we are back with a sweeter reward!







Please nominate a player you would like to share the event reward!

After reading the letter, [GM]Loren will select the participants and the players who have been named 

and present the Valentine Rewards together.   (•◡•) /













[How To?]







① This event will be held through Twitter from the 1st event date.





②  Please include your IGN and the other party's IGN in a Twitter post comment!

And please describe the reason you want to give it as follows.










IGN: [GM]Loren

I want to give [PM]NANA this Valentine's Day gift.

Because she's a grateful friend who always carries Nest.




▶ If the above [GM]Loren's participation is won, both [PM]NANA and [GM]Loren will receive a reward.










Done! Very simple, right? :)


















Total 7 days


2021.02.01 ~ 02.08 23:59 (PST) 













[Event Reward]




① Captivated Rose Trinket (1) 
② FTG Recovery Potion 6000 (2)
③ Love of Friend Pouch (1)







※  As soon as the review is completed, the list of winners will be disclosed.



※ The event reward will be delivered on 14th February 00:00 (PST)

and can be collectible before 21st February 23:59 (PST) with above 45 level character.















- The event reward will be delivered on account basis.

- GM's decision is final.















[GM EVENT 2 : It was good Gears....]






Recently, I received a lot of reports that Berlin's tyranny is getting worse!






(Like this....▼)











(^......^.... haha.... I really want to teach him.....)






As a countermeasure against this bad Berlin,

[GM] Loren is going to draw for [Item Recovery Tickets] promised in the 2020 Santa Event!














[Event Period]





Total 7 days


2021.02.15 00:00 ~ 02.22 23:59 PM (PST)












[How To?]






① [GM]Loren will select randomly 15 players

who failed or destroyed more than 5 attempts

to enhance gears or weapons, and accessories within the above period.






②  In other words, players who fail or destroy gear, weapons, and accessories more than 5 times

during the above event, the period will automatically participate in this event.






③ Event is on an account basis.









[Event Reward]






Item Recovery Ticket (1) (365 days durational, nontradable & can't be destroyed)

Item Protection Magic Jelly (2000)

Lebrium Point (25000)
















※ Winners will be revealed as soon as the selection is completed,

and rewards will be sent during scheduled maintenance on February 24th.


Rewards can be collectible with level 95 character until 23:59 on March 3. 2021 (PST)

















[How To Use Item Recovery Ticket?]








You can submit a recovery ticket for only gears, weapons, and accessories that have been destroyed

after the above recovery ticket has been distributed.

(After scheduled maintenance on February 25)













② After the item is destroyed, you must submit a recovery request within 60 days to check the exact destruction log.

                 If you receive an inquiry after 60 days, it is difficult to assist with the recovery process.


Once again, Only gears, accessories, and weapons can be restored.










③ You can submit the application by [1:1 inquiry], and once confirmed,

we will restore it through special storage as soon as possible.

After the 1-time recovery is complete, the ticket will disappear.









Please fill out the information in the form below and submit it!










1. IGN (Characters currently holding item recovery ticket)


2. Destroyed item name and enhancement level and stat


3. Destroyed date and time











Engraving stats, certain consumables, personalized tags, etc. cannot be recovered for any reason.

Please be informed of this caution when using request tickets.





⑤ Inquiries on whether recovery is possible using the ticket will be received at all times. (Log check progress)

If recovery is possible, you can finally give us a reply stating that you wish to recover.







⑥ Tickets not used within one year will be automatically deleted. In this case, we will not repay you again.














- GM's decision is final.