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[The Story of DN Studio] - #6. The Leader of Graphic Team 06. 29. 2020 Views 249






#6. The Leader of Graphic Team















Q. Please introduce yourself firstly with your favorite class from Dragon Nest.








Hello, I'm Kim Dong Won, the team leader of the Dragon Nest graphic team. ^^

All of my favorite classes are so affectionate that it's hard to choose just one,

but I like Warrior and the Vandar which has been newly released in KR server the most.

But the main class I raise is Kali, Oracle Elder.















Q. What do you do on the team and how do you work?







I'm in charge of the overall art management of Dragon Nest.


Based on original painting management which is the first start of art,

I am working 3D production and management for Dragon Nest style,

and animation management to expose the modeling to heroes more appealingly.


Recently, our team is focusing on a graphic upgrade perform,

and trying hard with our best effort to display the cooler graphics to the heroes.















Q. Is there any reason for working at Dragon Nest Studio?









2020, this year is the 10th year since Dragon Nest started service.

Also, this year marks the 10th year since I joined Eyedentity Games.

Since Dragon Nest opened in Korea for the first time, I joined Eyedentity Games.






When the prototype of Dragon Nest was first released around 2008,

I was immersed in the unique action and fairytale-style graphics.

So I tried hard to join here, and as a result of my efforts, I could join Eyedentity Games.






When receiving acceptance notice, I was so thrilled that I stayed a night's sleep.

Still, the moment comes to remind like yesterday.

After joining the studio, it was so much better than I had dreamed of so that I am still developing so far.













Q What would it be like if you had a hard or enjoyable time with your work?







I try to express Dragon Nest's individuality best, but the process is always very difficult and difficult.

Also, the hardest moment was when the results of such hard work were unintentionally criticized by heroes.



However, I think every single harsh criticism comes from the affection of them,

so I'm trying to improve it and get praised next time.



The improvements are most enjoyable when they are praised by our heroes.














Q Do you have any special episodes from your work?’







As we work on graphics, I can see that each worker has his or her own personality.

Especially when describing face or body shape, are often similar to the workers’ real appearance.

Every time I see it, I feel it's fun.




You can see the graphics developers in NPC and monsters you have while playing games.
Of course, we're not beautiful men and women like the heroes in the game,

so we might have a lot of that image on the monster side. ^^;















Q Do you have anything to say to NA players?






Thank you so much for loving Dragon Nest on the other side of the world.




Even though we are far away,

it feels like our team's love and your love for Dragon Nest is connected as if it were right next to us.





Our team keeps working hard for Dragon Nest even today,

and I sincerely hope our effort will be delivered well to the heroes in NA.





Personally, I've never been to the NA region before, but I really want to go someday. ^^

Thank you for loving Dragon Nest!!