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[The Story of DN Studio] - #7. System Planner 06. 30. 2020 Views 224






#7. System Planner

















Q. Please introduce yourself firstly with your favorite class from Dragon Nest.








Hello, I'm Jin. ‘’)/-
My favorite class is Lancea with innocent and naïve charm!

That's why I'm raising Sting Breezer, Avalanche, and Vena Plaga.

Recently, I've been thinking about raising Flurry too. Ah, I mainly play Avalanche.

The reason is that it has a refreshing effect and fun to gather and poke at once. :D















Q. What do you do on the team and how do you work?






I'm doing system planning. Um, it's very difficult to explain what I do easily.

Assuming that something is applied, we plan, discuss, and work on how to make it work, or structurally.

So I and our team usually talk to programmers a lot.

















Q. Is there any reason for working at Dragon Nest Studio?






While I was playing with Dragon Nest and fell into its own action charm,

I found a recruitment post and applied for it!















Q What would it be like if you had a hard or enjoyable time with your work?







The hardest part is that it takes quite a while to develop and apply it in the game,

but it doesn't meet the intent and it doesn't meet my standards.

(I mean, I don’t like it as plan end.)

Whenever this happens, I feel like I always kick my blanket before I go to sleep.




The fun thing is, I'm so happy if our hero mentions something with positive feedback

after the improvements, I've made or plans to address the player's discomfort.



For example, there was an improvement in FTG.

(Oh, I think some of you may be upset because of your lack of fatigue….

I thought about the direction of the FTG accumulation system and developed it.)



Everybody likes compliments!

Sometimes I feel good when heroes say that the mission and title names are funny~~.













Q Do you have any special episodes from your work?’








I remember having an urgent patch about 2 years ago.

It was done because of my mistake regarding ‘mission’,

so my heart still flutters when I think of that moment. Y_Y,


but after a while, I can't remember exactly what happened. 6_6….
Fortunately, since then, I haven't had any urgent patches or maintenance on my work to this day.



Taking this opportunity, I’d like to thank QA.

Thank you always for finding my mistakes meticulously for the player’s smooth play.
From now on, I will work harder with my best effort…!













Q Do you have anything to say to NA players?









I'm so happy to have this opportunity to talk to you!




I was envious that I didn't have many opportunities to talk to heroes in front of than other teams

because I am working on the system end. (B..but I am so embarrassed to reveal my face.)




It would be nice to see you on various Q&A section or other channels if I have a chance in the future. ~‘’)~





What I want to say the most is thank you for playing Dragon Nest affectionately.

We will try our best to improve and resolve your discomfort in the system.





See you again with another chance like this! ‘ 3’