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 Good day, NA family! It's [GM]Loren, the chocolate fanatic ٩(˘◡˘)۶ Choco Choco~ The Love~

 We are heading for November Update Patch and preparing the new Skill Update as well! 


 You know already the next main? Then, no need to hesitate! 

 Let's go into it!






*The Target Date of Update Patch: 9th November (PST)

※ The contents of the preview post are currently under development and may be changed or modified on any occasion.

※ Please be aware of the possibility of change and refer to your subscription. 










Greetings, heroes.
We have added the Archer's 3rd set of Awakened Skills!

The Archer's new Awakened skills were designed to further strengthen the core mechanism of the class.
Though there are no major changes to the current damage dealing method, we have worked to ensure that additional damage can be dealt quickly and effectively during play using these new Awakened skills.
We have also tweaked the balance of some classes at the same time.

Please check the upcoming patch notes for details.
Thank you.













The Sniper is a class that uses Siege Stance, meaning it has low mobility but makes up for it by dealing heavy damage.
Use of Hidden Trick allows you to effectively escape dangerous situations while also acquiring Wind Arrows.
You will also gain a temporary buff upon use of Wind Shaft that allows the ability to deal even heavier damage.












Artillery is a class specialized in using Magic Arrows and Cores to deal damage across a wide area.
You can float in the air upon using ‘Quick Fire’ and follow up with [Awakened] Triangle Shot to quickly generate Cores.
Use of ‘[Awakened] Revolution Ballista’ allows you to quickly defeat enemies dispersed across a wide area. In addition, we changed the specifications of some skills when they are used while airborne.












Tempest is a class with an attractive fighting style that uses the ‘Evade skill’ and ‘Currents’.
Additional Currents can be acquired with the use of ‘Axe Blade’ or ‘[Awakened Passive] Astral Rage’, and this increased supply of Currents enables more active combat.
We also worked to make gameplay more intuitive.







[Wind Walker]



Wind Walker is a class that moves back and forth between the air and ground and attractively links skills.
Use of the Awakened skill ‘Spirit Phantasm’ allows you to float once more and acquire ‘Currents’.
Use of ‘[Awakened Passive] Wind Up’ enables you to attack more powerfully while the ‘Show Time’ buff effect remains active.
We worked to modify the attack power and intuitiveness of some skills.







[Silver Hunter]







Silver Hunter is a class that can use skills in midair after transforming and is specialized in midair actions.
Use of ‘Offensive Descent’ when there is a chance of being hit while in midair grants an invincibility buff and allows you to descend quickly and attack.
Learning ‘[Awakened Passive] Persistent Hunting’ extends the ability to maintain transformation status, and Light ATK gradually increases during transformation. We also worked to modify the ATK of some skills and make improvements to SP consumption specifications.





[Kilos Equipment]






Greetings, Dragon Nest-adoring warriors! It's me, Developer Y!
With this November update, we have carried out the stage modifications you have all been waiting for.

Noteworthy changes as a result of these stage modifications are detailed below.



1. Lipius LUCKY ZONES Now Open


While the missions our warriors have carried out with us for so long have temporarily been removed to receive a makeover,
we bring you the new Lipius LUCKY ZONES instead!
There are certain items that are only dropped in Lipius LUCKY ZONES, so we hope you make good use of them.


2. Kilos Equipment Launched 


We have now launched the Kilos equipment.
Kilos equipment is a growth item that anyone can enhance to the highest grade through consistent gameplay.
It is also a type of equipment that will allow its wearers to boast more power than anyone else in dungeons that don't require Adaptability.

Materials needed for Kilos equipment growth can be acquired within stages,
and at tier 1, which is the tier provided this time, Kilos equipment can be grown through crafting and enhancement.
Furthermore, Kilos equipment (tier 1) is guaranteed to be enhanced without any risk of failure.

We hope you will feel a new sense of enjoyment when farming while using this powerful Kilos equipment.


3. Fatigue Restructuring


We restructured the fatigue system to match improvements made to stages.
The goal of this fatigue restructuring was to make farming for the new equipment of various characters as enjoyable and carefree as possible,
without any burdensome elements.
The system has been reorganized so that players can escape the existing heavy fatigue system and enjoy lighthearted day-to-day play.
We hope that through this restructuring, players can enjoy the game a little more freely.


4. Temporary Removal of Missions


Along with the latest stage of restructuring, we have begun remodeling the Mission Bulletin Board that warriors have long used to carry out missions together.
While this remodeling is being carried out, in-game missions will no longer be playable.
We will make sure to finish this project soon so we can return with even better missions.

※Please be aware that the missions you currently have will also disappear.


We will continue to strive to provide warriors with an even more enjoyable gameplay experience.
Thank you always.





◆ Kilos Equipment

- Kilos equipment comes in 5 types: Helmets, Upper Body, Lower Body, Gloves, and Shoes.
- Kilos equipment can be acquired using the blacksmith's Craft Item function.
- Acquired Kilos armor can be grown through equipment enhancement.
- Kilos Armor (Tier 1) can be enhanced with a 100% success rate.




◆ Kilos Equipment Acquisition

- Kilos equipment can be acquired through crafting with a blacksmith.
- Materials needed for crafting can be acquired from stages.

※When you craft Kilos equipment by using the NPC craft function, it will come with an open slot of Frozen Heart Dragon Jade.





◆ Kilos equipment enhancement leads to the following stat increases per type.











[Lipius Luck]


Special stages containing the luck of Lipius appear through Lagendia and Mistland.





- Stages filled with Lipius's luck become Lipius LUCKY ZONES. (These only activate for characters at Lv.95.)



Upon clearing a Lipius LUCKY ZONE, a [Lipius' Lucky Box] will appear.
[Lipius' Lucky Boxes] contain special rewards including crafting and growth material for Kilos equipment.




Each week 3 stages are selected to host a Lipius LUCKY ZONE. 
You can check which stages contain a Lipius LUCKY ZONE using the icon in the upper-right of the screen.




• Normal stage rewards and even better rewards
are also dropped as bonuses inside Lipius LUCKY ZONES.
• Lipius LUCKY ZONE rewards are dropped as chests upon clearing a Lipius LUCKY ZONE stage.
• The rate and number of rewards dropped to increase the higher the Labyrinth floor.
(Some rewards are dropped based on a drop rate)
• Lipius LUCKY ZONES also drop gold, and Kilos Fragments are dropped from 1F. 






■ In Lipius LUCKY ZONES, Kilos materials are also dropped in addition to the current stage rewards.






■ The existing stage clear rewards are also dropped.


-The details of Kilos Equipment (+20) Boxes will be revealed with the official November 2022 Update Patch.
-Kilos Equipment (+20) Selection Boxes are
tradable. Once opened, Kilos equipment cannot be traded.



■ Normal Stage Revisions & Invader+Resting Place Changes are also reserved.





■ Fatigue Restructuring


◆ Changed the amount of fatigue restored per day
- The amount of FTG recovered in a day has been changed from 3600 to 6000.


◆ Modified the maximum fatigue level per character
- The maximum amount of FTG has been changed from 10800 to 6000.


◆ Modified FTG amount used for stages
- The amount of FTG needed to enter stages has been changed from 600 to 1500.
- Accordingly, the amount of FTG gained as a reward for Main Quests has been changed to 1500.


◆ Changed recovery amount from Hot Springs
- The amount of FTG recovered per stage has been changed from 100/300/600 to 200/500/800.


◆ New FTG Recovery Potion Release

- New FTG Recovery Potion will be released with November 2022 Update Patch.
Regardless of this new release, the existing FTG recovery potion can be used as ever.






[Beginner Guide Change]


◆ The following changes have been applied to the Beginner's Guide with the deletion of the Mission Bulletin Board.




List Name


Mission Content


Dragon Nest Newbie


Mission within a [Dragon Nest Newbie] Mission Box
Clear 1 mission.
(Then try clearing the following Mission Box acquired.)

Dragon Nest Newbie

Level 95 Achieved

[Dragon Nest Newbie] Challenge! LV.95
Upon reaching the level, [Dragon Nest] play and [Hero Level] system usage will be opened.
[World Missions] and the [Mission Bulletin Board] will also be available for use.
Dragon Nest Veteran Hero Level [Dragon Nest Veteran] Blegh!
This jelly tastes weird!
Go to the advanced class NPC in [Saint Haven] and exchange [Bubble Coral] for [Coral Jelly].
Use [Coral Jelly] to increase your [Hero Level]. Try raising your Hero Level to 1600 or higher.
There is a certain chance [Bubble Coral] can be acquired after clearing a Stage or Nest with the applicable mission upon reaching LV.95.
[Bubble Coral] can also be purchased at the [Mission Bulletin Board Shop].


Dragon Nest Newbie


[Dragon Nest Newbie] Lucky Hunting Ground

Clear a Lipius LUCKY ZONE stage 1 time.

(Also clear the Mission Box acquired afterward.)

Dragon Nest Newbie

Level 95 Achieved

[DragonNest Newbie] Challenge! LV.95


Upon reaching the level, [Dragon Nest] play and [Hero Level] system usage will be opened. [World Missions] will also be available for use.

Dragon Nest Veteran

Hero Level

[DragonNest Veteran] Blegh!
This jelly tastes weird!

Go to the advanced class NPC in [Saint Haven] and exchange [Bubble Coral] for [Coral Jelly].

Use [Coral Jelly] to increase your [Hero Level]. Try raising your Hero Level to 1600 or higher.
[Bubble Coral] can be acquired after clearing a Lipius LUCKY ZONE stage upon reaching Lv.95.







 [Doomsday Capital Orc Haven] 


◆ What is [Doomsday Capital Orc Haven]?
This is an event stage that can only be entered with the entry ticket item ‘Time Travel Clock.’


<Stage Objective>
Defeat monsters to fill the gauge and collect the rewards produced.


<Stage Rules>
There are 3 waves in total, and each wave has a monster battle stage and a collection stage.
Eliminate all monsters within the time limit to fill the gauge. 
During the collection stage, collection sites are created based on the amount the gauge is filled and collection must be carried out while avoiding attacks from invincible monsters.
As the waves progress, the time limit shortens and monsters use stronger defense patterns.







◆ Entry Information







◆ [Reward Info]

- Orc Haven is made up of 3 rounds.
- You can acquire rewards by collecting them in each round.










  [2.0 Mushroom Costume]
















[New W/T/D  : Fragrant Wisteria]

















Thanksgiving day event will be coming in accordance with November 2022 Update Patch. Be ready for the merciful chef!

② As of November 2022 Update patch, Jade in the [Top-Exclusive] Support Packages for all Awakening classes will be changed from Vibrant to Lunar Eclipse Jade.

③ Halloween decorations in each town will be removed with November 2022 Update Patch.

New type of event will be coming in November. Look forward to it a lot!



Thank you for your subscription