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COLUMN [GM EVENT] My Dragon Nest Is... - While 02. 09. 2021 Views 126















Q1. Please introduce yourself.










I am While a returned hero that stopped playing 4 years ago and have near to 2 months playing again, very hardcore.
























Q2. Please explain what made you play Dragon Nest!






This game was really important and remarkable for my childhood, I discover the game with my high school friends when I was 13.


I returned to play Dragon Nest because I stopped playing before without reaching a lot of personal goals in the game that I am trying to reach now. 





















Q3. Do you have the most memorable moments while playing Dragon Nest?









One of the most memorable moment I can remember was when my friends and I after playing and trying a lot


we did clear Red Dragon HC with a party with 8 friends of real life of the same high school class :)