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COLUMN [GM EVENT] My Dragon Nest Is... - LinDong 02. 09. 2021 Views 1704















Q1. Please introduce yourself.










loyal, friendly and active player who likes to complete contents with friends.


I don't talk that much but when i open up, it means i gave my trust to you.
























Q2. Please explain what made you play Dragon Nest!






I'm a dragon nest player from DNsea since 24 cap.

Migrated to United states 5 years ago.


One of my coworker ask me to play dragon nest and got me hooked up again.


He stop playing but i met new friend in game.


The thing that made me play dragon was to relieve my stress from the real world.


To people like me who loves to stay at home, dragon nest become our best friend.


During this pandemic, i feel that staying at home and playing dragon nest is better than going out and making the pandemic worst.


Completing contents with friends and meeting new friends along the way was also a good thing in this game.


God Game Dragon Nest!





















Q3. Do you have the most memorable moments while playing Dragon Nest?









My most memorable moment was just recently when we completed gust dragon.


We practice this nest for a long time and finally our hardwork got compensated.


Im not really a raid type of person before but in the past 6 months,

our circle of friends grew bigger and achieving this together was really memorable to me.