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NEWS Preview of March 2021 Update Contents 02. 17. 2021 Views 6717




Hello heroes! This is [GM]Loren :)




I love games and have been a passionate gamer for a long time, but I haven't changed my gaming gear very often.

If I start a certain game, it will last a long time. I think that's why owo.



But, I recently bought and used wireless gaming earphones.

I am enjoying myself, regretting why I didn't buy it earlier!! 














(I can't go to the nail shop because I work from home these days, so my nails are so natural. :D.....arrr)







I strongly recommend this one to heroes who don't like headsets or earphones with wires like me.



It is not sponsored! Absolutely recommend this by myself











The recommendation time is over, so let’s start the March preview in earnest!


















[CH.18 Will-o'-the-Wisp in a Nest UPDATE]





The chapter will be updated with the March update. You can start with NPC Jamihwa. =)

In addition, Mistland Chapter 4 will also be updated.

Please look forward to more exciting adventure stories!





























You can start Mistland CH.4 with NPC Healer Kanna :)











[Plentiful Gold Trove Nest Update]









Synopsis ▼








A new nest full of really powerful enemies is updated.

I look forward to the outstanding performance of powerful heroes.










■ [Entry Info.]


























■ Plentiful Gold Trove Nest Rewards




- Defeat the bosses for each stage in Plentiful Gold Trove Nest to obtain the stage rewards within.
- Defeat Black Specter Jackal at the last stage of Plentiful Gold Trove Nest to obtain the final reward.

















For more details, please check the upcoming patch note!














[Heavenly Minos Armor Update]










-New armor [Heavenly Minos Armor] and [Amplified Heavenly Minos Armor] added. (Helmet/Gloves/Shoes/Earrings)


-These can be crafted by evolving [Minos Armor] using [Heavenly Minos Souls].

-Additional stats will be added when [Heavenly Minos Armor] is crafted.


-The additional stats of [Heavenly Minos Armor] can be changed using [Unstable Heavenly Aura].


-[Skill Effects] are added to Heavenly Minos Armor. (Applies to PvE)

-All skills possess the [Additional Damage] effect.


-Contained in helmets/gloves/shoes and can be stacked.













◆ Armor Info


















◆ Armor Set Effects

















We will guide you through the official patch notes about the remaining contents and upgrade methods.

Please wait a little longer!



















[Vibrant Talisman Update]











Talisman Info







A total of 9 different types of Patch Talismans have been added.


-The Unidentified Vibrant Talisman [can be crafted] by combining Deep Abyss Nightmare and Fission Maze rewards.
[Use this as an item]
to acquire a Vibrant Talisman (Magic Grade).

















Main Item Information















Disassembly Info





-[Vibrant Talisman Powder] can be acquired upon disassembly of a Vibrant Talisman.











With the above Talisman update, the rewards for Fission Maze and Deep Abyss Nightmare will also be changed.

Check out the patch notes to be uploaded soon for more details.















[Everyone's Banquet Return]




Everyone's banquet you've been waiting for is back.

"Please spoil their feast!"











[Entry Information]







• Entry level: Lv.93+

• Entry capacity: 1-2 people

• Weekly clear limit: 7

• No revives





※ An Everyone’s Banquet Entry Ticket is required.


























Reward Info
























[Costume - Vernicka Costume Is Back!]








The Vernicka costume is scheduled to return with the March update.
You can see that Vandar also transformed into Vernicka.

If you're part of the Edible Mouse fan club, don't miss this time opportunity~!








































Even more beautiful W/T/D will be updated if you wear it with a Vernica costume and set!

























-DNP initialization is in progress at the March update. 

-The Chocolate Crazy Duck event has come to the end with the March update.

-Boardgame season 7 is scheduled to end with the March update.






-There is a Light Fury aerial action issue, so it will be fixed with the March update patch.


- Throughout March update, Vandar class will be able to proceed to CH.3 of the main quest firstly

while the hero skill acquisition quest in progress.





-Valentine oath scroll promotion has come to the end with the March update.

-Pet Name Change Card will be launched in the cash shop with the March update (2900 EYET).







 -For balance adjustment, with the March update, the number of crystal points that can be obtained

when disassembling rare and epic grade spirits will be reduced as follows.







[ Details (Before and After) ]



Rare - 18000 > 3500
Epic- 27000 > 5500