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NEWS Preview of April 2021 Update Contents 03. 21. 2021 Views 4623




Good day, this is [GM]Loren =) 


It was my birthday a while ago.
While playing at home, I ate cake and blown candles to make wishes.











(※The cake consisted of fresh cream and chocolate balls!)








A lot of people congratulate me, so I had a warm day! 

Important notes are included in today's preview! Please read through to the end carefully.






















Patrona will be remade through the April update.
Shall we check the details of the new Machina with some of the patch notes first?











































The skill jade will also change, right? Check the details as well!









































■ [UPDATE] April Skill Balance ■















































































Journey to defeat Lamia! Please have fun :)


















■ [NEW] Royal Series Update ■










There are plans to bring the Royal Series with the April update =)

Please be aware that there is a possibility of change as it is not fully fixed at this time! (22nd March)

































































































More, we will bring new accessories goes well with spring season as well and those will be epic grade. 
























With the April update, 64-bit clients will be patched as NA server targets.

Since we are currently testing hard, there may be changes until the official patch note is released.


We will do our best to bring it to the end, so please support us! _
























■ [EVENT] - Special April Survey Event ■










We would like to hear feedback and opinions regarding the upcoming 64bit patch after finish the April update via survey.

The survey will be open right the patch the next day.



Your precious voice will be applied to our 64bit client advancement.

Give us your thoughts and grab the chance to get rewards :)

























■ [UPDATE] VIP Shop Changes ■














With the April update patch, VIP shop components will be changed or added likely below.

We hope this change would be helpful for many heroes!












































(News) ■ There will be added Auto-Open item to Special Lagendia Box (10) package after finish April Update.

(News) ■ In April, few event rewards will be added by clearing Storm of Time and Space (Weekly Mission).





(Reminder) ■ Plentiful Nest 1st Nest Clear Event continues until the 1st clear party comes up.

(Reminder) ■Everyone's banquet has come to the end with the April update patch.













[Important News]











We are sorry to announce the end of the preview series written by [GM]Loren with this April preview.
Our team will come to you with a more interesting post series in the future.



Thank you so much for enjoying the preview series with joy.