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NEWS Preview of August 2021 Update Contents 07. 20. 2021 Views 2674





Hello everyone! [GM] This is Loren.

Here, Korea is recently going through a situation where the corona outbreak is getting worse again. We are feeling the return of large-scale infection flow again.

Dragon Nest Studio staff are currently supporting the Dragon Nest service at home as much as possible for safety and health.

All of our team is making a wish every day with the hope that the corona virus will end as soon as possible and hope all of our heroes are healthy and safe.







* Message From [GM]Loren 









To be honest, I actually go out a lot these days. (I love the house very much and I don't want to leave, but I have to. Q~Q)
Since last year, the neck bones and spine, which have been bad since last year, have gotten worse and are twisting to the position of the chin.
This is my first time doing Pilates, and it was so hard, I was so tired that I fell into a deep sleep on the first day. XD



My therapist advised me to change my dishes to focus on foods that improve muscle strength, so I've been eating mostly protein lately.
If you see me in the game, please advise me often on what foods to eat before and after exercise and which ones are good for strengthening muscles! uwu*
I will definitely get my health back~




▶NA Official Twitter:







The Target Date of July Update Patch:  4th August 2021 (PDT)




※ The contents of the preview post are currently under development and may be changed or modified at any occasion.

※ Please be aware of the possibility of change and refer to your subscription. 











1. Update - [Awakening : EXTEND]









Two new awakening skills will be added with the August update.

The official video will be uploaded on YouTube in the last week of July, so please wait :)



More details will be shown in the upcoming patch notes, but let me share only some skill information first as shown below.

































2. Update - [Stage Labyrinth Floor Opened]








Stage Labyrinth 18F will be opened with the August Update Patch.

※ With the opening of the new Stage Labyrinth floor, as the Stage Labyrinth floor number increases, so to does the acquisition rate of advanced materials.

























3. Update - [Heraldry Evolution, Vibrant Enhancement Heraldry Epic Added]











◆ Epic Vibrant Enhancement Heraldry will be added



















◆ Main Item Information


















◆ Vibrant Enhancement Heraldry Evolution will be added

- Current Rare Vibrant Enhancement Heraldry can be evolved to Epic Vibrant Enhancement Heraldry.











◆ Epic Vibrant Enhancement Heraldry Evolution Information

















Please check the upcoming patch notes for more details :)











4. Update - [August Skill Balance]









Part of the patch notes will be released first with a letter from developer Y =)

Please check the upcoming patch notes for more details.





































5. Other/Changes









◆ Closed Ice Valley

- The Closed Ice Valley mission has been removed, so the invader does not appear.




◆ Vibrant and Enhanced Battle Jade Item [Obtained Location] Changes

- The obtained location information in the tooltips for Rare, Epic, and Unique grade Vibrant Dragon Jade items has been changed.

- The obtained location information in the tooltips for Epic, Unique, and Legend grade Battle and Flawless Battle Jade items has been changed.




◆ Item Guide [Main Obtained Location], [Item Details] Changes

- [Main Obtained Location] and [Item Details] information in the Item Guide has been revised to reflect item [Obtained Location] changes.




◆ Heraldry and Plates with removed obtained locations turned into collectables

- Pre-remake Archer and Machina Heraldry and Plates have been turned into collectables.




◆ Revision of Heraldry and Plate sale and crafting prices

- We homogenized Archer and Machina Heraldry and Plates that had different crafting and sale prices.





◆ Foggy Ruins wanted poster mission titles and content changes

- Among the Foggy Ruins missions was a mission called [Order: Flower of Purity] that was akin to other Wanted missions, but had a different title format,

so it was determined that this could cause confusion for players. We therefore changed the name of the mission and content to be consistent with other Wanted missions.




















6. Pearl Abyss Costume Update



Out of all the swimsuit lineup I've seen, this is the most highly recommended costume. Q_Q!!!!
A pretty swimsuit highly recommended by PMs and GMs! Please pay attention!














































7. Minion 4.0 -  Unazkin Update










Two accessories will be updated as well along with the cute Unazukin!

This minion is not a growth type, but will be released with critical spec.





























① Lucky Blossom shop will be closed with the August Update Patch. 

Sunset Training Ground Contest may be held between August or September.

Gust Dragon Round Clear Event will be opened.

Everyone's Banquet will be closed with the August Update Patch.

Special Traning Mission Box event will be closed with the August Update Patch. (Link:

⑥ Push! Crystal Statue for Plush Reward! event will be closed with the August Update Patch. (Link:

⑦ Operation and Abuse Policy will be changed with the August Update Patch (Link:










We are discussing the schedule so that the enhancement buffs that have been requested a lot to GM can be applied in August or early September.

Thank you for your subscription.