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COLUMN Hello, [GM]Gosuk! Who are you? 08. 24. 2021 Views 528








Q. Hello. [GM]Gosuk. Thank you for your interview. It's been a long time since I've seen you because I've been away from the office for a long time.

I wanted to have a talking interview at the office, but I can't help it because of the telecommuting shift. Please introduce yourself to the players first.






Hello. My name is [GM] Gosuk.

Age unassigned, height undefined, weight light, race unidentified, gender unknown.

I usually play with logs for both investigating incidents against our policy and event.












Q. When did you start working in the Dragon Nest studio and service team?



[GM]Loren gave me a recommendation, I started to work as GM since April 2021.











Q. What makes you join the Dragon Nest team?




I had a good memory when the Dragon Nest had an open beta test, about a decade ago. This brought me to the Dragon Nest team when the opportunity came.









Q. When was the most rewarding and most difficult time you've ever worked?






It’s rather a regret than hard time, but I wish if I could be more calm when I did the Mining with GM event.

It’s my first time to run a dungeon as GM with other people, so I was very nervous.

But it was very satisfying to see people who smiled at the end of the Mining run.











Q. Do you have any related episodes while playing Dragon Nest?





About 10 years ago, I saw a commercial about open beta test of Dragon Nest on the internet.

I played as Sorceress. Teleporting everywhere like a beagle was as fun as raiding a giant boss monster in the forest with a lot of other players.

It’s just another common fun experience as gamer who plays a lot games, but this memory was good enough to lure my interest on the job board.











Q. Please tell us what kind of [GM] you want to be in the future.



I would like to be your friendly neighborhood GM!