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NEWS Preview of October 2021 Update Contents 09. 26. 2021 Views 3847








Realized that there are less than 100 days left in 2021.
I remember taking a pretty autumn landscape near the studio building around November last year, but I can't believe it's already been a year.




What are your goals for the rest of 2021?
Fortunately, in a recent diagnosis, I heard that rehabilitation treatment helped improve my spine a lot.
Hearing the good news motivated me to work out hard for the rest of the year. (•◡•) /



Heroes, stretch from time to time while playing Dragon Nest to make your bodies flexible.
And make sure to take water and vitamins and always be healthy!





Then the October preview will begin.











The Target Date of Update Patch:  13th October 2021 (PDT)





※ The contents of the preview post are currently under development and may be changed or modified at any occasion.

※ Please be aware of the possibility of change and refer to your subscription. 













1. Update - [Wonderful Wanderers]





You won't see something like this everyday! It's the Fantastic Wonderful Theme Park Show!

Want a ticket? Just come on dow-...

Hey, where are you going? Come back!






The Wonderful Theme Park has opened, but nobody is coming to the show.
Magician Sanders felt bad about this and created the Wonderful Wanderers to distribute tickets in each region and promote the Wonderful Theme Park.








■ Who are the Wonderful Wanderers?


- You have a random chance of obtaining a "Wonderful Show Ticket," the entry ticket for the Wonderful Wanderers, from game content where the Wonderful Wanderers visit.

- The content where you can obtain these tickets depends on the current period of time.

- You can win a prize by visiting the Wonderful Theme Park with the obtained tickets and playing the Wonderful Wanderers Dungeon.
 There are 3 Wonderful Wanderers event dungeons and they are randomly selected upon entry.
















•  Entry Information













• Wonderful Wanderers Rewards




-Different rewards are provided for each stage.

-One of the rewards below can be acquired from a clear chest.

-The higher the round you reach, the more rewards you’ll receive.




















2. Update - New Mission, [Raid]





• A new type of mission where rewards are dropped from monsters as opposed to through chests.

• The [Raid] mission added to this update will not appear upon refreshing the list after being deleted.







◆ New Mission Info


• After entering the boss room, the mission will be cleared upon encountering the additional boss monster(s). The mission reward will be dropped when the additional boss monsters are eliminated.

Special rewards have a low chance of being dropped by certain boss monsters.














◆ Play [Raid Mission] with GMs





In October, [GM] will hold a first-come, first-served play event with [Raid Mission] for you.
Please check the scheduled date below and get ready! Event rewards will be also distributed to the participants. 





※PDT Standard



GM will appear at random times on the scheduled date to host the event and will be held twice a mission party per event date.

Also, we will give a surprise [Gesture] gift to users who participated in the event.















3. Update - Vibrant Variant Defense Dragon Jade - Legend







Legend grade has been added to Vibrant Protection/Threat Variant Defense Dragon Jade.

You can change +10 Variant Defense Dragon Jade to Legend grade using the Evolver.

If you change to Legend grade using an Evolver, you can obtain skill-less Dragon Jade.

You can randomly assign a Dreamy/Blood Moon/Verdure skill (all classes) to Legend grade Variant Defense Dragon Jade using a Conversion Cube.

The Cube used depends on whether it is a Threat or Protection type of Dragon Jade (e.g., Vibrant Protection Variant Dragon Jade = Protection Variant Dragon Jade Conversion Cube use)






























4. EVENT - 5th Anniversary Web Bingo Event







As we gave you a reminder in the September event post, the anniversary web bingo event will be held after the last week of October.

We have prepared a wonderful decorative item full of swag as the final reward, so we ask for your participation.





















5. NEW - Irine Costume Return with Vandar







Irene costume will return in October.

Check out the newly produced Vandar costume as well.

















































6. NEW - Red Lotus Palace Decoration Change










Do you remember last year's Halloween decorations?

I notified all of you through the preview that the Red Lotus Palace would change last year, but I'm telling you the same again this year! 〆(・∀・@)


Enjoy the Halloween season at Hongryeongung Palace ♥ Of course, Halloween events will also be held together.





































6. NEW - Oath Scroll Special Promotion













Why don't you prepare a spooky wedding with a Halloween atmosphere in October?

Oath Scroll promotions prepared at very special prices will come! 















① The 5th Anniversary Mission Box has come to the end with the October Update Patch. Make sure to clear all levels and get Special Alpaca!

Legend Pet Sale has come to the end with the October Update Patch . Make sure to take over the cuteness that doesn't know when they'll come back!

③ Into the Blossom - Play Ehhanced Blossom Arena event has come to the end with the October Update Patch.

④ Sweeten Love for the Only Newbie & Returnee event has come to the end with the October Update Patch.

⑤ 5th Anniversary Top Up Promotion and September Spending Promotion has come to the end with the October Update Patch.

⑥ You and Vandar Again - 1st Anniversary Banner Contest has come to the end with the October Update Patch.



※With the update patch in October, a new event/promotion is planned so the Gacha Poten gauge will be reset.









I hope today's preview posting will help you a lot in your gameplay.

Thank you for your subscription.