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Are you enjoying the Halloween mood? Loren came back again with a preview today.

Did you all achieve your new year's resolutions?

I decided to reduce caffeine intake this year, but I couldn't keep it properly.  I keep looking for more delicious coffee ٭(•﹏•)٭

I set a goal to drink more water than caffeine, but my efforts were insufficient.

Instead, I'm satisfied because I worked out hard and published a series of previews. ٩(^◡^)۶

Shall we take a look at the November preview?





















Before starting the November preview, we would like to deliver a small request.

This preview posting is a series for NA server players, and the details may be different from the SEA server.

Recently, the frequency of claim inflows that NA preview and SEA updates are different is increasing, so once again, we emphasize that this preview posting focuses on the NA server.

We would like to inform all of you are difficult to handle the type of claim, and also are planning a regular series of SEA server players someday. 

We will do our best to deliver good news regarding it in the near future.


Thank you.















The Target Date of Update Patch:  10th November, 2021 (PST)



※ The contents of the preview post are currently under development and may be changed or modified at any occasion.

※ Please be aware of the possibility of change and refer to your subscription. 










1. Update - [Assassin Remake]






Remake of the Assassin class! A lot of things are going to change.

Shall we check the developer's comment first? Details will be announced with the official Patch Note.































2. Frozen Heart Evolution






◆ Frozen Heart Ancient Grade Added



-Adaptability and attribute attack power/final damage can be added to Frozen Heart Ancient grade.







◆ Frozen Heart Item Info










◆ Frozen Heart Evolution Added


•Existing Legend Grade Frozen Heart (Frostbite, Cold Wave, Frost, Chill) can be evolved to Ancient Grade.






◆ Frozen Heart Evolution Info











◆ Ancient Evolution Item Info













◆ Frozen Heart Evolution Craft Item Info

- Can be crafted through the Blacksmith (Craft Item) in each village.

- Craft Tab Location: Craft Item – Common Goods – Precious Item – Balkov Nest, Muertos Nest














◆ Frozen Heart Additional Stats Conversion


- Legend Grade Frozen Heart Additional Stats Disassembly -> Changed so that additional stats can be reset using a Stats Converter as opposed to crafting.

-If it is evolved from Legend to Ancient, the additional stats acquired from Legend will be maintained and carried into Ancient evolution.

























◆ Frozen Heart Stats Converter Craft Item Info

- Can be crafted through the Blacksmith (Craft Item) in each village.

- Craft Tab Location: Craft Item – Common Goods – Precious Item – Balkov Nest, Muertos Nest






















3. Frozen Invader Season 2







- We have changed the rewards for the start of Frozen Invader Season 2.


- The Frozen Invader has certain chance of appearing in [Labyrinth 6F+ Nests] when in possession of a required mission

  and the items below can be acquired for defeating this monster (items appear based on a set probability rate).


- The chance to get better rewards increases with higher Labyrinth floors.


- The Invader will not appear in Arch Bishop Stage 3.


















4. Push! Crystal Statue Reward Changes






You can acquire [Alliance Crystals] upon clearing Push! Crystal Statue.

• There is also a small chance of acquiring a larger amount of [Alliance Crystals].

• [Alliance Crystals] are used when crafting and enhancing [Allied Life Enhanced Dragon Jade].










◆ [Guild: Push! Crystal Statue] and [Guild: Faction Conquest] Mission Reward Changes




























5. Guild Mission Improvements






◆ Guild Mission Improvements


 - Guild Mission delivery difficulty improved.

* Decreased novice/mid-grade cooking and fishing amounts required

* Increased advanced cooking and Constellation Stone amounts required


- Increased Guild Mission delivery reward coin amounts.

* Reward coins amounts pre/post-mission completion











◆ Guild Levels Expanded


   - Guild levels expanded to Level 40.

     ※ More benefits based on Guild levels are expected to be added regularly moving forward.













6. ‘Balkov Nest’ and ‘Muertos Nest’ Weekly Entry Limit Changes





- Changed the weekly clear and reward acquisition limit for ‘Balkov Nest’ and ‘Muertos Nest’ to 3 times.



















7. [EVENT] - Alteana Nest Open





“How dare you steal my treasure?!”


To protect all the treasure it collected,

Greedy Lamia made a Nest.

Get through all the traps and the Gatekeeper,

and defeat Greedy Lamia to get the treasure!








[Alteana Nest Entry Ticket]



- Added 1 World Daily Task where an [Alteana Nest Entry Ticket] can be acquired.

- There is a certain chance [Alteana Nest Entry Tickets] can be acquired in [Catastrophe/Storm of Time and Space] Rising Cliff.

-Entry Tickets can be used within 1 day after acquisition.

- Former Entry Tickets can no longer be used.









8. [Enhance Conversion Item Method Changes







•Changed the enhancement method of the Conversion Items to enhancement through NPCs.

•You can exchange and enhance Conversion Items through the new NPCs Alin and Orin in Saint Haven and Red Lotus Palace Main Street respectively.

•Conversion Main/Secondary Weapons can be enhanced with Magic Conversion Keys (Untradable).

•Conversion Armor, Special Armor, and Accessories can be exchanged or enhanced with 3500 fragments each.
(Special Armor and Accessories cannot currently be enhanced.)

•Engraved items will retain their engravings after enhancement.














•Changed the specifications of some Conversion-related items.
















9. Other





1. Revised the explanation for Wings Making a Strange Sound Box.

2. Removed the [Conversion Shop] from the NPC Pania and moved it to the new NPCs Alin and Orin.

3. Removed the [Conversion Weapon Shop].

4. Merged the [Conversion Armor/Special Armor/Accessory Shop] with the [Conversion Shop].








5. Can exchange Emerald Luster Dragons in Lindsay’s Shop.

6. Conversion Armor's Cap will open to the 4. The detailed stats will be uploaded with the official patch note.

7. After the November update, the effect weapon will be changed to allow one transaction using Seal Stamp.










10. Medical Costume Return




The costume, which was released a long time ago, comes in November with the Vandar version.

The grade will be rare.













































11. Golden Sleek W/T/D





November Special Lagendia Pandora Box Update!







































12. Black Friday Sale Promotion













From gestures to NA exclusive Black Friday package! Discount promotions will be opened focusing on practical items.

Details will come with the official Patch note and event post.














① Halloween decorations and Halloween Artbook Event will be removed with the November Update Patch.

There will be a Mission Box event and a Thanksgiving day event after November Update Patch.

PVE Rank will be reset according to Assassin Class Remake Patch with the November Update Patch.

④ Fragment of Longing and Conversion Cube Package and Weekly Package Sale has come to the end.

2020 Halloween Costume Package Sale has come to the end.

Random Poten gauge event and Oath Scroll Discount Promotion has come to the end.

October Top-up Promotion has come to the end.






Plus, we are working with the goal of opening a cap on Conversion Special Accessories (W/T/D) as a target for the December Update Patch.

When the details are confirmed, we will try to share them in advance as much as possible.



Thank you for your subscription