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NEWS Preview of January 2022 Update Contents 12. 22. 2021 Views 3697






Hello! This is [GM]Loren. I'm writing this preview while preparing for the first update in 2022.


I dare say that the power of continued support and love of NA Heroes worked as the biggest driving force this year.

We were so moved by the encouragement and support you sent to the service team through seeing a lot of stress and service obstacle.

Still, we have many issues have to resolve, but we promise you that we will always do our best to enjoy your safe and enjoyable adventures in the new year.

Once again, thank you so much for the love.


What content will we be starting next year? Let's check the contents below.







The Target Date of Update Patch: 12th January, 2022 (PST)



※ The contents of the preview post are currently under development and may be changed or modified at any occasion.

※ Please be aware of the possibility of change and refer to your subscription. 







1. Update - [Frozen Nightmare]




◆ Scenario




World of the Frozen Nightmare




A realm of nightmares that was frozen by the influence of the Frozen World.


The cold only deepened the power of this nightmare created through resentment and obsession within the twisted dream.

Creatures corrupted by an unstable aura wander mindlessly at the end of this nightmare in the Deep Abyss.

May the Goddess's protection reaches those who have fallen into the nightmare's abyss...






◆ Entry Information


•The ‘Frozen Nightmare’ can be accessed through the same gate used to reach the Deep Abyss Nightmare.














◆  Entry Ticket  Information



-Frozen Nightmare Entry Tickets can be purchased from Priestess of Darkness Grisini in Saint Haven -> Silver Dragon's Forcefield.










[ Entry Ticket ]



Purchase requirement: Nightmare Fragment x10

Usage duration: 1 day after purchase

1 can be purchased per week per character






◆ Process




<Stage Objective>



 - The nightmare must be purified by eliminating the creatures who have lost their minds to the cold and were corrupted by the unstable aura.






<Frozen Nightmare Process>




-The Frozen Nightmare is blanketed with fog, preventing you from moving in a typical manner. You can jump over the fog using the dream’s last remnants of the Goddess’s power and move to the source of the nightmare.

-Upon breaching the fog and arriving at the source of the nightmare, nightmarish monsters bearing cold energy will appear from their hiding spots in the fog and attempt to drive out the intruders.

-You can only move to the next area after purifying the source of the nightmare by defeating all the cold monsters in your current location.

- The dungeon will be cleared upon defeating each monster in all 4 areas and purifying the Frozen Nightmare.









◆  Event



<Deluge of Dreams>


 - The realm of dreams has been completely taken over by nightmares and is extremely unstable. The stimulated creatures within the nightmares may jump out and attack intruders at any moment.

 - To pacify the deluge of dreams, you must move to the center and fight the monsters pouring in from all sides.








<Abyss Nest>


 - The most powerful creature within the nightmare guards the realm of dreams from the deepest part of the abyss. This creature that protects the nightmare is constantly waiting for a chance

   to remove intruders who have invaded the dream without its permission.

 - You can return to your original location after defeating ‘Frozen Nightmare Golem Montan.’








<Star of the Goddess>

 - If you find a shining star falling in the fog of the deep dream, don’t hesitate to approach it. You can be blessed by the Goddess for a while.







◆ You can acquire materials for crafting Frozen Chaos/World/Eyes of Nightmare Talismans in the Frozen Nightmare.

◆ The type of goods acquired depends on the type of boss you encounter in the Frozen Nightmare.




◆ Monster Drop Rewards









◆ Frozen Nightmare guild missions added.



◆ Mission Info






◆ Reward Info

-‘Guild Honor Coins’ and ‘Crystal Points’ can be acquired through Frozen Nightmare guild missions.







Frozen Chaos Talisman


- We have released a new Frozen Chaos Talisman.

- The ‘Chaos Talismans’ once obtained from ‘Unidentified Vibrant Talismans’ can no longer be acquired.

- ‘Frozen Chaos Talismans’ cannot be equipped along with ‘Chaos Talismans.’





◆ Frozen Chaos Talisman Upgrade



- ‘Frozen Chaos Talismans’ can be evolved through 3 levels.

- Each time the grade goes up through evolution, one (+) and one (-) stat attribute will be added.

- The same stat attribute type will not be added in the first two levels. The same type may be added in the third level.

- Existing stat attributes will be retained after evolution.







◆ Crafting Frozen Chaos Talismans

- ‘Frozen Chaos Talismans’ can be crafted through a blacksmith.








◆ Frozen Chaos Talisman Additional Stat Types









◆ Frozen World Talisman Additional Stats











2. Update - [Vibrant Talisman Evolution]




◆ We have released a Unique Vibrant Talisman.

◆ Acquired by using a Sap of Life on an Epic Vibrant Talisman at Lv.5.

◆ A random additional stat will be applied upon carrying out item evolution. You can change additional stats later using Concentrated Oun Sweet Wine.

With the launch of the Unique grade, the chances of Epic levels 2 to 5 appearing has been increased.


















◆ Main Item Information











3. Update - [January Character Balancing]



Details of January Balancing will be released in the patch note. In the preview, please check out the Developer's message first!





[Developer's Note]



How are you?

This is Dragon Nest Developer S.

Today I would like to inform heroes about the recent approach we have taken for improving Skill Dragon Jade and character balancing.


Skill Dragon Jade



‘Skill Dragon Jade’ was introduced a long time ago, but there are still some types of Skill Dragon Jade that players don’t find it worthwhile to invest in.

In order to address this issue, we have made partial improvements to Skill Dragon Jade with poor performance specifications, as well as the skills they enhance.




We made these modifications with a focus on narrowing the gap existing between the ‘Dreamy/Blood Moon/Verdure Dragon Jade’ used by a single class.

As Skill Dragon Jade balancing is closely related to the basic performance of the character, we will compensate for any shortcomings with a character balancing patch.


In addition, we are preparing a variety of ways to use each Skill Dragon Jade.

We will prepare the agenda so that you can check it as soon as possible.




Character Balance

A number of balancing patches will be applied in the near future.

There are two things that are at the core of the balancing agenda:




1. Basic damage balancing

2. Minimizing Cooldown decrease/recovery mechanisms




Item 1 addresses most balancing issues and is carried out by improving specifications.


Item 2 is mainly about addressing balancing issues with some classes such as Crusader, Black Mara, Blade Dancer, and Spirit Dancer.

We are working on trimming down this part because we feel some difficultly with providing a mechanism by which the cooldown of all main skills is recovered/reduced in a short cycle within a meta where skills are enhanced with items.

This problem should have been improved after a thorough review when Skill Dragon Jade was launched, but there were many shortcomings at the time that prevented us from doing so.

In particular, when overbalancing issues emerged, such as those involving Ruina and Smasher, we generally responded by simply lowering skill specifications.

In the future, we will prepare character balancing patches that will be received as an improvement in gameplay as opposed to a simple downgrade/increase of specifications.





We are planning on releasing two character-related patches, one minor and one major, between February and March.

We will continue to strive to provide quality content to players.

Thank you always. 










4. Changes/Additions



■ Minos Shoes: 3rd Additional Slot Unlocked


•Use the special item [Brinhild's Crystal] to unlock an additional slot on a 2-slot shoes version of [Minos Armor], [Minos Armor (Duplicate)], [Insight, Devotion Minos Armor], [Heavenly Minos Armor], and [Amplified Heavenly Minos Armor].

•When a slot is added, all enhancements, stats, and additional stats are retained.


•The Frozen Dragon Jade slots added to items will be reset rather than retained upon disassembly/evolution.


•3-slot [Minos Armor] enhancement, disassembly, and evolution works the same as for the current 1 and 2-slot versions.

•Example: +10 Insight Shoes (3-slot) disassembly yields a +10 Minos Shoes (Duplicate, 1-slot) and High Grade Celestone.








■ World Daily Tasks Restructured




Removed the mission “Clear [Catastrophe] Red Lotus Palace 1 time” from World Daily Tasks.

• Added 2 new World Daily Tasks.













■ Trial Nest Concluded




 With the conclusion of Trial Granom/Chiron Nest content, the 2 related [Trial Nest] World Weekly Task mission types will also be removed.

• 10 types of [Trial Nest]-related [missions] have been moved to [Normal]-[Sealed Traces].

• [Trial Nest]-related [Beginner’s Guide]-[Dragon Nest Veteran] missions have been partially changed.












■ Others






◆ Battle Training Ground Golem HP Increased
- The HP of the Golem appearing in the Battle Training Ground has been greatly increased.



◆ Plentiful Gold Trove

-Items dropped from the Plentiful Gold Trove Blessings Box come in the form of a ‘Heavenly Aura Pouch.’ Heavenly Aura can be acquired from the pouch. You can roll dice for the Heavenly Aura Pouch.


◆ Former Colosseum Missions Moved to Sealed Traces

-Previously removed Colosseum Ranking Missions were moved to Sealed Traces.



◆ Battle Request Rewards Changed

 - Battle Request Round mode result rewards removed along with Colosseum Create Mode.



◆ Colosseum Create Mode Reward Changes

 - Changed Ghoul Mode Game of Thrones result rewards to match other Create modes.



◆ Trial Nest Entry Ticket Shop Removed

-Removed the Trial Nest Entry Ticket Shops located in Rhadames and Merca's Port.











5. EVENT - [Everyone's Banquet]





After a long age of peace, the Dimensional Rift has been infiltrated by abyssal energy, a power distinct from that of chaos.

This is darkness, the oldest and most fundamental poison festering within the Goddess.

All the particles of darkness in the world have rushed into the Dimensional Rift

and are holding an exclusive banquet of their own.

The longer this feast continues, the greater the Goddess's nightmare grows.


"Please spoil their feast!"







[Entry Information]


• Entry level: Lv.93+

• Entry capacity: 1-2 people

• Weekly clear limit: 7

• No revives


※ An Everyone’s Banquet Entry Ticket is required.







• Reward Info











◆ Shop Info


• Everyone’s Banquet Shop can be accessed through the [Temple Knight Training Ground – Dimension Rabbit].

• There you can purchase [Ancient Element Enhancement Talismans] that increase All Attribute ATK.

• They initially come with a 0.5% All Attribute ATK stat value that can be developed to a maximum of 7.5%.

• Such development can be carried out using [Unstable Dimension Converters], [Dimension Converters], and [Higher Dimension Converters].

• Converters are consumed after a single use.

• The type of Converter that can be used depends on the current stat value of an [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman]. Development proceeds as shown in the table below.


Example 1) If [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman – 4.20%] is converted using the [Unstable Dimension Converter], it is upgraded to [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman – 4.50%]
Example 2) If [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman – 4.50%] is converted using the [Unstable Dimension Converter], it is upgraded to [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman – 5.00%]
Example 3) If [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman – 6.60%] is converted using the [Dimension Converter], it is upgraded to [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman – 6.70%]

Example 4) If [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman – 7.20%] is converted using the [Higher Dimension Converter], it is upgraded to [Ancient Element Enhancement Talisman – 7.30%]

















6. UPDATE- [Peaceful Winter's Night W/T/D]




Rabbit with a Watch W/T/D will be removed from Lagendia Special Pandora Box with the January Update Patch.

You can upgrade them as [Brilliant Peaceful Winter's Night] (Legend Grade) by exchanging the materials.













7. UPDATE- [Minion 4.0 Necromancer]





New Minion will be added to the Shop. Pet Unazukin will be removed accordingly from the shop with the January Update Patch.

Stats will be revealed with the official Patch Note.


















7. EVENT - [Nightmare Mission Box]




A mission box consisting of a total of 11 stages will come with the January Update Patch.

If you want to grow fast, you must clear all mission boxes!

















8. EVENT - [January Attendance Event]




We are also preparing an attendance event. Please log in continuously for a month.

As it is the first attendance event in the new year, we plan to open it with a special concept.
















※ Regular costumes are currently under the initial development stage and cannot be disclosed with this preview post.  Please wait for the official patch note.

※ We are also preparing hard for other events and contents that are not introduced with this preview. Look forward a lot!




All Frozen Mission Boxes will be removed with the January Update Patch.

Santa Orc Escape Route Event will be closed with the January Update Patch.

Christmas Artbook event will be closed with the January Update Patch.

Random Potential Gauge event will be closed with the January Update Patch.

Best Hero Tournament will be closed with the January Update Patch.

Christmas props from all towns will be removed with the January Update Patch.


⑦ Unable skill cancellation issue, [Summon Anja] of Light Fury class will be resolved with the January Update Patch.






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