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NEWS Preview of July 2022 Update Contents 06. 23. 2022 Views 6412






Hello! [GM]Loren is back with July 2022 Preview post ~ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ


The rainy season in Korea starts this week. I cannot turn off my air-conditioner and dehumidifier all day because it is so humid. o_O

What's your formula to enjoy summer cooler? Please let me know. 


From new item appearance to brand new costume set! Our July will be lavishly decorated.








*The Target Date of Update Patch: 13th July, 2022 (PDT)



※ The contents of the preview post are currently under development and may be changed or modified on any occasion.

※ Please be aware of the possibility of change and refer to your subscription. 










1. Frozen Ancient's Origin




◆ A new Origin item will be released.
◆ The new Origin item can be used to
amplify the additional stats of Runes.













◆ Craft Item
- The new Origin item 'Frozen Ancient's Origin' can be created by enhancing and disassembling low-grade items. 





◆ STEP 1.
- Purchase the 'Ancient's Origin' in [Silver Dragon's Forcefield – Priestess of Darkness Grisini – Maze Shop].















◆ STEP 2.
Enhance the 'Ancient's Origin' to +10 at a blacksmith.
Ancient's Origin enhancement requires a special material.











◆ STEP 3.
Disassemble the +10 'Ancient's Origin'.
Upon disassembly, 1 random 'Triangular/Circular/Rectangular/Trapezoid Ancient's Origin' will appear.

















◆ STEP 4.
Collect 1 Triangular/Circular/Rectangular/Trapezoid Ancient's Origin each.
Craft a 'Frozen Ancient's Origin' at the blacksmith.




◆ TIP.
Any additional Triangular/Circular/Rectangular/Trapezoid Ancient's Origins acquired in steps 1 – 3 can be disassembled.
When disassembling, you can obtain
'Prophet's Memory Fragments'.
You can purchase a 'Frozen Ancient's Origin' upon collecting 20 Prophet's Memory Fragments.




◆ Shop
- You can purchase Origin-related items from 'Priestess of Darkness Grisini' located in Silver Dragon's Forcefield.












2. Beginner's Guide Difficulty Improvements



◆ Beginner's Guide Difficulty Improvements
We have made changes to Beginner's Guide [Dragon Nest Novice] Nest mission difficulty and the number of party members required.













3.Fission Maze




◆ Fission Maze – Depths of Ordeals [Season 5 - Cursed Depths]







[Maze Conquest Reward Changes]





◆ The Labyrinth 5F – 20F maze conquest rewards (weekly rewards) were changed. Ancient's Origins can be enhanced using 'Superb Ancient Wisdom' items.
◆ The new season begins on July 16th. (PDT)














4.Alteana Nest




“How dare you steal my treasure?!”


To protect all the treasure it collected,
Greedy Lamia made a Nest.
Get through all the traps and the Gatekeeper, 
and defeat Greedy Lamia to get the treasure!





-Alteana Nest Entry Tickets have been added as a reward for the World Daily Task [Clear jobs from the Mission Bulletin Board 1 time].
-There is a certain chance [Alteana Nest Entry Tickets] can be acquired in [Storm of Time and Space] Rising Cliff.
-Entry Tickets can be used within 1 day after acquisition.







[Reward Info]


 -Both reward chests are acquired upon clearing all [Alteana Nest] missions, while just 1 reward chest is acquired if even one mission has failed.
 -All of the rewards below can be acquired from a clear chest.
 -[Guide Stars] used to craft End of Dreams and Starcatcher weapons can be acquired very rarely from clear reward chests.














5. Storm of Time and Space Changes




◆ Hands-on with Dragon Nest !
[EVENT] Storm of Time and Space has changed.
July [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space - Hands-on with Dragon Nest! 


•Awaken the soul sleeping within your memories to defeat Apocalypse!
•A total of 12 types of spirits will choose from you.
•However, you may not be chosen due to the whims of these souls.
•The powers of light and darkness have been sealed by the evil intentions of Apocalypse!
•If two spirits come into contact with one another, the transformation will be canceled due to the impact of the collision.
*Make sure you are selected by a new soul when the transformation has been canceled!


















6. New Arrivals - Summer Street Costume Set













































7. New Arrivals - Special Lagendia Pandora Box : Green Sea Turtle




































9. Event - Summer Artbook Event




The Artbook event will come with the mount final reward, a very very special look.

Loren will decorate the artbook image this time again so look forward a lot! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ













① All Machina Mission Box and Rift Mission Box will be removed from the server during July 2022 Update Patch.

Some dye items will be newly added to the Cash Shop with July 2022 Update Patch.

July Mission Box event is also prepared.

Survey event hearing your preference will be coming in July. 

The issue where Blade Dancer cannot properly link up [Twinkle Spin EX] with [Gust Dimentia] in the PVP environment will be fixed.







Thank you