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- Oracle Elder


- Level 95 Nightmare Dungeon


- Others


a) Level 95 Talisman added


b) Item Equipment Point added


c) High Grade Enhancement Stone Crafting added


d) Equipment Collection


e) Lowered cost of Unique Heraldry Retrieval


f) Difficulty Level Adjustments


g) Changes following reduced Nest Normal difficulty level


h) Legend Weapon Converter


i) Misc


- Balancing


- Cash Shop Updates


1) Oracle Elder


Oracle is a class that carries out the duties of the Prophet by using ancient martial dance. She can awaken as an Oracle Elder when her determination becomes stronger and is enlightened by the power of light.


How to create


- Click on "Create Character" button at Character page. New accounts will enter Character Creation page immediately.



- Select "Oracle Elder" from the top left and click on "Create"



- Customize your character and click on "Create" to finalize your character.



Class Information


- Oracle is a melee fighter who is largely affected by ‘Strength’ and ‘Physical ATK’ stats.


- Her attack range is relatively short but she has excellent skill combos that give her an advantage in one-on-one battles. By using dash and retreat skills that can be activated anytime, she can also take a more advantageous position.


- Use the main skills [Wild Spada], [Twister], [Vanishing Spada], [Rising Gust], [Sharp Hurricane], [Chain Rush], and [Position Shift] to concentrate on the battle without any gaps in between.


- By using [Agility Aura], you can maintain high action and movement speed at all times to carry out a more agile melee attack.


- When you specialize into Oracle Elder, you can automatically transform into [Oracle Elder] during battles after gaining Oracle Bubbles through the use of Oracle Main Skills.


Specialization Quest - Oracle Elder


At level 50, you can get the Specialization Quest through Remote Quest or from Priestess of Darkness Mocha.



Additional Info


- Oracle character can only be created until the next update (Other spinoff characters can also be created during this period.)


- Oracle characters cannot specialize into other lines of specialization (e.g. Screamer, Dancer). As such, Oracles cannot use Job Change Scrolls.


- When you enter Prairie Town after completing the tutorial, mission will be accomplished and you will get a special reward in your mailbox.


- Kali skills require Gold to learn but you can learn Oracle and Oracle Elder skills without spending Gold.


Special Rewards


Upon finishing the tutorial, an Oracle Elder Begins box will be sent to your mailbox.


[Oracle Elder Begins] Contents:


- Gold Pouch (20 Gold)

- Lv60 +10 Weapon/ Armour Set

- Lv60 Epic Dragon Jade Set (Physical ATK/HP, Basic Stats)

- Lv60 Epic Heraldry Set (Physical ATK/Physical DEF/Magic DEF/HP, Basic Stats)

- [Oracle Elder’s Path] box


* Oracle Elder Begins box can be opened from Lv60 onwards, and will disappear from your inventory after 30 days.


[Oracle Elder's Path] Contents:


- Level 95 Hero’s Neris Equipment (STR Stat) Set 

- Oracle Tiger (Oracle Elder exclusive mount)


* Oracle Elder's Path box can be opened from lv95 onwards and will disappear from your inventory after 30 days.




2) Level 95 Nightmare Dungeon



Entry Info



- There are now 3 difficulty levels to choose from - Normal, Hard and Master.


- You can enter up to 3 times a week (shared entry counts among the 3 difficulties)


- The higher the difficulty, the stronger the monsters and more Nightmare Stars you can get.



Guide Quest


- Through the Nightmare Deep Abyss Guide Quest, you can get basic information on how to enter and what it is about.

- You can get the Guide Quest from Priestess of Darkness Mocha in Saint Haven when you reach Level 95.





- In Level 95 Nightmare Dungeon, Talisman will not be dropped even when you kill the boss.


- Instead, you can get Level 95 Magic Grade Talisman at the new Nightmare Store.

- The Nightmare Points will be reset on 14th November during the maintenance. 

- Discount event at the Nightmare Store will be over during the maintenance.



3) Others


a) Level 95 Talisman added


- Level 95 Magic and Rare Grade Talismans have been added.


- Magic and Rare Grade Talisman can be traded with no limitations in seal count.


Acquiring Level 95 Talismans - Magic


- Magic Grade Talismans can be purchased from the Nightmare Star Store from Priestess of Darkness Mocha.


- 1000 Nightmare points is required to purchase it.



Acquiring Level 95 Talismans - Rare


- A new crafting option has been added to the Blacksmith NPC, which allows you to craft Rare grade Talismans. It also allows you to craft a Lv95 Talisman Stat Creator - Rare.


- Additional stats will no longer be added when you create Rare Grade Talisman but you can add additional stats by using a Lv95 Talisman Stat Creator.


- Talisman Evolution Cubes cannot be used on Level 95 Rare Talismans.



Level 95 Talisman Disassembly


- When you disassemble a Talisman, you can get Luminous Talisman Fragment or Luminous Talisman Essence at a certain rate.


- Fragments and Essences are required for crafting Rare and Epic Talismans (will be added in future patches), and can be traded.


- Cost of disassembling Talismans has been reduced.




b) Item Equipment Point added


- Equipment Points will be added to level 95 equipment.

- Epic Grade = 1 Point

- Rare Grade = 2 Points

- Legend Grade = 3 Points


- Each character has a limit of 50 Equipment Points and when the total Equipment Points of the items equipped on the character reaches 50 points, the characters cannot equip any more equipment.


- This point system will only be applied on Weapons, Armours and Accessories, and currently players will have no problem in equipping any equipment.



c) High Grade Enhancement Stone Crafting added


- You can now use lower grade Powerstones to craft into higher grade ones at the Blacksmith.


- Each higher grade requires 20 of the lower grade Powerstones, 10 High Grade Garnets and 1 Gold to craft.




d) Equipment Collection


- Level 95 Magic and Rare grade Talismans have been added.


- [Special Talisman] tab has been added, which has Level 80 Attribute Talisman and Level 90 - 95 Ultimate Talisman.



e) Lowered cost of Unique Heraldry Retrieval


- Unique Heraldry's retrieval cost has been lowered.




f) Difficulty Level Adjustments


- Monsters appearing in Volcano Nest Normal Mode will now have 50% less HP and Attack Power.



g) Changes following reduced Nest Normal difficulty level


- You cannot buy normal difficulty level Nest Entry Ticket by using Additional Nest Entry Ticket (Applicable on Heatwave Volcano Nest and Grievous Guardian Nest)


- Due to the adjustments in the difficulty level of normal Nests, drop rates have been changed for some items.

- Additional Nest Points will be dropped in Normal difficulty level.
- Epic Grade Enhancement Hammer will be dropped additionally.

- Number of Enhancement Stones dropped has been lowered in some stages.



- Number of Enhancement Stones required for enhancing Epic Grade equipment has been lowered. Epic Grade Enhancement Stones will not be used before Enhancement Level 10.



h) Legend Weapon Converter


- You can now convert Hero’s Calypse Main Weapon by using the [Legend Main Weapon Converter] sold at the Goddess's Sparkle Store.

* This converter only converts Main Weapons for the same class.



i) Misc


Changes in Master’s Fatigue Benefits


- The benefit of preventing Master’s Fatigue deduction has been found to occur more in certain areas so adjustments have been made.

- It has been changed to be deducted only once at the first entry of each stage. (It will be deducted following the number of stages for Daily Quest parties.)


Seasonal Event Removal


- Halloween Event removal


- Best Hero Tournament (4-Player) removal


4) Balancing


Changes to Academic's Dispenser Skill


- Buff items will not be dropped every 5 seconds. Instead, 6 buff items (8 items in level 2) will be dropped immediately when summoned.


- Low efficiency items have been removed and the following items will be dropped. Each item has a different drop rate.


- Drumstick (+10% HP)
- Meat (+20% HP)
- Roasted Chicken (+30% HP)
- Green Apple (+10% HP/MP)
- Grapes (+50% HP/MP)
- Lizard Kebab (+30% Critical)
- Cold Milk (+15% ATK)
- Swiss Cheese (+30% ATK)
- Crunchy Lizard Kebab (+10% Critical)
- Habanero Pepper (+50% Speed)
- Final Drink (+15% Final Damage)
- Flash Elixir (+20% Action Speed)
- Immortal Mushroom (Reset Cooldown)
- Bird’s Nest (-15% Cooldown)


- All buff items last for 100 seconds except for Lizard Kebab, which last for 30 seconds.


Skill Balancing




- [Awakened Passive] Chain Combination: [Chain Star] effect has been removed (PVE,PVP)


- Crow Storm: [Steal] spending has been changed from 10 to 1 (PVE,PVP)

It can be activated with [Jump] after using [Edged Fan] or [Chain Combination] (PVE,PVP)

Now the character will be invulnerable for 0.5 seconds after using the skill (PVE,PVP)

When hit, enemies are pushed in front and dragged along (PVE,PVP)

ATK has been reduced:

ATK 17618% > 3604% (PVE)

ATK 625% > 225% (PVP)


- Guillotine Cross: [Steal] spending has been changed from 7 to 5 (PVE,PVP)

Chain Sickle projectile has been removed and a giant chain sickle will strike down enemies in front to deal damage (PVE,PVP)

Delay will occur after using skill and point of view will not be changed (PVE,PVP)

ATK has been increased:

ATK 12018% > 14401% (PVE)

ATK 325% > 686% (PVP)




- Scope Arrow EX: When you learn [Scope Arrow EX], [Scope Arrow]’s ATK increases by 150% (PVE)


- Swift Shot: ATK has increased.

391% > 587% (PVE)


- Swift Shot EX: The time window for using additional hit has increased (PVE,PVP)

Number of hits when using Extension Core has been reduced:

9 hits -> 5 hits (PVP)


- Rapid Shot EX: When you learn [Rapid Shot EX], [Rapid Shot]’s ATK increases by 70% (PVE)


- Tracking Arrows: ATK has increased:

188% > 469% (PVE)


- Tracking Arrows EX: [Fatal Tracking Arrows] ATK has increased:

ATK 150% > 250% (PVE)

ATK 100% > 200% (PVP)


- Revolution Ballista: ATK has increased:

ATK 10675% > 17071% (PVE)


- Detonating Arrow: ATK has increased:

ATK 1409% > 2817% (PVE)


- Cyclone Harpoon: Now you can throw [Cyclone Harpoon] in the crosshair’s direction. Also applicable when attacking in midair (PVE,PVP)

Cooldown has been reduced from 45 Seconds to 23 Seconds (PVP)


- [Awakened Passive] Swift Shot: [Cyclone Harpoon] ATK has increased:

ATK 1517% > 2276% (PVE)

ATK 228% > 346% (PVP)


- [Awakened Passive] Magic Arrow: Increase in ATK has been changed:

50% increase in ATK > 7.5% increase in ATK (PVP)


Ray Mechanic


- Generation Field: 10% increase in main skills’ attack power has been changed to 30% increase in [Dynamic Vulcan] and [Enhanced] Atomic Blade ATK (PVE,PVP)


- Singularity: Now you can shoot one more Plasma Bomb by entering [Normal Attack Button] (PVE,PVP)

Plasma Bomb does not separate into 5 pieces but will only leave 1 ball behind. Constant damage by the ball has also been removed (PVE,PVP)

The ball’s duration has been greatly increased to 60 seconds (PVE,PVP)

When you use [Singularity] again, the remaining ball will disappear (PVE,PVP)

You can shoot in the direction of aim (PVE,PVP)


5) Cash Shop Updates


Monthly Costume - Native American Costume Series



Pet Accessory - Winnie