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UPDATE October Update Patch Note - Forest Dragon Nest 09. 17. 2018 Views 26766


1. Forest Dragon Nest

2. Opening of Merca Port

3. Garden of Eternity

4. Garden of Eternity Renewal Quest - The Second Story

5. Spinoff Character's Specialization Story Revamp: Arch Heretic


Changes / Additions

1. Forest Dragon Main Weapon

2. Weekly Mission Rewards Added

3. Others


Skill Balancing

1. Skill Balancing_PVE



1. Best Hero Tournament (4-player)

2. Halloween Event

3. October Attendance Event

4. Others


Cash Shop Update

1. Halloween Costume

2. Lunatic Giant Wings/Tail/Decal

3. Fire Herald Zota Mount

4. Clown Hiso Spirit

5. New Double-Toned Hair

6. Old Epic Allies Upgrade



1. Forest Dragon Nest










Entry Info

1.Location: Merca Port, Forest Dragon Nest Entry Gate

2.Entry Route: [Town] Saint Haven → [World Zone] Heart of Merca → [World Zone] Merca Port

3.Level Requirements : At least Level 95

4.Number of Players : 5 to 8 players

5.Difficulty Level : Labyrinth Stage 50 (single level)

6.Entry Ticket : [Bloody Matador Rose] x1

7.Weekly Clear Limit : Once

8.Weekly mid-way reward for each stage : Once

9.Resurrection Limit : 0 (resurrects when stage is cleared)



Expected Rewards


[Step1] Get White Flower Seed

- You can get White Flower Seed from Labyrinths above Level 20, Crystal Store, and Weekly Tasks.

* White Flower Seed can be traded.



[Step2] Exchange Bloody Matador Rose

- You can exchange 50 White Flower Seed and 1000 Gold for a Matador Rose at [Merchant April] in Merca's Heart (up to 4 times a week).



[Step3] Get Bloody Matador Rose

- You can get Bloody Matador Rose using Matador Rose at Saint Haven - Priestess of Darkness’ [Nest Points Store]



Forest Dragon Nest Missions Added

[Forest Dragon Nest] category has been added to [Mission (L) - Nest].


Missions and Titles

- 5 Missions and 3 Titles have been added for Forest Dragon Nest.

- Newly added Missions and Titles are as follows.

Forest Dragon Buff Added

- Defeat Forest Dragon and bestow blessing on Saint Haven!

- With the addition of Forest Dragon, a new Forest Dragon version Dragon Buff has been added.

- When you kill Forest Dragon, you can get the Remote Quest item, “Red Vanity Flower”.


How to activate Forest Dragon Buff

1) Right click on “Red Vanity Flower” to take the quest.

2) Click on “Forest Dragon Monument” to complete the quest.


3) When you have completed the quest, all users in Saint Haven will get “Dragon Buff” that lasts for 1 day


Forest Dragon Buff Details

- Forest Dragon Buff has the following effects and lasts for 1 day.

* Dragon Buff is not applied in Dragon Nests and PVP (Arena).

* Users who have completed the quest will get the Cover Title [Alluring Red Rose].

* After Forest Dragon Buff has been updated, [Traces of Futile Greed] will no longer be dropped.

* [Traces of Futile Greed] inside Inventory/Storage will be changed to collection item (Selling Price : 5 Gold).

* “Turn Greed Into Passion” remote quest that you could get when you cleared Rune Dragon can no longer be taken.

* You must complete the quest before the update or else you would need to cancel the quest after the Forest Dragon update.

2. Opening of Merca's Port

3. Garden of Eternity

4. Garden of Eternity Renewal Quest - The Second Story

5. Spinoff Character's Specialization Story Revamp: Arch Heretic

Changes / Additions

1. Forest Dragon Main Weapon


[Forest Dragon Main Weapon] Added

-New Level 95 equipment, Forest Dragon Main Weapon, has been added!

-Forest Dragon Main Weapons are [Ancient Rarity], which is a new grade higher than Legend Grade.

-You can craft and enhance Forest Dragon Main Weapons using materials obtained at Forest Dragon Nest.

-Forest Dragon Main Weapons’ basic stats and enhancement stats are the same as [Calypse Tier 4 Equipment].

-Forest Dragon Main Weapons cannot be converted into weapons for other jobs using items such as “Legend Weapon Tuner”!

※ Different skill effects for each class will be added to Forest Dragon Main Weapons in the future!



[Forest Dragon Main Weapon] Crafting Information

-You can craft Forest Dragon Main Weapons at [Blacksmith (Craft Item) - Craft Set Item - Ancient Forest Dragon Main Weapon].

-2500 Gold and 350 [Forest Dragon’s Stem Scale] are needed to create Forest Dragon Main Weapon.


[Forest Dragon Main Weapon] Enhancement Information

-To enhance Forest Dragon Main Weapons, you need Gold, Lebrium Points, Polished Garnet, High Grade Essence of Life, and [Forest Dragon’s Stem Scale] which is a special material that can be found in Forest Dragon Nest.

-Different amounts of materials are needed for different enhancement levels.

-Forest Dragon Main Weapons can only be upgraded until Enhancement Level 10. Enhancement to Level 11 to 20 will be available in a future update.



Forest Dragon Main Weapon Skill Effects Added


Forest Dragon Main Skill Effects 

[Skill Effects] have been added to Forest Dragon Weapons. (Only applicable for PVE)
You can get one of the three types of buffs – Tanker, Dealer, or Healer – based on your class.

[Skill Effect] tooltip will be added to Forest Dragon Main Weapons.
Skill effects can be activated after 60 seconds of cooldown after entering the stage.


Visual Effects


Buff Effects

Skill effects can be activated when 60 seconds of cooldown has passed after entering the stage.

When you unequip the Forest Dragon Main Weapon and equip it again, cooldown is also required before the skill effects are activated.



 Skills affected by Forest Dragon Main Weapon Skill Effects 



■  Forest Dragon Main Weapon

- Forest Dragon Main Weapons can no longer be enhanced.

- In order to make adjustments to the enhancement method of Forest Dragon Main Weapons, they cannot be enhanced for the time being. Enhancement will be made available again in the future.


2. Weekly Mission Rewards Added

3. Others

More items can be stored in Premium Storage.

-You can store the new Forest Dragon Main Weapon in Premium Storage.

-Commission for Premium Storage are as follows.

  Forest Dragon Main Weapon : 50 Premium Storage Tickets for each piece

Skill Balancing

1. Skill Balancing_PVE

#Abyss Walker

[Awakened Passive] Dark Conviction

-Changes have been made so that [Awakened Passive] Dark Conviction's dark fireball does not disappear even when it hits props or the ground.

-An effect has been added that instantly pulls enemies slightly towards the magic circle that is created when [Awakened Passive] Dark Conviction is used,

Here, additional attack equal to 100% of skill's attack power is dealt.

-Number of dark fireballed created by [Awakened Passive] Dark Conviction has been decreased from 8 fireballs to 5 fireballs.

-[Awakened Passive] Dark Conviction's attack power has increased by 50% (1614% -> 2421%)



1. Best Hero Tournament (4-player)


<Best Hero Tournament> where players battle purely based on their own strength has returned.

This time, the rewards have been upgraded!

Anyone who is at least Lv93 can participate to become the Best Hero!

※ Stats of participants will be balanced.




■ Entry Ticket has been added.

   - You need entry tickets to enter Best Hero Tournament.


■ Limit on the number of clears has been changed to 31 times a week.



Entry Ticket

■ Where to get the entry ticket

        - You can get the ticket by clearing 5 Daily Tasks.

        - You can get up to 1 ticket each day.

        - Best Hero Tournament Entry Ticket is required to enter Best Hero Tournament.

2. Halloween Event

Halloween has come to Saint Haven!

[Halloween Event]

Bat girl Draculia is visiting this Halloween.

Can her dream of becoming a vampire come true?

Take care of Draculia with Cassie who has become a butler.




1. Event Quest

Level Requirements: Lv.90

Quest NPC: Cassie at Saint Haven


2. How to Participate

Help Cassie raise Draculia!

Carefully decide Draculia’s schedule each day.

The schedule you choose can shape her future.


3. Types of Schedule

Carry out the following tasks and you can get badges for each type.

When you have collected a certain number of badges, you can see Draculia’s future.

  • [Study] Today's Schedule
  • [Work] Today's Schedule
  • [Battle] Today's Schedule


4. Reward

You can get different rewards based on the results of Draculia’s upbringing.





Bingo Event is back!

- Even Duration : After October 25th, 2018 after scheduled maintenance ~ before November 8th, 2018 scheduled maintenance

- Every 22 minutes, two digits between 1 and 10 will be announced.


You can get the following rewards.




- Event Duration : October 25th, 2018 after scheduled maintenance ~ before November 8th, 2018 scheduled maintenance starts

- Artbook Event will be held during the Halloween Event period.

- You can participate by going to “Artbook Event” menu on Event popup window (Menu → Click “Event” or press [V] key).

- You need to collect [Halloween Pumpkin Coin] item for the Artbook Event.

- You can buy [Halloween Pumpkin Coin] from Storyteller Kathy’s Halloween Store.

- Currency required for purchase can be obtained in Bingo and Draculia quests.

- [Halloween Pumpkin Coins] remaining after the event ends can be sold at the store.


★ Participate in the event to see Artbook's original artworks!





You can buy various items using [Halloween Points] from [Cassie] in Saint Haven.

※ [Halloween Points] will be reset during the maintenance after 2 months.


 Event Quest Rewards 


3. October Attendance Event

■ October Attendance Event (from 5 October 2018 after update to before November’s update)

* Epic Hero Pouch given as Attendance Event reward is a durational item (30 days) and the Hero inside the pouch must be registered before the expiry date as well. 

4. Others

[Board Game Battle Ended]

- Board Game Battle has ended and can no longer be used after 5th October 2018 update.

- You can no longer get Roulette Tickets.

- Items that could be purchased using Board Game Coin at Storyteller Kathy’s Event Store have been removed.

Cash Shop Update

1. Halloween Costume



2. Lunatic Giant Wings/Tail/Decal

*Lunatic W/T/D can be obtained from 2018 Halloween Eggs


3. Fire Herald Zota Mount



4. Clown Hiso Spirit



5. New Double-Toned Hair Dye


6. Old Epic Allies Upgrade

 Baby Polar Bear Nana                                   Foxy Fox


Old growth type Epic allies purchased before launching Ally ver 3.0 on September will have same stats with New Epic Allies such as Baby Polar Bear Nana!