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NOTICE Change in Golden Goose Membership 11. 30. 2018 Views 1988

Dear Heroes,


Change in Golden Goose Membership policy will be adjusted after December 13th, the scheduled update patch.


Therefore, please be noted about the announcement below to prevent potential disadvantage caused by the change.



1. Change in Golden Goose VIP Membership

- Golden Goose Membership Benefits will not be available anymore after the update.

- Description of Golden Goose Membership in Tooltip will be changed.

> After the December 13th scheduled update patch, equipment enhancement cost will be reduced to the similar amount when discounted by Golden Goose Membership benefit. 


2. Change in Value of Golden Goose Badges when sold at stores.

- Magic rarity Badge: 1 Gold

- Normal rarity Badge: 50 Silver


3. Refund of Golden Goose Badge for Left Membership Benefit Period

- Characters who have more than 1 day of Golden Goose Membership benefit period can receive Golden Goose Badges.

- The left period will be converted into Magic rarity Golden Goose Badges.


[Obtainable amount of Golden Goose Badge per each Membership Class]

- Golden Goose Bronze Membership: 2 Badges for a day left
- Golden Goose Silver Membership: 4 Badges for a day left
- Golden Goose Gold Membership: 6 Badges for a day left
- Golden Goose Platinum Membership: 8 Badges for a day left
- Golden Goose VIP Membership : 11 Badges for a day left