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NOTICE [Reward Update] Join the Christmas Party! Event Reward Sent! 01. 31. 2019 Views 1733

Dear Heroes,




The [Join the Christmas Party!] rewards will be sent out today (5th March, 2019) at 04:00 HRS. (PST)



The rewards will be sent out to those who haven't received their rightful rewards, and to those who received their rightful rewards partially.



If you have cleared Fission Core 10 times or more during the event period,
you’re supposed to have the following rewards: Christmas Ally Accessories (Hair/Outfit), Stylish Red Glasses



 [Reward Date]

5th March, 2019 04:00 HRS (PST)

*Collectable until 19th March, 2019 23:59 HRS (PST)



Also, Heroes who have received any of the [Winnie] accessories, we are sorry to say that the rewards are different from the announcement which we have promised.



Here are the correct [Winnie] Accessories:


* The link of the Event announcement:



To compensate for the wrong rewards, 30 Ally EXP Juice (50,000) will be sent as a one-time courtesy to those who have received any of the [Winnie] accessories.



Once again, we are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience has been caused.


Dear Heroes,




Due to technical issues, the rewards for the [Join the Christmas Party] event that were supposed to be arrived in everyone’s Special Storage after December 27th Scheduled Maintenance had been missing.



We are sincerely sorry for the confusion and inconvenience this may have caused.



To make up for this, the rewards have been sent to your Special Storage on 31st January 2019, 02:00 HRS (PST).




[Sent Reward]

Stylish Red Glasses

Christmas Ally Accessories (Choose one)



[Collectable until]

Until 14th February 2019, 02:00 HRS (PST).




For the Join the Christmas Party Event details, go to:



Thank you for your understanding.