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UPDATE [Patchnote] March Update 03. 12. 2019 Views 18674

[1] Updates

1. World Remaster

- Main Changes

- Growth Guide & Guide Mission Revisions

- Changes in Dungeon Mission Acquisition Methods

- Changes in Rewards

- Dungeon Clear Changes

2. Another Fission Nest





[2] Changes/Additions

1. Lebria Store Revamp

2. Goddess Accessories Added

3. Goddess Gear - Changes in Armour Effect

4. Changes in Alpaca Pheromone Perfume Materials

5. Equipment Collection

6. Enhancement of Equipments below Level 95

7. Unnecessary Shop Items Removed

8. Bulletin Board - New Missions Added

9. Changes in Feat Reward

10. Changes in Combined Level Skill

11. Functional Improvements in Scroll of Unlearning Item

12. Changes in Weekly Tasks

13. Accessory Enhancement Added

14. Changes in Forest Dragon Nest

15. Item Below Level 95 Disassembly

16. Bloody Matador Rose Weekly Reward Amount Reduction

17. Changes in Several Store Items and Hero's Mission Bulletin Board Rewards

18. Gosuk's Precious Box

19. Lv.95 Equipment - Repair Fee Increased

20. Changes in the Unstuck When Trapped Function 

21. Others




[3] Balance

1. Changes in Balance

2. Skill Balancing Changes PVE

(There are additional PVP PVE changes this patch, and will be updated soon.)





[4] Events

1. Loffy's Dicey Dungeon

2. Others





[5] Cashshop

1. March Costume: Scout Costume 

2. March Dragon Egg Update:

   - Golden Cygnus W/T/D

   - Cold Ice Heart Ninetail Medallion Mount (Mount 2.0) [UPDATED]




[1] Updates

    1-1. World Remaster



World Remaster is a new standard that applies to all Dragon Nest dungeons.






It will bring fun to our new heroes of Action RPG,

while offering an amplified world and challenges to our existing heroes.



※ The ranks and stats of all monsters in dungeons have been recreated,

as well as optimization for quests, EXP gains, equipments, money rewards, missions and guides.





           Main Changes  


※ Developer's Comments :

1) With Level Restrictions removed from all stages, you can play whichever dungeon you want at a suitable difficulty, regardless of your level and equipment.

2) From all Combined Skills, the Attack Power Increase Skill has been modified so that in case a low level player uses any Cash Item such as Conversion Equipment, Wings/Tail/Decal, Cash Accessory, etc.,

it retains an appropriate balance without damaging the item’s value.






           Battle Balance  

World Remaster applies to all dungeons.


1. New changes on monster ranks and basic status 

2. Balance adjustments depending on the player’s level

3. Balance adjustments depending on the number of players

4. Dungeon difficulty level selected by the player, using Labyrinth System




※ Developer's Comments :

1) One of the main changes World Remaster has brought, is that dungeon monster’s balance has been completely readjusted.

We have tried our best for you to re-experience the thrill of the battle that Dragon Nest had defined, the feeling that you are getting stronger,

the feeling of tension that monsters and fights bring you.

Also, the existing dungeons used to have specific levels assigned to them, so it was either too difficult or easy for those whose level didn’t match,

but now, whichever dungeon you enter, the game will offer a battle balance according to your level.


2) The new difficulty level is completely different from the past one. A High Level, that is, a level that is higher than Hard requires equipment, skills, etc., besides heroes’ abilities.

We do not want you to get overstressed while playing Dragon Nest, so we recommend you to choose an appropriate difficulty level for yourself.


3) With the expanded Labyrinth Level, we can now offer players above Level 95 a challenging difficulty level and they will receive suitable rewards accordingly.

Furthermore, players can receive additional rewards through the ‘Hero’s Mission Bulletin Board.’






          Labyrinth's Invader  

With the Fissive Dimension gone, powerful monsters have disappeared.

However, with the Labyrinth phenomenon that has become stronger, new creatures start to appear by ripping the time and space of random dungeons.

These creatures who have suddenly appeared as if to show they have been waiting for the hero, are powerful enough to bring chaos to the battlefield.





※ Developer's Comments :

Conquering 12 or more number of invaders will require the player’s precise control and strategic decision-making, depending on who this invader is and in which situation the hero is.




*Additional Notes:

- Changes have been made so that Crystal Stream World Zone Dungeon is shown up to ‘Master’ difficulty level.

- Labyrinth Invader’s HP has been increased. 

※ Developer's Comments : Invaders were too easy to defeat, compared to rewards given. Changes have been made to allow battles with initially intended balance.

- Some Invaders’ place and timing of appearance have been adjusted.

- Abnormal Attack Power and HP of certain monsters have been changed and normalized. (‘Abandoned Wharf’, ‘Secret Seabed Cave’, etc.)

- The HP and Attack Power of certain quest monsters have been adjusted to an appropriate level. (‘Blood Phantom Specialization Quest’, etc.)

- Changes have been made to acquire rewards and EXP in a normal way when clearing a stage. (‘Relic of Fog,’ ‘Watcher's Tower’)











           Growth Guide & Guide Mission Revisions  


Growth Guide Info and rewards shown at Level 95 have been revamped.

The previous Growth Guide Info was removed and now you have 22 different types of new guide.

(existing Level 95 players can also experience the new guide)






           Guide Mission Removed  


Lv.1~Lv.Guide Mission shown at section 95 has been removed!

※ Developer's Comments :  We have been using the map for guidance in Guide Missions, but after the adaptation of World Remaster, level restrictions were eliminated and the purpose of this guide decreased. Hence the guide was removed.

Instead, we have improved Specialization Guide Pop-up, Heraldry, Dragon Jade, and Talisman Guide Pop-up’s output time.







           Improvements in Guide Pop-Up  


With the removal of Guide Missions, Guide Pop-ups will be improved in the following way.



[Notifications on Specialization]

The output time of pop-ups that indicate the remaining levels until the 1st specialization has been modified from 6 seconds to approximately 1 minute.

It will appear when you enter the Calderock Village at any level between 8-14.




The following pop-up will appear when you become able to carry out 1st specialization quests.

The output time has been modified from 6 seconds to 3 minutes.

It will appear when you enter the Calderock Village at any level between 15-20

(there will be no more output when you complete 1st specialization.)




[Notifications on Remote Quest]

The following guide pop-up will appear when you are able to carry out Heraldry, Dragon Jade, and Talisman remote quests, and close automatically after 3 minutes.






           Changes in Dungeon Mission Acquisition Methods  

After the adaptation of World Remaster, level restrictions for dungeons were eliminated and requirements for acquiring dungeon-related missions removed.

Hence, without any level requirement, all characters will obtain the following missions.







           Minotaur Nest Mission Removed  

Minotaur Nest has been removed from World Remaster, hence the mission has been removed from Achievement(L).





           Lv.1-Lv.94 Partial Changes in Daily Task Rewards  

With the World Remaster revamp, we have removed rewards that are no longer in use and you will receive new rewards.







           Changes in Mission Point Rewards  

With the World Remaster revamp, we have removed rewards that are no longer in use and you will receive new rewards.






           Changes in Main Quest Rewards  


■ EXP Rewards

- The influence that main quests have on level up have increased substantially.

- Since overall EXP has increased, you can achieve the maximum level with main quest rewards only, without receiving any dungeon EXP.

- All together, new users of Dragon Nest will be able to focus on the story of the Dragon Nest world and enjoy it.


■ Main Quest Money Rewards

- The existing number of crystal points you can obtain by clearing a main quest chapter has increased.

- All main quests’ gold rewards have increased.

- With main quests only, you can obtain more than 10000 golds and more than 150000 crystal points.


■ Main Quest Chapter Clear Rewards

- Every time you clear each chapter of a main quest, you will receive consumables that are necessary for the next chapter.

- Every time you clear each chapter of a main quest, you will receive a unique title.






           Changes in Side Quest Rewards  


■ Adjustments in Side Quest Rewards

- You can no longer gain EXP with side quests.

- Most of side quest rewards have been changed to 20 “Hero's Item Protection Magic Jelly.”

- Hero's Item Protection Magic Jelly can be used just like the existing jelly.







           Dungeon Clear EXP  


■ Level-based rewards

- Now you can gain EXP according to your character’s level, regardless of which dungeon you enter.

- Even when you do a party play with a user whose level is significantly different from yours, you can gain EXP that matches your level.

- Even if the quest’s recommended level differ from your character’s level, you can gain EXP that matches your level.

- As your level increases, the ratio of dungeon clear EXP decreases.


■ Difficulty-based Rewards

- All dungeons become labyrinths, and now you can challenge a much higher level while you are growing.

- The higher the difficulty level, the more EXP you can gain.

- If you are tired of the quests and want to level up quickly, challenge a higher difficulty level!





           Dungeon Clear Rewards  





*Additional Notes:

Nest Selection and Gold Chest Reward Increase

- Now the reward you can receive by selecting Gold Chest will increase, depending on Nest difficulty level.


※ The higher the difficulty level, the more [Lebrium Points], [Fissioned Crystal], etc. you can obtain.

※ From 20th floor and above, you can obtain at least [Calypse Tier 1 Box] or more.

※ From 40th floor and above, you can obtain [Mid Grade Luminous Dragon Jade Fragment], and stand a very low chance to obtain [Mid Grade Luminous Dragon Jade Heart] on the 50th floor.


Nest Selection and Silver Chest Reward Decrease

- [Lapis] will not appear from Silver Chest anymore.

※ Now you can obtain [Lapis] from Gold Chest only.






           Dungeon - Labyrinth's Invader Reward  


- [Ancient Grade Equipment] will be dropped as a reward for killing the Labyrinth’s Invader that appears in the dungeon.

- It will be dropped at Level 3 Dungeon and above.

- [New Ancient Grade Equipment] is tradable, and some of them consist of Set Effects.

- They use the same kind of enhancement as Goddess Gear.

- Item information can be seen in Equipment Collection.


An example image of equipment :




     1-2. Another Fission Nest


◆ Discovery of New Fission Nests


•   Manticore, ArchBishop, Daidalos Nest are newly added to Fission Nest.

•  The newly added Fission Nest has the same characteristics as the existing Fission Nests.

•   Stages of Manticore, ArchBishop, Daidalos Nest are added to Fission Maze. 




◆ Entry Information


◆ Developer's Comments


•  We have tried to reduce the patterns that interrupt the player’s battle at Manticore, ArchBishop, and Daidalos Nest as much as possible.

•  We have reduced situations in which the monster’s frequent teleportation, invincibility, silence skill, etc. do not allow the player to attack the monster.

•  We have added a variety of skills to create rich and solid battle scenes.





◆ New Fission Nest List


           MANTICORE NEST  





[Stage 1 – Sloanka the Mad]

• The location of Gargoyles summoned by Slonka has changed to random.

• Slonka who feels threatened enrages and therefore becomes stronger.


[Stage 2 – Armoured Knight Serapis]

• Lamia who has become a lot stronger interrupts in the middle of the battle.

• Serapis’ attacks have become more diverse.

• Serapis’ unique skill used when HP is low has been added. Don’t let his dance deceive you!


[Stage 3 – Rock Giant Kumakivi]

• When Kumakivi uses his unique skill, projectiles do not become its target.


[Stage 4 – Kirshlaval ]

• Kram’s unique skill has been enhanced. Don’t forget that sometimes you need to be divided rather than united!


*Additional Notes:

- The issue in which Slonka's Illusion still remained when Slonka died while using his unique pattern has been fixed.

- The damage received when in contact with lasers in Kram’s unique pattern has been adjusted.

- Kram’s Spectrum Ray Skill effect has been improved.

- The whirlwind generated in Kram’s unique pattern does not remain in place anymore even when in contact with the player.





           ARCHBISHOP NEST  




[Stage 1 – Spooore ]

• Spooore will not inflict Silence to players anymore. So attack him as much as you want!

•  When Spooore uses his unique skill, ‘The Mushroom Monster that came rushing’ will be summoned at various places of the map randomly.


[Stage 2 – Brass Zombie ]

• All attacks used by Brass have been enhanced. So do not let your guard down!


[Stage 3 – Archbishop Kazalman ]

• Kazalman hypnotises players before dealing a powerful attack.

• Kazalman’s clone is weak, but its existence alone can prove its strength.


[Stage 4 – Golem Hujinos ]

•  When Hujinos feels threatened, the Kajalman above his head generates Archbishop’s Shadow.


*Additional Notes:

- The little mushrooms that used to rush towards the players in Toadstool’s unique pattern have been removed.

- The damage received when having failed to destroy Toadstool’s defense has been adjusted.

- Damage caused by Brass’ fire storm has been adjusted.

- It has become easier to escape Kajalman’s hypnosis.

- The damage received when Kajalman causes an explosion after hypnotising the players has been adjusted.





           DAIDALOS NEST  



[Stage 1 – Guard Scimitar]

• You attacks won’t affect ‘Maze Mecha Hound’ summoned by Guard Scimitar.  Then…?


[Stage 2 – Fannie Broka]

• The attack time of handspeed hits Fannie Broka used to inflict on heroes by pulling them has been shortened.

• Defeat Fannie Broka as quickly as possible and stop Daidalos from preparing the remote trap!

[Stage 3 – Cold Mirage Sadnyth]

• The frequency of Sadnyth moving to the centre of the map has decreased, and she does not use teleportation indiscriminately anymore.

• Now the Mirage Hand that attacks statues can also deal damage to players.

[Stage 4  – Black Lanker]

• When Lanker absorbs energy from the waterway, his body becomes harder.

• If you don’t destroy all Tentellus's Arm within the time limit, Lanker will explode the absorbed energy.

• When Lanker’s HP gets low, he enrages and becomes more hideous.






           Missions and Titles  

Missions from Manticore, ArchBishop, Daidalos Nest have been added to [Achievement(L) – Nest].







[2] Changes/Additions


     2-1. Lebria Store Revamp



※ (Character’s Name)’s tutorial and specialization quests have been revamped.

※ Press the shortcut key "U" and click "Remote Quest" tab at the top of the quest window.

Accept specialization quest to enjoy the new story.

※ You can take the first specialization quest at Saint Haven's (NPC Name).

※ Only (Character Name) characters who have reached Lv50 can take this quest.





     2-2. Goddess Accessories Added


■ Goddess Accessories Added

- Goddess Accessories appear from the Goddess’s Twilight Box, which can be obtained at Sunset Cloister.

- Goddess Accessories do not have equip restrictions like the existing Goddess Gear, and own unique names as well as unique skill effects.

- You can disassemble Goddess Accessories to get 1200 Sunset-tinted Leaves.










     2-3. Goddess Gear - Changes in Armour Effect                             


Changes in Buff Effect


           Upper Body - Recover HP  




           Lower Body - Decrease Damage Received  



           Gloves - Increase Action Speed  






     2-4. Changes in Alpaca Pheromone Perfume materials









     2-5. Equipment Collection


■ Equipment Collection Changes

- Slayer Equipment has moved to General Equipments Tab.

- Forest Dragon Weapon has moved to Ancient Weapons Tab.

- New equipment has been added to Ancient Armours Tab.

- Forest Dragon Accessory has moved to Ancient Accessories Tab

- Items in Special Accessory Tab have moved to Accessories Tab.










     2-6. Enhancement of Equipments below Level 95


■ Items needed for the enhancement of equipment below LV95 have been simplified.

- Changes were applied so that only Gold is spent or materials that can be used even after max level, such as [High Grade Essence of Life] and [Polished Garnet], are spent when enhancing low level equipment.









     2-7. Unnecessary Shop Items Removed


■ Unnecessary Items removed

- We have removed items that were no longer in use or have no value.






■ Weapons & Armours sold at Blacksmith Store have changed.

- Now, no matter which Blacksmith Store you visit, you will find Epic and Above 12LV-95LV equipment that matches your class.


※ You can buy weapons & armours with [Hero's Blood, Sweat and Tears] that are dropped at low level dungeons.


※ The store will have armours that are of a higher grade than ones you can obtain from the dungeon.

   We recommend you to use Hero's Blood, Sweat and Tears to shop, in case the damage you receive from the monsters during your growth becomes too big!









     2-8. Bulletin Board - New Missions Added


▶  Mission Bulletin Board’s test operation period expanded


- According to Adventurer's Guild Member David’s words, there are too many people who want to request missions to heroes even when it is only a test operation period.

- Therefore, Duke Stewart has claimed to expand the test operation period, and allowed people to add dozens of new missions to the board~!









     2-9. Changes in Feat Reward


Rewards for [The Mysterious Rainbow Goldfish!] have changed as follows.



※ Developer's Comments : Since there were cases in which players would clear the feat and obtain rewards by using a goldfish that has been moved, not by fishing but by mail, we have modified the reward gold.







     2-10. Changes in Combined Level Skill



◆ Changes in Combined Level Skill [Damage Boost]


- Combined Level and Hero Level required to acquire Combined Level Skill [Damage Boost] 1 have been adjusted to 1, hence you can create your first character and let him/her acquire it immediately.

- We have changed the Combined Level Skill [Damage Boost] 1 Stat to [Damage Boost increased by 1000].

- We have changed the Stat increase per 1 increase of Combined Level Skill [Damage Boost] to [Damage Boost increased by 30]. (Up to Level 60, Attack Power increased by 2770 at Level 60)









     2-11. Functional Improvements in Scroll of Unlearning Item  


- When the Skill Tree is reset for using Scroll of Unlearning Item, the arrangement of skill icons in the Hot Key Slot will not be reset but remain as it is, regardless of skill acquisition.

- When a weapon is equipped, you will be able to check it from unlearned skills as shown below. Right-clicking the skill icon will lead you to the Skill Tree Tab (K).



- However, the arrangement of all skill icons in the Hot Key Slot will be reset if you change job.










     2-12. Changes in Weekly Tasks


Abyss Level Dungeon Clear Mission has been changed to Dungeon Clear in any difficulty level.







     2-13. Accessory Enhancement Added


■  It is possible to enhance Level 95 Unique and Above accessories (Ring, Necklace, Earrings).


■  Enhancement Details

- When failing to enhance between Level 11-20, there is 100% chance that the equipment will be destroyed.
- You will be unable to disassemble the accessory that you were able to disassemble from Level+1. 
- When you upgrade [Genesis Accessory], which is a Legend Accessory, to [Refined Genesis Accessory], the enhancement level will not be transferred.








     2-14. Changes in Forest Dragon Nest





 Forest Dragon Hirendel and Fog Mage Casmina’s  battle voices have been applied.

- Forest Dragon Hirendel C.V. Hye-Sung Kim

- Fog Mage Casmina C.V. Bo-Young Kim





           Changes in Main Patterns  



▶ [Stage 2] Nightflower and Vine Monster

- Nightflower’s poison shockwave range has amplified, and it has become difficult to attack Nightflower from a far distance.

- The location of the vine monster that appears at night with “Grrr...” sound has changed a bit.



▶ [Stage 4] Changes in Life Orb Blocking Pattern

- The orbs that need to be destroyed are not fixed at a single side anymore.

- <Attention> Destroy the orb of a colour that is contrary to that of the shiny ground at the right moment.

- A dialogue has been added, which will allow the player to clearly recognise pattern failure information.


▶ [Stage 4] Changes in Tree of Life (Pet) Pattern

- Those players who escape to avoid turning into a pet will die.

- The Attack Power of Redly Cracked Soul Wisp has doubled.

- When Tree of Life is destroyed, the party member who have remained on its branches will be moved to the top of the tree and resurrect.





           Others/Bug Fix  



▶ [Stage 3] Hidden Route

- The problem of all players dying even after Rajina and Ramina are killed has been fixed.

- The issue of Low Split Road Wakanu’s particular attack ignoring invulnerable state has been fixed.


▶ [Stage 4] Hanging Gardens

- The issue of Cleric Class’ Block skill stopping particular attacks has been fixed.

- The issue of Dragon becoming invulnerable for a short time when in  groggy state has been fixed.

- The issue of Dragon’s Poisoning Area inflicting very low damage has been fixed.

- The issue of Distorted Spirit and Speed Reduction Debuff being removed with player’s Debuff Removal skill has been fixed.

- The problem of Tortree not appearing sporadically has been fixed.

- The issue of Poisoning Debuff being applied late after the appearance of Tortree has been fixed.


▶ Forest Dragon Nest (Labyrinth 50th floor) Additional Reward sent

- When you kill Forest Dragon Nest (Lebrium 50th floor) Boss, a large amount of Lebrium Points will be dropped according to the number of players.











     2-15. Item Below Level 95 Disassembly


■  [Weapon] [Armour] [Dragon Jade] [Talisman] below LV95 Disassembly Adjustments


- Though we have cleared unnecessary items through World Remaster, the disassembly of Low Level items is providing unnecessary items.

Therefore, changes have been made to prohibit the appearance of valuable items from disassembly as well as the disassembly itself.

* The disassembly of certain low level [accessories] is providing unnecessary items. We will fix this issue through constant patches. 









     2-16. Bloody Matador Rose Weekly Reward Amount Reduction


■  Bloody Matador Rose Weekly Task Reward removed


- [Bloody Matador Rose], a reward for the Weekly Task [Clear more than 20 Daily Tasks], is not provided anymore.




■  Matador Rose Purchase Restriction Adjustment


- The limit number of Matador Rose you can purchase from the NPC Merchant April in Merca's Heart has been changed from [4 times a week] -> [3 times a week].











     2-17. Changes in several Store Items and Hero's Mission Bulletin Board Rewards


■ Changes in several Store Items

- The White Flower Seed sold at Crystal Store at a price of 500 Crystal Points is removed.

- Now you can buy White Flower Seed at Hero’s Mission Bulletin Board Store at a price of 1,000 Hero's Blood, Sweat and Tears points.

- Now you can buy Perfect Problem Solver at Hero’s Mission Bulletin Board Store at a price of 2,980,000 Hero's Blood, Sweat and Tears points.


■ Changes in Hero’s Mission Bulletin Board Rewards

- Among [Green Dragon Nest Time Attack] Clear and [Forest Dragon Nest] Clear Missions’ rewards, Hero's Blood, Sweat and Tears points have been removed.











     2-18. Gosuk's Precious Box


Some of the items inside Gosuk’s Previous Box and their drop rates will be changed.









     2-19. Lv.95 Equipment - Repair Fee Increased


- The repair fee for Durability decrease caused when your character dies or leaves has increased.

- The following is the repair fee for each item.









     2-20. Changes in the Unstuck When Trapped Function 


- Changes have been applied so that when you use the Unstuck When Trapped function, a system message indicating that you have used this function is shown.

- When you use the Unstuck When Trapped function in Town, Dungeon, or Nest, the system message will be shown to you only.

- When you use the Unstuck When Trapped function in regions concerning PvP such as 1:1 Rank and Colosseum, all users who are in the same map will share whether this function is enabled.






     2-22. Others


■  The selling price of some items sold at the store will change.



※ We have decreased the Gold price of [Legend Weapon Converter] so that, in case players who have just reached Level 95 own any [Calypse Weapon] that belongs to other class obtained by killing a champion monster during their level up process can change this weapon to their own class weapon at a cheaper price.

 ※ Now it is possible to obtain more Dungeon Points, depending on the selection of dungeon difficulty level. Also, points will be dropped in whichever dungeons you enter to complete a bulletin board mission. Accordingly, we have increased the price of [Hope Flower].



■  Changes in Hot Spring Buff Effect and Hours according to days of the week

- Hot Spring Buff Effect has been changed to a maximum of 10% drop rate increase, regardless of the day of the week.

- Hot Spring operating hours have changed to 5PM - 11PM. Hot Spring operating hours will remain as it was before. 


■ Changes in Forest Dragon Drop

- We have decreased the drop rate of [Mid Grade Luminous Dragon Jade Heart] that used to be dropped when Forest Dragon was killed.

- Low level Dungeons in which there was no Boss Kill Reward have been changed to provide Armour when the boss is killed. (limited to Level 1-11 players)

- In case your weapon is destroyed while trying equipment enhancement with the Dragon Jade attached to your equipment, you will receive the attached Dragon Jade by mail.



■ Daily Party Stage Removed

- Daily Party Stage removed from Boundary Gate

- Daily Party Checkbox removed from Create Party UI



■ Entry limit to Circus Maximus (EXP) Dungeon changed

- Each entry limit has been changed to twice a week.

- Affected Dungeons : Gobartan, Persian Goblin, Gobartans:The Return of the Empire



■ Changes made to record the time whenever a screenshot or video is taken

- Whenever you save a screenshot, the specific time in which you saved the screenshot will be shown if the system message box in your active chatting tab settings is checked.

- Whenever you record a video, the specific time in which you started the recording will be shown if the system message box in your active chatting tab settings is checked.







[3] Balance


     3-1. Changes in Balance


■ All Specialization Basic Class’ Buffs will be combined as shown below (same abilities will not be duplicated)



■  The Attack Power of all Classes’ Crash Attack will be changed to 35%.




■ Normal Attack DPS Standardization (PVE/Melee)

- Those weapons that attack directly without using any projectile (ex. Sword, Axe, Hammer) have been standardized so that their Normal (Basic) Attack’s DPS are similar between each other.


※ Developer’s Comments :  As a result, weapons except for Scimitar have been enhanced. Weapons that use projectiles were excluded since they have been already standardized.


■ Changes in the Attack Power of skills that attack knocked-down enemies (PVE)

- The Attack Power of skills that attack knocked-down enemies for each class [Basic Specialization] has been changed to 500%.







     3-2. Skill Balancing Changes PVE




※ There are additional PVP PVE changes this patch, and will be updated soon.

(The additional PVP PVE changes are related to Sorceress (Majesty) and force users.)











[4] Events


     4-1. Loffy's Dicey Dungeon : Season 12


Loffy's Dicey Dungeon

Event Time :  16 March (SAT) - 6 April 2019 (SAT) 









           Guild Ranking  


- Guild ranking is based on the achievements recorded while Loffy’s Dicey Dungeon event is being held.

  (Ranking and rewarding will be based on the entire duration of the event.)

- Guilds will be ranked based on the total number of Golden Keys obtained by their guild members.

- Number of Golden Keys will be recorded when the player enters the last island (Treasure Warehouse) and it will be counted towards guild ranking if the player belongs to a guild.

- Rewards will be given to top 3 guilds.

- All the members in the top 3 guilds will receive the reward.





What changes are there in Loffy’s Dicey Dungeon March 2019 Season?

Let's find out more about this season!


           Basic Info  


▶ Event Period : 16 March 2019 (Saturday, 08:00AM) - 6 April 2019 (Saturday, 07:30AM)


▶ No Entry Hours : Every Saturday 7:30AM  - 09:30AM


▶ Weekly ranking will be reflected every Saturday at 09:00AM.


▶ Entry Level : 95Lv. From Level 95 onwards

        - Loffy's Dicey Dungeon is balanced.


▶ Entry Conditions : Single player / Unlimited resurrection


▶ Number of clears : Once a day. (entry limit is shared by all characters in the server.)

         1) If you give up halfway, all the ‘Gold Keys’ you have acquired from the Golden Chests will disappear and you can keep entering again until you have cleared it until the end.

         2) You can clear one more time if you get the entry ticket from another user.


▶ How to get Gold Keys :
         1) Golden Chest appears when you successfully accomplish the mission in each map.

         2) At least 1 Golden Key will be dropped from Golden Chests and twice the amount will be dropped in areas marked on the map.





           Board Info  


Loffy's Dicey Dungeon board is the same as past boards.






Changes in Golden Chest Rewards

You can get the following items that match your character's level when you open the ‘Golden Treasure Chest’ in Festive Treasure Warehouse Island.









     4-2. Others


The End of Everyone's Banquet

- Everyone's Banquet has ended.


  Board Game Shop Removed

- Board Game Shop has been removed. 








[5] Cashshop


     5-1. March Costume: Scout Costume







     5-2. March Dragon Egg Update


▶ Golden Cygnus W/T/D






▶ Cold Ice Heart Ninetail Medallion Mount [UPDATED]




  [How to exchange Exchange Coupon for Heartless Nine-Tail Mount] 

1. Go to Tamer Lindsay in Saint Haven

2. Start NPC Script, and click [Shop]

3. Go to [Special Mount] and then you're ready to get the item!




▶ Others

* Spirit, Ally and Gesture will be the same as February Update. However, they are coming soon!