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EVENT Event Calendar for May 05. 02. 2019 Views 4773

Please have a look at the event notice and make sure you don't miss out any of the events! 

Note that the calendar could be updated at any time.




Link for Events

- Oh My God, Was Academic a BOY?

- Break the Dimension Stone (Gale)!

- Who are the most generous people?

- May’s Dragon Egg Promotion

- [Cash Shop] For your "Enhancement Package"   LIMITED EDITION 

- Give and Take! (Flower of Hope 1+1)






* Oh My God, Was Academic a BOY? *


  Event Period 

After the May Update Patch ~ the date of the June Update Patch





- Male Academic Transformation Set is tradable in Server Storage. And only Academic Character can open the Mission Boxes.

- Rewards will be sent ACCOUNT BASIS to your Special Storage.

- The [Mission Box 1] can be collectible starting from the May Update Patch on 16th May until the June Update Patch. You can collect and begin anytime during this period.








* Break the Dimension Stone (Gale)! *

If you clear Dimensional Tempest 3 times or more during the event period, Dimension Stone (Gale) will be given.



  Event Period   [REVISED]

After the May Update Patch ~ the date of the June Update Patch

  Reward Date   [REVISED]

- 1st: 24th May (PST) 02:00 HRS

- 2nd: 31th May (PST) 02:00 HRS -> 3rd June 03:00 PST *We really apologize for thg delay. 

- 3rd: 7th June (PST) 02:00 HRS

- 4th: 13rd June (PST) During the maintenance time



- The rewards will be credited by character basis.

- The rewards are collectable until the next week’s maintenance starts.

- The rewards are given when clearing more than three times per one round of Dimensional Tempest/Storm/Storm of Time and Space/Storm of  Dimension.

- The reward [Dimension Stone (Gale)] is 1-day durational item.


We found some of event period's dates are wrong date, so we revised the event date. 

We are sincerely apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this may have caused, and thank you for your patience.






* Who are the most generous people? * 

Talk to Manager Trisha, and click [Donate] and donate gold in order to achieve the rewards!

If you are one of 3 top donation rankers during the event period, you’ll get the rewards!


Three top winners will able to get a chance of title selection, but only 1st ranker is able to select title’s color.



  Event Period 

 3rd May 00:00 ~ 31st May 23:59 (PST)





1st ranker: Cover Title

  1. Title name can be selected (First priority)
  2. Its color can be selected by the character


2nd ranker: Cover Title

  1. Title name can be selected (Second priority)
  2. The color: Yellow (Fixed)


3rd ranker: Cover Title

  1. Title name can be selected (Third priority)
  2. The color: Yellow (Fixed)



  Cover Title List 

a. Show Me The Money

b. Gold Flush

c. Gold Tycoon

d. Chaebol / DN Buffett

e. Beggar King



  Reward Date  [REVISED]

7th June (Thursday), 03:00 PST 




- The title selection priority is based on the donation rank.

-Send us a 1:1 inquiry ticket with your 3 top wanted title options and IGN!  

 > 1:1 inquiry example,

IGN: ILoveDragonNest

  3 title options: 1) a. Show Me The Money, 2) c. Gold Tycoon, 3) e. Beggar King








* May’s Dragon Egg Promotion *


  Event Period 

After 16th May’s Update Patch ~ Before 30th May’s scheduled maintenance starts





  Reward Date 

3rd June (Monday) at 03:00 (PST)




- The rewards are accumulative and will be credited by account basis.

- Purchase made by DNP/any discount coupons will not be eligible for the event.

- Rewards are collectable until 28th May 2019 10th June, 2019  2359HRS (PST).







* [Cash Shop] For your "Enhancement Package" *    LIMITED EDITION 


There are three types of Enhancement Packages, sweet new launches inside!


- Crude Enhancement Package

- Average Enhancement Package

- Brilliant Enhancement Package




[What's insde?]

1. Crude Enhancement Package (7 times purchase limit per account)



2. Average Enhancement Package (5 times purchase limit per account)



3. Brilliant Enhancement Package (3 times purchase limit per account)




- Package Coupon will be sent out during May Update to your Special Storage. And it will be collectible for 1 week, until 23rd May, 2019 23:59 (PST).

- The package coupon itself can be used for 2 weeks, after it is received.

  For example,

  If you received the coupon 16th May, 2019 16:00 (PST), it will be expired on 30th May, 2019 15:59 (PST).

- If you right-click the coupon, it will direct you to "Sale List" in Cash Shop. Then you are ready to purchase the package with sale price as long as you have the coupon.






* Give and Take! (Flower of Hope 1+1) *

If you give Flower of Hope (1ea/12ea) away to friends, you’ll be given away too!


  Event Period 

3rd May 00:00 ~ 17th May 23:59 (PST)


  Reward Date 

23rd May during scheduled maintenance




- Rewards will be given per account basis.

- Rewards are collectable until 30th May 2019 23:59HRS (GMT+8).








All of the DNP will be removed on 16th May during the Update Maintenance as a monthly DNP reset Policy. This includes the DNP Vouchers as well, so please make sure you purchase as many items as possible with your DNP before the Update date.


Reset Date: 16th May (Thu) 2019 During Update Patch