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UPDATE [Patchnote] November Patch Note [Revised on November 6] 11. 04. 2019 Views 11537

[1] Update

1. New Spinoff Class – Lancea

- Lancea New Spinoff Class – Vena Plaga Raising Events

- Event Reward List

- Event Reward - Costume and Mount Preview

2. Deep Abyss of Nightmare (Labyrinth)

- Reward Information

3. New Talismans Added

4. Beginner’s Guide



[2] Changes/Additions

1. Black Dragon Accessory Evolution

2. [Goddess Coin] Main Quest Chapter Rewards

3. Nest Point Shop Improvements

4. [Deep Abyss (Nightmare)] Changes and Improvements

5. Sunset Cloister Rewards Added

6. Accessory Enhancement Effects and Enhancement Requirement Changes

7. Gosuk’s Precious Box

8. Removal of Fortress of Erosion

9. Removal of Unusable Items

10. Skill Heraldry Purchase Path Changed

11. Lapis Acquisition Area Changed 

12. Improvements to Item Transfer During Character Exchange

13. Hot Spring Changes

14. Friendship NPC Location Description Added

15. Deleted Guild Nest-related Cooking Recipe

16. Deleted Some Character Guides in Beginner’s Guide Appendix

17. Reduced Mission Acquisition Limits and Wait Times after Refresh Following Mission Deletion

18. Display for No. of People Waiting for Party Matching

19. Beginner’s Guide Changes

20. [Saint Haven] - [Farm Manager Mori] [Learn Skill] Deleted

21. Other



[3] Balance

1. Parrying Improvements

2. November Skill Balancing

3. Other



[4] Event

1. Saint Haven Defence: Gorilla from the Star

2. Attendance Reward and Attendance Reward Restructuring

3. Other



[5] Cash Shop

1. November Costume: Cerno (Loria) Costume 

2. Spinoff Costume

3. Snow Iona Treasure Box Update

- Snow Iona Wings/Tail/Decal/Necklace

- Snow Iona Weapon Exchange Coupon

- Innocent Iona Spirit

4. [Minion] Roundy-round Pang-Pang 3.0 + Accessories

5. Style Added






[1] Update



     1-1. New Spinoff Class – Lancea 





     Quest Information 

※ Lancea Spinoff character Vena Plaga tutorial and specialization quest story added.


※ After reaching Lv.50 with Vena Plaga,

press shortcut key U and click the Remote Quest tab located at the top of the Quest window.


※ You can carry out the first specialization quest through Saint Haven Royal Guard Roy.































     Lancea New Spinoff Class – Vena Plaga Raising Events     

We are holding a raising event to mark the update of Vena Plaga.


- Event Period : After the 7th November Update Patch until the January Update Patch date 
- Main rewards: Hero's Blood, Sweat, and Tears, Skila Equipment Full Sets, 350 Forest Dragon’s Stem Scales, Epic Costumes, Unique Mounts, etc.



Mission boxes can be acquired by all characters, but Event Missions can only be carried out using Vena Plaga.



So, if the mission box is received via characters other than Lancea, here is what could be done:

1. Clear missions and obtain event coins via the character which received the mission box
2. The event coin (transferable) needs to be transferred to the character which received the mission box
3. Then you'll be ready to receive the mission rewards!





◆ How to take part in the event

- Enter with Vena Plaga during the event period, and play the event missions through the Beginner’s Guide.
- Applicable event missions will be completed with each Main Quest chapter cleared using Vena Plaga.
- You can acquire various rewards and raising event coins for Vena Plaga upon clearing a Vena Plaga Beginner’s Guide event mission.
- You can receive a mission box in the Special Storage during the event period (limited to 1 time per account).

All Vena Plaga characters can take part!

Beginner’s Guide event mission rewards cannot be received if you skip the Main Quest and cannot be carried out again using the applicable character.


Can only be played 1 time per account!

The server storage cannot be used for Forest Dragon’s Stem Scales obtained by opening a Forest Dragon’s Stem Scales Pouch that was acquired from a mission reward box.


     Event Reward List 
     Event Reward - Costume and Mount Preview 
     1-2. Deep Abyss of Nightmare (Labyrinth) 
◆ Missions from Priestess of Darkness Shea

This is bad. The Goddess's nightmare is evolving at will.

Lately even normal people are being impacted by the nightmare.

Is this because of the byway linking to Mistland?

I had an ominous premonition. We cannot close the byway, so we must purify the nightmare somehow, and fast.








A mission from Priestess of Darkness Shea has arrived. Gather all your strength and purify this nightmare!












1. Comprised of 1-2 stages in total and instead of filling the nightmare gauge players have to fill the kill point gauge.
2. Bonus kill points earned for killing stronger monsters!
3. Good things will happen when players reach a certain amount of kill points.
4. Items that will be helpful in battle are generated by the blue crystals located between each zone.
5. The Nightmare Guard (Boss) in stage 2 must be defeated to purify the nightmare.

<Entry Gate>




1. A path has opened to the ‘Nightmare Crack’ through Saint Haven’s [Boundary Gate].







2. Go through the gate within the Waiting Room to enter the Nightmare with Labyrinth difficulty.







<Selection of Labyrinth Difficulty>


- You can choose any difficulty from [Easy] to [Labyrinth 13F].
- The difficulty is not adjusted based on the number of party members.
- Monsters get stronger as the difficulty level rises and the final reward also improves.

* The final reward is only granted when there is a mission. (Gold/Silver Chest)







     Reward Information 



1. Defeat Boss
- You are guaranteed to receive 1 [Unidentified Warrior Magic Talisman] after defeating the boss.
- You also have a small chance of acquiring an [Unidentified Warrior Rare Talisman] or an [Unidentified Epic Talisman of Destruction].
- The probability of acquiring these items rises as the difficulty increases.

2. Selectable Golden/Silver Box

- The final reward, the Selectable Golden/Silver Box, only appears if you have a Deep Abyss of Nightmare mission.
- From the Silver Box you can only acquire an [Unidentified Warrior Magic Talisman].
- The Golden Box, however, is certain to yield at least an [Unidentified Warrior Rare Talisman] or at best an [Unidentified Epic Talisman of Destruction].
- The higher the difficulty level, the greater the number of [Unidentified Warrior Rare Talismans] you’ll receive. The chances of getting an [Unidentified Epic Talisman of Destruction] also greatly increases.
* Unidentified Item Info
* [Enhancement Talisman of Destruction] Added
- A new Epic Grade Lv95 Enhancement Talisman of Destruction has been added.
- Acquired by opening the Nightmare Box, the Deep Abyss of Nightmare reward, located in the Craft Item tab.
- Can be sealed a maximum of 4 times. Once sealed it can be traded or sent to storage.
- Disassemble to acquire 1 High Grade Luminous Talisman Fragment.
* [Enhancement Talisman of Destruction] Basic Info
* [Enhancement Talisman of Destruction] Basic Stats



- Upon acquiring an Enhancement Talisman of Destruction, the stat value will be randomly assigned between 1 to 10.
- Enhancement Talismans of Destruction do not have additional stats.






* [Nightmare Box]
- Nightmare Boxes have been added to [Blacksmith]-[Smithy Exchange]-[Craft Item]-[Craft Dragon Jade/Talismans].
- Open a Nightmare Box to acquire a Magic to Epic Grade Ultimate Enhancement Talisman or Breath of Kilos.
* Breath of Kilos


- Redetermines the stat value of the Talisman of Destruction.
- You have a certain chance of acquiring it from a Nightmare Box. Can be traded.
The [Beginner's Guide] has added to the UI and menu (N) at the top of the quest list on the first entry into the game.

Follow the first guide at the beginning of the game! Click on the corresponding UI to read the relevant guide TIP.
Some of the guides are linked to more detailed help by pressing the [?] button.














[2] Changes/Additions

     2-1. Black Dragon Accessory Evolution 


- The 4 types of Black Dragon Accessories can be evolved to Lv3.
- Existing enhancement points will remain the same after accessory evolution.
- To evolve a Black Dragon Accessory you need the [Evolution Hammer] matching the accessory type and evolution level.
- Each Evolution Hammer can be crafted in Blacksmith - Craft Items - Craft Common Goods. You will need different materials and Gold amounts depending on the type of Evolution Hammer.
- Evolution Hammers cannot be traded or sent to server storage. Only craft as many as you need at the moment.





- Refer to the table below to find the additional stats per evolution level and materials needed to craft Evolution Hammers.






◆ Goddess Coins added to rewards for clearing Main Quest chapters

- You will acquire 1 Goddess Coin per Main Quest chapter cleared.

- You will not receive a Goddess Coin if you [Abandon](SKIP).

-Users who have already completed the Main Quest cannot receive the coins again.

You can trade 30 Goddess Coins to Priestess of Darkness Canele located in the Sunset Watchtower for a Deep Twilight Box (Class Specific-Armor).
※ Goddess Coins can be acquired as attendance rewards and Main Quest chapter rewards.










- Improvements made regarding Dragon Jade Generator types and Dragon Jade additional stats.
- Improvements: Dragon Jade Generator Types

In the second tab within the Nest Shop, Dragon Jade Generators are sold by type and attribute.

Challenger Jade Generators increased to 2000 Challenger Jade Dust.

Transcendent Dragon Jade Converters increased to 100 Challenger Jade Dust.

- Improvements: Additional Stats
- Greatly reduced the chances of additional stats being added that don’t match the main stat.
◆ Structural Changes
- Now in order to advance further into the Deep Abyss, you must defeat the Nightmare Guard.
- Until now you could skip the boss battle in Nightmare 1. This was something we introduced to give people the choice between getting a <boss reward> or being able to do <quick clear>.
However, too many players are electing to skip the boss and do <quick clear>.

We determined that the <boss skip> function didn’t contribute to building an in-game experience where players feel like they are taking on stronger monsters as they progress to higher stages in the [Deep Abyss (Nightmare)] and other Labyrinth dungeons. We therefore decided to take out this function.

• We took out the parts that included the boss skip function and added a new boss event to improve the in-game experience.




◆ Boss Event Additions/Deletions

- We took out the [Double boss] event that had a certain chance of occurring during boss battles.

- [Double boss] was an event that we planned as a chance to give players double the <boss rewards>.
However, it was determined that the rewards were not worth the effort for users. We therefore deleted [double boss] because it did not accomplish what was intended.
- We added the new boss event [N-... Nightmare Guards??]!

- We deleted the 1F boss skip function and added a new boss event to improve the in-game experience.
This event can activate on both 1F and 2F and will provide the same experience as boss skip.
* Obtain [Sealed Dreamy Jade] with a certain probability in the elimination of boss. 
- Eliminating the Sunset Cloister boss in all difficulty can achieve Sealed Dreamy Jade with a certain probability.


* [Sealed Dreamy Jade Info.]
* Accessory Enhancement Changes (Unique Grade)
- From +11 - +20, enhancement cost was reduced from 2400 to 800 Gold.
* Accessory Enhancement Changes (Legend/Ancient Grade)
- Enhancement effect values were greatly increased.
- The required quantity of materials required for enhancement will be changed.

(1) Reduced from 5000 to 1000 gold.
(2) The number of Lapis increased by 15 from the previous requirements.
* Gosuk’s Precious Box contents and rates have been partially changed.







* Brilliant Destruction Protection Magic Jelly is a special magic jelly that can be used in the enhancement section for equipment that will be destroyed upon enhancement failure because Item Protection Magic Jelly cannot be used on it.

  However, if enhancement fails the enhance value of the equipment will be reset to zero, so use it wisely.









     2-8. Removal of Fortress of Erosion 



With the removal of Fortress of Erosion, we also changed the mission, help and title content.




We removed the Fortress of Erosion mission located in [Mission (L)-Dungeon (Special)-Special Stage].





With the removal of the Fortress of Erosion mission, [Dark Knight] could no longer be acquired. We therefore made changes to Title content.

[Dark Knight] was also removed from the collection [Dragon Nest Hero Chronicles Ch.2].






We removed Fortress of Erosion-related content from Help(J).








     2-9. Removal of Unusable Items 









     2-10. Skill Heraldry Purchase Path Changed 


* Skill Heraldry Purchase Place Change
- We've changed Skill Heraldry purchase place that sold at the Stage Point store so that you can buy them from [Heraldry Scholar Shop].
- All skill Heraldry are available at [1 Gold].
* Lapis acquisition place change
- Lapis will be removed from Crystal point shop and Hero’s Blood, Sweat, and Tear Store.
- You can buy lapis from [Merka’s Heart] - [April] for 400 golds.
* We removed limitations to improve the items transfer process when exchanging main characters.

The existing hot spring fatigue could not be exceeded by more than 3600 per day, but this patch has been modified to achieve a maximum of 10800 per day.









     2-14. Friendship NPC Location Description Added 



This patch makes it easier to navigate by adding a location description for the NPC where Friendship (Y) is active.






As the guild Nest is removed, the associated buff recipe is also deleted.

Existing Defence Elixir/Bland Recovery Elixir/Bland Attack Elixir will be changed as Sell Collection Item.









     2-16. Partial Beginner's Guide to Spinoff Character Removal 

Removed [Awakening] guide located in [Stage 3] for Spinoff characters in Beginner ’s Guide.









     2-17. Reduced Mission Acquisition Limits and Wait Times after Refresh Following Mission Deletion 



※ Developer's Comment

- To make it so heroes can play the stages or nests they want with greater convenience, we reduced wait times after deleting missions.
-However, while reducing wait times, in order to prevent abuse of Counterattack, Co-op, Target, Alliance, and Mission game elements, we made it so only normal missions can be acquired after deletion.



* Changes *

- After deleting missions, we limited mission acquisition to normal missions only.
- After deletion of missions, we changed wait time to 20 minutes and commensurately reduced the required amount of Crystal Points.

- In the November update checkup all missions will be reset.









     2-18. Display for No. of People Waiting for Party Matching 



- To resolve the issue of users waiting for long periods of time without any information about the number of other people on matching standby, we added a feature displaying how many users are waiting for party matching.
- Users can also press the [Refresh] button to refresh info on the number of people.
- Before registering for matching, users can also preview the number of people.
Guides for content that has already come to end and therefore cannot be completed or where completion conditions have changed were revised as follows:

     2-20. [Saint Haven]-[Farm Manager Mori] [Learn Skill] deleted 

Though Secondary Skills learned through quests and subsequently deleted could be relearned through the NPC,

because the Secondary Skill deletion function was removed from the skill window, these Secondary Skills cannot be learned from [Farm Manager Mori] in conversations unrelated to quests.

※ [Secondary Skills] can be learned from [Farm Manager Mori] after reaching Lv24 and accepting the [Grand Opening of the Farm] quest from [Event Helper Irine].











     2-21. Other 


■ Single skip required for Black Dragon Nest TimeAttack cut scenes

- Revised so that there is only one switch to a cut scene at the beginning of Black Dragon Nest TimeAttack, allowing users to skip all cut scenes at once.


■ Black Dragon Nest TimeAttack gameplay environment improvements

- Improved the gameplay environment in Black Dragon Nest TimeAttack Gates 3 and 4 to deal with serious frame rate issues.


■ Volcano Nest Gate 1

- Improved so that the hit area of explosion attacks emerging from the Volcano Nest Gate 1 stomp patterns can be avoided in midair.


■ Volcano Nest Gate 4

- When the decal patterns begin to appear in Volcano Nest Gate 4, the player is no longer pulled to the middle and instead is thrown to the ground.

- The meteors during the circular breath pattern of Volcano Nest Gate 4 no longer fall on everyone at once and now fall with less frequency.


■ Daidalos Nest Gate 1

- We reduced the HP and Attack power of the Guard Scimitar in Daidalos Nest Gate 1.

- We significantly reduced the damage dealt by missiles in the Daidalos Nest Gate ■ 1 missile evasion pattern.


■ Typhoon Kim Nest

- We eliminated the glitch that mistakenly displayed the message “Mission underway” upon entering [Fission Maze - Typhoon Kim Nest Region].


■ Granom Nest - Gate 2

- We fixed the glitch that left standing all the monuments that summoned the defeated Agnal even after clearing the gate.


■ Sea Dragon Nest - Gate 2

- We fixed the glitch that retained all the fireballs summoned in the center by the Golem Lava even after clearing the gate.


■ Anu Arendel Gate

- We fixed the glitch where the Anu Arendel Nest Gate area could not be displayed all the way to the inner section.


■ Cloister: Silver Vine Forest

- Removed the poison pond patterns from Cloister: Silver Vine Forest.

- Reduced the frequency somersault kick patterns are used in Cloister: Silver Vine Forest.



■ Modified Appearance Rate of Advanced Missions

- Slightly reduced the appearance rate of advanced missions on the Adventurer Bulletin Board.

■ Instances of invaders appearing first in unplayed Ancient Armory West stages

- Fixed instances of monster invaders appearing first in unplayed Ancient Armory West stages so that they appear in normal locations instead.



■ Dragon Followers’ Base

- The power of the Totems using Punisher Brass has been slightly limited.



■ Dark Overlord's Tower

- Corrected the glitch generating the phantom invaders in areas to which movement is restricted.



■ Red Waste

- Corrected the issue of rewards received for completing missions not being the same as the expected reward.

■ Combined Skills

- [Increase Minion EXP] skill removed.



■ Dreamy Dragon Jade

- Fixed the issue of [Dreamy Dragon Jade] skill effects applying to some supplemental maps when Skill Dragon Jade effects shouldn’t be applied.

■ Wonderful Theme Park Reward Changed

- Converted the 1000 Nightmare Points received for defeating Sparta Goblin to 100 Blood, Sweat and Tears points.


■ Rewards Changed for [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space and [Catastrophe] Red Lotus Palace

- Removed the Nightmare Points once received for clearing [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space and [Catastrophe] Red Lotus Palace.


■ Changed Content of Low Grade - High Grade Adventure Box

- Changed Talisman Fragments and Essences included in Exploration Boxes into High Grade Garnet.

■ Changed Number of Normal Boxes Appearing in Stages

- Made the number of normal boxes appearing the same for all stages.



■ Sunset Cloister Map

- Sunset Cloister Map will be changed so that it can be moved by using Normal Server Storage.

■ Legend Flawless Victory Armour Dragon Jade option appearance rate is changed.












[3] Balance



     3-1. Parrying Improvements 



Upon successfully parrying,

Until now, despite successfully Parrying and preventing damage, status abnormalities were not being blocked, unlike with Evade.



This was a slight disadvantage for classes that are forced to actively use Parrying.

However, with recent improvements successful Parrying now prevents status abnormalities.



The Cleric [Block] skill still cannot prevent status abnormalities because its mechanics differ from the Parrying skill.

We have applied this fix to the [Parrying] skill used by the majority of classes and plan to apply it to [Block] as well after ensuring it works reliably.









     3-2. November Skill balancing 










     3-3. Other 

1. The skill effect is changed.

- Launcher - Trigger

- Impacter - Intense Shock, Intense Pulse Bubble













[4] Event


     4-1. Saint Haven Defence: Gorilla from the Star 



Saint Haven Defence has opened!



[ Saint Haven's Doomsday? ]



A mysterious unidentified flying object has appeared in Saint Haven! Where did it come from? And who’s inside?

What’s certain is the airship is hostile and if its attacks cannot be stopped, it might be the end of Saint Haven.







 [Entry Info] 

- Level requirements :  From Level 40 to Level 95

- Entry Ticket : None

- Number of players : 4 to 12 players (cannot enter in a party)






- Saint Haven Gate (East/West/South Gate)Saint Haven Defence : Gorilla from the Star  Enter event map






 [How to enter] 

You will enter a waiting room or a room where battle has already begun.

When you enter the waiting room, you will have to wait until minimum number of players (4 players) are gathered.

When you enter a battle room, you will be warped to the battle zone.







Life Stones and Resurrection Scrolls are not used when you resurrect in Saint Haven Defence.



1) Resurrection Cooldown

Resurrection cooldown is applied when you die in Saint Haven Defence.

You cannot resurrect by yourself during the cooldown period so you need to get help from other players.

Cooldown ends when another character enters the resurrection key (default: R) after approaching the dead player.






2) Time limit after Resurrection Cooldown 

When resurrection cooldown ends, resurrection time limit will begin.

If you do not resurrect within the time limit or refuse to resurrect, you will be forced to enter town.







 [Cooldown Time] 

When you clear Saint Haven Defence or leave the stage halfway, you will have to wait for 15 minutes before entering Saint Haven Defence again.






 [Take Note] 

- Saint Haven Defence is balanced.

- Durability is not reduced in Saint Haven Defence.

- You cannot enter Saint Haven Defence in a party.

- All skill cooldown are initialised when you first enter Saint Haven Defence and they will not be initialised when you die in battle.





 Saint Haven Defence Rewards 

- You can get additional Seasonal Points based on the damage amount.

- When defence is successful, you can get “Universe Treasure Pouch”.

- When you open “Universe Treasure Pouch”, you can get one of the items inside.

- When defence is successful, you can get additional Seasonal Points at a set rate.

- When defence is successful, you stand a low chance of acquiring Mecha Dire Wolf Medallion.






Mecha Dire Wolf Mount








King Kang's Plate Headspin / Operation









     4-2. Attendance Reward and Attendance Reward Restructuring 

* Attendance Reward is changed.

- You can earn 1 'Goddess Coin’ each time you attend.
* 30 Goddess Coins allow the exchange of 'Deep Twilight Box (Class-specific-Armour)' from 'Priestess of Darkness Canele' located in 'Sunset Watchtower'.

■ Lagendia Continent Exploration: Season 13 End.

   - Lagendia Continent Exploration Season 13 is over.












[5] Cash Shop

     5-1. November Costume: Cerno (Loria) Costume 

Black Friday costume deals & sale! Discounts up to 40% on select products!












     5-2. Spinoff Costume 



The [Encroaching Nightmare's Costume Package] is available for sale only for Vena Plaga characters.

Black Friday costume deals & sale! Discounts up to 40% on select products!



- Package Contents

  : Two types of armours (Helmet, Dress) + Two types of weapons


- Selling Period

 : After November's 6th Update Patch ~ Until December Update Patch


Set effect is only applied for Encroaching Nightmare’s costumes.



<Spinoff Costume Appearance>


Also, other spinoff costumes that have given many requests will also be sold in the cash shop.!

= Arch Heretic, Black Mara, Ray Mechanic, Oracle Elder, Bleed Phantom









     5-3. Snow Iona Treasure Box Update 

>Winter is Coming! 


















> Snow Iona's Wings/ Tail/ Decal/ Necklace/ Weapon Exchange Coupon





> Innocent Iona Spirit



> Trade Warranty will be included as Key item in Iona Transformation gacha from November target. 






     5-4. [Minion] Roundy-round Pang-Pang 3.0 + Accessories 



New minion [Roundy-round Pang-Pang 3.0] is released.
Plus, two types of Epic grade accessories and 1 type of Legend grade accessory are released!








     5-5. Style Added 



One type of hair style is released!

>Hair Style






Three types of hair dye are released! REVISED 

>Hair Dye