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EVENT [UPDATED on Jan 7] VIP Accessory Box will be updated on December 29 12. 27. 2019 Views 9683

Dear. heroes,


First of all, we apologize for the 30-minute delay of the mentioned maintenance time and thank you for your kind understanding.


We announce that VIP Accessory Box sales are finished now and that although it is still being displayed at Cash Shop, it is not possible to purchase anymore.

Again, thank you for your understanding of the extension and for your cooperation.



Best wishes,



Dear. heroes,



We would like to announce the notice for the VIP accessory box and Cash Shop maintenance during this week.



1) The VIP Accessory Box will be purchasable until 6th January 2020 at 23:59 (PST).
Exchange coupons can be used at any time from NPC VIP Helper Veep continuously and potential gauge on the VIP accessory will continue to maintain.



2) There will be a 30-minutes cash server maintenance between 00:00~00:30 on 7th January, so we recommend that you avoid using the cash shop during this time.



Please refer to this notice for using our service and thank you for your understanding.








VIP Accessory Box has arrived in Lagendia!



It’s a special box which has composed with enhancement materials.

Grab the special chance to obtain VIP Accessory Exchange Coupon and Evolution hammer during the sales period.



Meet VIP Accessory Box in cash shop and be stronger!






 [Sales Period] 

- Monday, December 29, 2019 After maintenance ~ Monday, January 6, 2020 23:59 (PST)








- 1 ea: 3,500 EYET

- 10 ea: 35,000 EYET








 [Composed Items of VIP Accessory Box] 



*One of item above the list randomly will be acquired per a box. 





- Details of Enhancement Gift Box









 [Potential Gauge] 

- VIP Accessory Box’s Potential Gauge is filled with 0.5% per 1 VIP Accessory Box.

- When the Potential Gauge is fully filled with 100% Gauge, can acquire [VIP Accessory Exchange Coupon].

※Available to acquire [Evolution Hammer] with 100% Potential Gauage





When [GM] Lauren purchased VIP Accessory Box 10 ea, the Potential Gauge will be increased 5%.









 [VIP Helper Veep] 

- Available to exchange VIP Accessory and Evolution Hammer at VIP Helper Veep.












 [Status of VIP Accessory] 

 - Accessory has basically Defence Dragon Jade Slot. (Necklace has additional slot for Mirage Dragon Jade.)

- After evolution by using Evolution Hammer, additional Jade Slot for Attack Dragon Jade appears! 













- VIP Accessory Box only can be purchased by EYET only.

- The items can only be purchased during the sales period.

- VIP Accessory Box and exchange Coupon are not tradable.

- The Potential gauge of the existing Gacha Boxes and the Potential gauge of the VIP Accessory Box are not shared.

- The maximum amount of Lebrium Point can carry has been extended to 1 million.