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UPDATE [Patchnote] April Patchnote 04. 07. 2020 Views 17319

[1] Updates

- Labyrinth Depths & Fission Maze

- Minos Equipment

- Goddess Heraldry

- Blood Moon Dragon Jade

- Forest Dragon Nest Hard

- Craft Item – Skila Equipment

[2] Changes/Additions

- Beginner Guide Content and Reward Changes

- Skilled Hero Equipment Added

- Easier and Faster Specialization!

- Deep Abyss of Nightmare (Labyrinth) Expansion

- Dreamy Dragon Jade

- Ladder Reward Restructuring

- Warrior Dragon Jade Enhancement Material Acquisition Area Added

- Division Nest

- Hero Mission Changes

- Item Guide Tool Tip Improvements

- Gosuk’s Precious Box

- Crystal Point Shop Changes

- World Daily Task Reward Changes

- Mission Bulletin Board Shop Expansion

- Other

[3] Balance

- Balance

[4] Event

- Saint Haven Defense

- [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space

- April Attendance event

[5] Cash Shop

- Conversion Accessory Release

- Hidden Flower Wings/Tail/Decal

- Synthesis Costume: King of Flower

- Cash Shop Item Added

- Changes





[1] Updates




 1-1. Labyrinth Depths & Fission Maze 










 1-2. Minos Equipment 








 1-3. Goddess Heraldry 








 1-4. Blood Moon Dragon Jade 











 1-5. Forest Dragon Nest Hard 





           Entry Info

- Entry Location: Merca's Port, Dragon Nest Entry Gate

- Access Path: [Town] Saint Haven → [World Zone] Merca's Heart → [World Zone] Merca's Port

- Entry level: LV 95 or higher

- Entry capacity: 5-8 people

- Entry difficulty: Labyrinth 15F (single)

- Entry ticket item: [Tough Blood Matador Rose] x1

- Weekly clear limit: 1 time

- Number of inner stage rewards per week: 1

- Revive count: 0 (characters revived after clearing each stage)






           Does not share nest reward distribution and weekly clear counts. 

- Though weekly clear and inner reward distribution counts are shared by Forest Dragon Nest and Forest Dragon Nest Light, they are tallied separately for Forest Dragon Nest Hard.








           [How to Purchase Forest Dragon Nest Hard Entry Tickets] 

- Forest Dragon Nest Hard entry ticket items can be purchased in the same manner as the current Forest Dragon Nest’s entry tickets.

- The weekly purchase limit counts for Tough Blood Matador Roses and Blood Matador Roses are calculated separately.







           [Forest Dragon Nest Hard Expected Rewards] 

- You will receive rewards for defeating the bosses appearing at each stage within Forest Dragon Nest Hard.

- Defeat the Forest Dragon Hirendel appearing in the last stage of Forest Dragon Nest Hard to get the final reward.







           [Blacksmith Crafting] 

- You can make Tough Forest Dragon Main Weapons using the Craft Item feature accessed through the blacksmith in each town.






           [Tough Forest Dragon Main Weapon Details] 



- Tough Forest Dragon Main Weapons have a minimum of +3 enhancement points more than Forest Dragon Main Weapons.

- Applied additional stats will be equivalent to blessed Tough Forest Dragon Main Weapon stats.










 1-6. Craft Item – Skila Equipment 



● Skila Equipment Crafting Added

- Added to enable crafting in the [Skila Set] area located in the Craft Set Equipment tab’s Legend Equipment Set list (accessed through a blacksmith).








● Skila Equipment Crafting Cost

- Equipment costs are the same for every class.
















[2] Changes/Additions




 2-1. Beginner Guide Content and Reward Changes 



Beginner guide content and rewards have been changed as follows.

Guides with reward changes can be completed again even if already initially completed.












 2-2. Skilled Hero Equipment Added 



[New Equipment Added: Skilled Hero Equipment]

We added new Skilled Hero Equipment for heroes undergoing character growth after reaching the maximum level.





※ [Skilled Hero Equipment]

cannot be enhanced/disassembled/traded/or sent to server or premium storage.

This replaces the Calypse Tier 1 equipment formerly provided in the Beginner’s Guide.

Between armor and weapons, 7 equipment pieces in total will be provided.












 2-3. Easier and Faster Specialization! 



Simpler and faster specialization is now possible for Lagendia’s experienced heroes!















 2-4. Deep Abyss of Nightmare (Labyrinth) Expansion 



◇ Deep Abyss of Nightmare (Labyrinth) Expansion

◇ Deep Abyss of Nightmare (Labyrinth) has been expanded to 17F.

▶ You can obtain at least one Unidentified Epic Talisman of Destruction from the gold box appearing upon clearing a floor from 16F onward after getting the Deep Abyss of Nightmare mission.













 2-5. Dreamy Dragon Jade 





           Dreamy Dragon Jade Info 

▶ Dreamy Dragon Jade can be acquired in complete form in the Sunset Cloister or crafted exclusively through a blacksmith.

▶ The Dream Fragments needed for blacksmith crafting can themselves now be crafted using Moon Fragments.






※ Developer's Comment:

- Since we changed the reward for defeating Resting Places from Dream Fragments to Moon Fragments, players who did not have enough Dream Fragments sometimes found it difficult to craft Dreamy Dragon Jade.

To address this, we made it so Moon Fragments can now be turned into Dream Fragments. (Dream Fragments cannot be turned into Moon Fragments.)





 2-6. Ladder Reward Restructuring 



◇ Amount of Weekly Ladder Points changed

▶ The higher the Ladder score, the more weekly ladder points can now be acquired.

▶ However, the rewards received will be decreased based on the number of games played if less than 10. (For example, 10 or more games played: 100% provided; 5 games played: 50% provided)









 2-7. Warrior Dragon Jade Enhancement Material Acquisition Area Added 




◇ Warrior Dragon Jade Enhancement Material Acquisition Area Added



※ Developer's Comment:

Some players must have felt uncomfortable because the last stage/nest reward revisions eliminated the supply of materials needed to enhance Warrior Dragon Jade.

We therefore added an area for acquiring such materials.



▶ You can obtain one of the following items for completion of counterattack or alliance missions.






             [Contents List] 













 2-8. Division Nest 



▶ Boxes for completing Division Nests have been changed to [Nest Essence].

- [Nest Essence] replaces treasure chests for clearing 11 types of Division Nests.

- Clear the Nest to purify the [Nest Essence]. Purified [Nest Essence] will drop a reward for clearing.

- Rewards for clearing Nests remain unchanged.

- Mission reward boxes are the same treasure chests as before.











 2-9. Hero Mission Changes 



▶ The “[XX mission] underway” message displayed upon entering dungeons will now be printed in different colors according to mission type.














 2-10. Item Guide Tool Tip Improvements 



● Improved Item Guide Heraldry and Talisman Tool Tips

- We improved item tool tips so players can more easily distinguish the [Additional Stats] and [Random Stats] of a Heraldry or Talisman in the Item Guide.










 2-11. Gosuk’s Precious Box 



- Gosuk’s Precious Box contents and rates have been partially changed.





- Gosuk's Coins can be used to buy various items at Gosuk's Precious Shop.

- Gosuk's Precious Shop can be accessed through the NPC Gosuk in front of Boundary Gate, Saint Haven.














 2-12. Crystal Point Shop Changes 



- The cost of Lebrium Points has changed.

- Minos Lebrium has been added.













 2-13. World Daily Task Reward Changes 



- We made changes to the World Daily Task rewards.





- Conversion Accessory Box is composed of Magical Conversion Accessory Fragments. 

- When 3,500 Magical Conversion Accessory Fragments are collected, it can be exchanged to Magical Conversion Thread (Accessory) at NPC Kathy.

- With Magical Conversion Thread (Accessory), Hero can select one of Conversion Accessory Parts (Necklace/Ring/Earrings).



- For more information about Conversion Accessory, please refer to [HERE]











 2-14. Mission Bulletin Board Shop Expansion 



- We decided to expand the [Mission Bulletin Board Shop] after seeing all the blood, sweat and tears players put into the Adventurer’s Guild!

- Now you can use the Mission Bulletin Board Shop in [Calderock Village], [Lotus Marsh Town], and [Red Lotus Palace Thoroughfare].



※ Speak with the NPC near the Mission Bulletin Board to access the Shop.







 2-15. Other 



■ Sunset-tinted Silver Coins can now be used in the Warehouse Keeper [General (Server) Tab].



■ Added Battle Enhanced Heraldry (Heroic) Boxes to Battle Enhanced Heraldry (Heroic) [Obtained Location].



■ Revised the [Obtained Location] and [Usage] tool tips for Extracted Battle Jade Dust.



■ Removed Tainted Dark Feathers from the Green Dragon Nest Time Attack rewards.



■ Black Dragon Nest Time Attack

- You no longer need entry tickets to enter Black Dragon Nest Time Attack.

- Changed Tainted Dark Feathers from entry ticket items to collection items.



■ Added the Crystal Point Shop as a location where Lapis can be acquired.



■ Made the description and obtained location information of Zephyr Dragon Equipment in the Item Guide easier to read.



■ Mounts can now be ridden in the World Zone Temple Knight Training Ground.



■ Fixed the bug in Push! Crystal Statue by which unconditional mission failure does not occur when all the statues break at the same time while defeating the final boss.



■ Colosseum Adjusted Mode Revisions

- No longer removes the setting randomly when set to Adjusted Colosseum mode.



■ Changes to Hero Info Script in the Character Window

- The names of NPCs who can be purchased will now be highlighted when a Hero is not equipped in the Character Info(P) - Hero tab.


■ Trial Nest

-The Time Attack for each stage has been changed to 6 min.



■ [Quest] Gust Dragon Nest

- Greatly decreased the HP of monsters appearing in the [(Quest) Gust Dragon Nest] that can be accessed during Main Quest [Chapter 17. Setting a Trap].













[3] Balance




 3-1. Balance 







[4] Event



 4-1. EVENT - Saint Haven Defense 




◆ Saint Haven Defense



[Entry Info]

• Entry Level: Lv 40-95

• Entry Items: None

• Number of starting players: 4 - 16 (Cannot be entered while in a party)



[Related Quest]

• Saint Haven Defense - Remote Quest [Saint Haven Defense]

※ Unfinished Defense quests from the previous season will be reset.



[Location Info]
Saint Haven East Gate/West Gate/South Gate ▶ Saint Haven Defense



[How to Enter]

Enter either by joining a waiting group or by joining a group in progress.

Entry by joining a waiting group places you on standby until a minimum number of players (4) gather.

Entry by joining a group in progress warps you directly to the battle area.





[Revive Info]

Revival in Saint Haven Defense does not consume Life Stones or Revival Scrolls.



1) Revive Wait Time

A revival wait time will be applied after dying during Saint Haven Defense.

Because you cannot revive yourself during this waiting period, you will have to ask other characters for assistance.

If another character approaches you and presses the Revive Key (default: R), the wait time will be elapsed.





2) Revive Countdown

A countdown will begin after the revive wait time has elapsed.

You will be transfered to the town if you do not select Revive or Decline within the time limit.







• Modifications will be applied to Saint Haven Defense.

• Durability is not consumed in Saint Haven Defense.

• You cannot enter Saint Haven Defense while in a party.

• Upon entering Saint Haven Defense, you will begin with restored skill cooldown, but skill cooldown is not restored after dying midway.





[Saint Haven Defense Rewards]

• The items for sale at the Seasonal Point Shop have changed to commemorate the opening of Saint Haven Defense Basilisk.









You can get the following rewards in the battle versus Basilisk.






▶ Time Schedule








 4-2. [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space 



▶ We have made changes to [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space.




This year’s first [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space - [Bacchus x Bacchus x Bacchus +]



• Take out the three Bacchus brothers.

• You can deal heavy damage using Meteor.

• An Explosive Goblin Technician will appear.



• Success: Defeat every Bacchus within 5 minutes

• Failure: 5 minutes pass or just 1 person dies



• Bacchus HP constantly regenerates.

• Rumor has it that a lot of praise can produce a strong wind.












[Storm of Time and Space] - Changes

• [Crash-Bang! Alpaca Ranch] removed, replaced with [Bacchus × Bacchus × Bacchus +].













 4-3. April Attendance Event 



- Players will get one ‘Goddess Coin’ as an attendance reward with each daily login from April maintenance until the next update.

- You can exchange 30 Goddess Coins for a ‘Deep Twilight Box (Class-exclusive Armor)’ with ‘Priestess of Darkness Canele’, located in ‘Sunset Watchtower’.















[5] Cash Shop



 5-1. Conversion Accessory Gacha-Box Release 



- Conversion Accessory Gacha Box has released.




- This Gacha Box has composed of Magical Conversion Accessory Fragments.

- When 3,500 Magical Conversion Accessory Fragments are collected, it can be exchanged to Magical Conversion Thread (Accessory) at NPC Kathy.

- With Magical Conversion Thread (Accessory), Hero can select one of Conversion Accessory Parts (Necklace/Ring/Earrings).

- Server Storage Unavailable 







- Price: 550 Cash per 1 box & 5,000 Cash per 10 boxes

- EYEC is unavailable to purchase Gacha-Box. (EYET and DNP are allowed)





- Sales Period: After Wednesday April 8, 2020 maintenance ~ Before, Wednesday, April 22, 2020 23:00 (PST)







 5-2. Hidden Flower Wings/Tail/Decal 



- Hidden Flower Wings/Tail/ Decal added to Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Box.








- Sweet Candy Wings/Tail/Decal will be removed from Red Lotus Gacha-Box.










 5-3. Synthesis Costume: King of Flower 2.0 



- King of Flower 2.0 has added to Synthesis Costume.

- When two same partsof costumes are synthesized, King of Flower 2.0 will be obtained with certain rate.  











 5-4. Cash Shop Item added 



- High Purity Blood Moon Core has added to Cash Shop.




- Price: 16,500 Cash per 1 EA & 75,000 Cash per 5 EA Pocket.

- EYEC is not allowed to purchase.




- FTG Recovery Potion (6,000) has added to Cash Shop.




- Price: 2,400 Cash per 1 EA







 5-5. Change 



- Lunaria Transformation Egg will be removed during Wednesday, maintenance April 16.

- Hope Flower Discount Promotion has finished.