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EVENT [GM EVENT] Feast of May GM Event 04. 28. 2020 Views 3260



Hello heroes! This is [GM]Loren!

Hope you are enjoying a great day with Dragon Nest. ヽ(^◇^*)/


During the May, 3 GM events will be held from play event to random pick event.

Make sure to read the details and please join the event a lot!








(Closed Event)


[Event 1_ Play with GM, Get Reward!]







[Event Date and Mechanics]




1. This event will be held on May 3, May 7, and May 10 for a total of 3 days. (PST)

The time of the event is random and will be guided through the in-game notice or Red/Bluebird when GM appears.

2. [GM]Loren plays [Strom of Time and Space] and [Catastrophe] once each through random matching on the event date.


3. Users who have cleared stage with GM through random matching will receive the following reward.





[Event Reward and Reward Date]



-Golden Goblin Coin (1)

-Gold Lotus Crown (50)



▶ Reward Date: 12th May 00:00 (PST) 

▶ All winners will receive the above prizes on the 12th of May.

(Update as of 3rd May) ▶ The reward can be collectible until 17th May 23:59 (PST)

(Update as of 3rd May)▶The event reward will be delivered on a character basis.






[Event Winner Announcement]





















▶ The event date may change. 

▶ Matched users (event winners) will be announced later in this event notice.



(Update as of 3rd May) ▶ Duplicated winner selection won't be applied.

-Example: If A is selected on 3rd May, A won't be selected even if match and clear for the next time.




▶ If the user interferes with DC/departure/play progress during play, the user will not be recognized as 'participation'.

All players must 'Clear' until the end to be recognized as one participation.


▶ If there is any difficulty in progress due to server issues or other issues, we will notify you through a separate notice.




 GM won't be accepted any inquiries during the event time.




▶ Using offensive language vulgarity can be sanctioned with following operation policy.




▶ GM's decision is final.









(Closed Event)


[Event 2_ Farm and Fishing TOGETHER !]








Harvest, Fishing content enhancements to May Updates!

For your smooth farming life, GM will present you with Growth Booster and Fantastic Bait.

May 6th, only one day! Log in and get them.





[Event Date]



6th May, 2020 00:00~23:59 (PST/EDT), 1day





[Event Reward]



 Growth Booster (60)

Fantastic Bait (100)



▶ These rewards will be delivered on an account basis via special storage.

▶ All the above 30 level characters can receive the rewards.








- GM's decision is final.











[Event 3_Moon Blossom Banquet !]






This event is held from 00:00 on May 5th to before the scheduled maintenance on May 20th.

 Clear any Red Lotus Palace Stage more than 12 times during the event period and qualify for getting Moon Fragment!





[Event Date and Mechanics]



 (Revised) ▶Date: 5th May 00:00 ~ 20th May before scheduled maintenance start

*We are sorry for the previously misguided event period.




1. Clear one of the following stages at least 12 times during the event period.

(Only one of the 4 stages is eligible to participate.)






2.   Among users who have played more than 12 times of the stages,

GM will draw randomly and present reward divided into the tier.





*Total 30 winners





[Event Winner Announcement & Reward Date]



During 27th May scheduled maintenance









▶This event is based on an account basis and only above 95 level characters can participate.



▶Duplicated winner selection won't be applied.

-Example 1: If account A is selected for the Silver reward, the Gold/Bronze reward will not be accepted.

-Example2: Gold/Silver Rewards will not be accepted if account B is selected for Bronze Rewards.



▶GM's decision is final.