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UPDATE [Patchnote] May Patchnote (Revised on May 6) 05. 05. 2020 Views 32126

[1] Updates

1-1. Priest Remake

- Developer's Comment

- Skill Balancing

- Items

1-2. Rally the Guild!

1-3. Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena

1-4. Watchtower: Restricted Area

1-5. Cerberus Nest Beginner

[2] Changes/Additions

2-1. Nightmare Mission Reward Improvements

2-2. [Nest] Changes

2-3. Dimension Rock Changes

2-4. Forest Dragon Nest Hard Missions Added

2-5. Other

[3] Balance

3-1. May Skill Balancing

3-2. Skill Balancing – Items

[4] Event

4-1. May Attendance event

4-2. Other

[5] Cash Shop 

5-1. Animal Costume

5-2. Red Lotus Gacha-Box Update  

5-3. Pet 4.0 Pure White Snow Leopard and Accessories 

5-4. Cash Shop Update 

5-5. Crystal Point Shop Costume Update 











[1] Updates










 1-1. Priest Remake: Developer’s Comment 














 1-1. Priest Remake: Skill Balancing 



















































 1-1. Priest Remake: Items 







● Goddess Equipment

- Added 8 “Punishing Essence” items.

- [Additional item stats] are the same as current Goddess equipment.














● Goddess Equipment

- The [names] of 8 "Lightning Chaser" items have been changed to "Thunderbolt of Purification" and the [related skill] has been changed from "Chain Lighting" to "Falling Thunder".

- The [related skill] of 8 "Leading Faith" items has been changed from "Grand Cross" to "Mystic Chain".












● Goddess Heraldry

- Added "Punishing Essence" Goddess Heraldry.

- The [name] of "Lightning Chaser" Goddess Heraldry has been changed to "Thunderbolt of Purification" and the [related skill] has been changed from "Chain Lighting" to "Falling Thunder".

- The [related skill] of "Leading Faith" Goddess Heraldry has been changed from "Grand Cross" to "Mystic Chain".











● Plate

- Added 5 Plates to the [Skill Heraldry Shop] and changed 5 existing Plates.

















● Skill Heraldrys

- Added 10 types of Skill Heraldry and removed 12 types of Skill Heraldry.

- The sale price of removed Skill Heraldry has been changed to 1 copper.













 1-2. Rally the Guild! 





Brave Heroes, rally the guild!

◆ [Various Guild Contents and Powerful Guild Rewards!!]





Carry out various Guild Missions, including hunting, collecting, cultivation, fishing, and cooking to solve the problems of local residents!

Complete Guild Missions and collect Guild Honor Coins to grow your guild better than anyone else!

The Saint Haven Adventurer's Guild looks forward to the fine work of the brave heroes who will bring honor to the guild.









◇ Rally the Guild Missions








• Guild members will be given guild-exclusive missions to share with other guild members.

• Guild missions can be viewed by selecting the Guild Mission tab from the Mission (L) list.

• Upon completion of all the Guild Missions provided, the next level of Guild Missions will be assigned. Guild Missions will be refreshed weekly.

• The more warriors participating in Guild Missions, the more rewards you can earn.

• Scrolling on Guild Mission also show Guild Mission details. 

• Total 5 stages of Guild ,Mission will be opened.








◇ Guild Mission - Hunting



[Hunting Items]

▶ The collection items used as Guild Missions quest items appear in stages and nests.

   ※ They will not appear in Dragon Nest, Trial Nest, Fission Maze, and [Catastrophe] Red Lotus Palace contents.


▶ They can be obtained by defeating bosses, and there are two available ways to acquire them: [Lv 1-Lv 94 acquisition by probability] or [Lv 95 guaranteed acquisition]


▶ In stages, the items collected differ depending on where the dungeon is located.


▶ In the case of nests, the items collected differ depending on the boss.


▶ Collection items acquired will appear in the Inventory window Quest tab.






[Stage Collection Items]











[Nest Collection Items]












◇ Guild Mission - Collecting

[Collectible Items]

▶ The collection items used as Guild Missions quest items appear in stages and nests.

   ※ They will not appear in Dragon Nest, Trial Nest, Fission Maze, and [Catastrophe] Red Lotus Palace contents.


▶ From Lv 1 -94, 1 -2 items can be acquired at a time when collected. At Lv 95, 3 -5 items can be acquired at a time.


▶ Different collectible items appear depending on the topography of the dungeon entered.


▶ These are divided into normal and rare collectible items, and rare items can be traded and appear with very low probability.


▶ Normal collection items acquired will appear in the Inventory window Quest tab.












[Collection Method]





◆ Important Notes on Collection

▶ If you take damage during collection, the collection process will be canceled. (Can be restarted after a certain period of time).

▶ If you move during collection, the process will be canceled.

▶ Other activities such as chatting, trading, etc. are disabled during collection.







◇ Guild Mission Participation Reward




▶ A participation reward will be provided on the following day based on the number of guild members who participate in Daily Guild Missions more than 1 time.


▶ The participation reward will come in the form of Guild Honor Coins needed for [Coin Donation] or the [Guild Shop].










◇ Guild Donation




▶ When you donate to the guild the Honor Coins obtained through Guild Missions, you will accumulate Guild Points.

▶ Guild Recurring Missions and Guild Long-term Missions will be temporarily suspended and are expected to be added with an updated format in the future.









◇ Guild Level Changes and Increased Guild Bonuses

▶ Guild level changes are underway. After the changes, the guilds can be grown up to Lv 30.

▶ Guild growth provides a maximum of +15% for ATK, HP/+5% for physical, magic DEF, CRT, CRT Damage/+30% for Hero EXP.

▶ Guild buffs at the same level can be purchased repeatedly to accumulate the number of applicable days, but when a guild buff at a higher level is purchased, the number of days remaining for the former (lower level) buff will not be carried over.

▶ Temporary Guild Bonuses, Accumulated Guild Points, Guild Contributions, and Weekly Contribution Rankings will be refreshed and the Guild Slate will be terminated. (Guild personnel numbers and storage expansion will be maintained).

▶ All guild rewards and records will be deleted upon guild withdrawal/disbanding/expulsion, after which guild entry will not be permitted for a certain period of time.

▶ All other details are the same as before.










◇ Guild Shop – Guild Shopkeeper Jin




▶ The Guild Shop sells a variety of items useful in combat that can be checked by selecting Guild Shopkeeper Jin, who is located in each village.


▶ These items must be purchased using guild Honor Coins that can be obtained by carrying out Guild Missions. Each item will become available for purchase once the required guild level is reached.






[Alliance Attack Elixir]




▶ Increases the user’s phys/magic attack power for 30 minutes after use.

▶ Elixirs with even more powerful effects can be purchased as your guild level increases.

▶ Alliance Attack Elixir effects disappear upon death.






[Dragon Fire Flambé Cake]





▶ Applies to all regions. Increases the phys/magic attack power of all party members by 15% for 30 minutes.


 ▶ Cannot be used for cooking. Effects cannot be stacked.








[Alliance Stone]





▶ Increases the attribute attack power of all party member by 20% for 90 minutes.


▶ Alliance Stones can be used for 7 days after purchase.


▶ Cannot be used again for 6 hours after usage.







[Energy Transformer]






▶ Usage changes effects when landing a hit.


▶ Energy Transformer can be used for 7 days after purchase.











 1-3. Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena 











◇ Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena – Introduction















◇ Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena – How to Activate






▶ Heroes with authority to use guild content can activate the exhibition arena.


▶ Go to Menu [(G) Guild] -> [Guild Contents] -> [Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena] and spend 7000 Guild Points to activate.


▶ The [Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena] will remain open for 14 days after activation.










◇ Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena – Characteristics







◆ [A monster appears, united by the power of darkness and light]

• Engage in a battle versus the ‘Roaring Raining Blossoms of Light and Dark’.

• The ‘Roaring Raining Blossoms of Light and Dark’ possesses an intense area attack and high stats.















◆ [15 Minute Time Limit!]

• Defeat it within 15 minutes to be recorded in the rankings table. Challenge it right now!








◇ Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena – Check Rankings





▶ Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena rankings can be checked by selecting the ranking board’s [See Exhibition Tournament Ranking] button.

▶ The ranking board is located in 2 places in total, [next to Heraldry Scholar Hakyul in Red Lotus Palace Main Street]/[nearby the Saint Haven Silver Dragon's Forcefield].




▶ [Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena] has been added to the <Nest Ranking> list.

    ※ Can be checked in the <Ranking> → <Nest> tab or <Ranking Board> → <See Nest Rankings>.

    ※ Refreshing the ranking board’s <Exhibition Tournament Ranking> does not refresh Exhibition Arena records registered in the Nest Rankings.

▶ Revised so that all buffs disappear upon entering the Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena.









◇ Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena – Rewards Info

“An overwhelming force will reveal itself that only the strongest guild can grasp.”

▶ Ranking rewards are distributed based on Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena rankings, and the higher the guild’s ranking, the stronger the [Raining Blossoms Stone] buff item that can be acquired.






※ The provided Raining Blossoms Stone and cover title are fixed-term (14 days) items.



▶ Rewards can only be earned if the accumulated contribution of individual guild points is more than 14,000 after the end of the season tally (at 9AM) on the 14th and 28th of every month.

    If you meet the cumulative contribution requirements, you do not need to participate in [Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena] to earn rewards when your guild is ranked.







◇ Raining Blossoms Exhibition Arena – Raining Blossoms Stone Info






▶ If you possess this item, your character will get a powerful buff that amplifies their abilities in stages and nests.

    ※ Only activates in applicable mission stages, applicable mission nests, fission mazes, and trials.

    ※ Only the strongest buff is applied among the [Raining Blossoms Stone] items possessed by the user.

    ※ Can be stacked with a Dimension Rock buff.






▶ Each item grade activates a unique brilliant effect and gives you a buff.















 1-4. Watchtower: Restricted Area 









◆ <Watchtower: Restricted Area>






• To support the Silver Dragon, we have lured Monolith monsters into the Sunset Watchtower so they can be wiped out.

• Activate the Sunset Lighthouse, a special device, and destroy the endless onrush of monsters.

• Gather the Dawn Energy dropped by monsters and acquire the [End of Dreams Weapon] that contains infinite power!














◆ <Watchtower: Restricted Area> Entry Info






1. How to access: [Red Lotus Palace Main Street] → [Crack of Time and Space] Gate → [Sunset Watchtower] → [Watchtower: Restricted Area]

2. Entry level: Lv 95+

3. Entry capacity: 1 person

4. Required Entry Item: None/(to operate the Sunset Lighthouse, a [Lagendia Torch] is required.)

5. Difficulty: Labyrinth 9F (Normal)/Labyrinth 10F (Emergency)


※ When entering [Watchtower: Restricted Area (Emergency)], 10 [Lagendia Torches] are required to light the Sunset Lighthouse.

   However, Traces of Twilight/Essence of Twilight acquisition amounts and the rare item acquisition rate will be increased x5.


※ [Lagendia Torch Pouches] can be acquired rarely from all types of mission reward boxes and can also be purchased at the Cash Shop.

   [Lagendia Torch Pouches] can be traded.









◆ <Watchtower: Restricted Area> Play Info






• Activate the [Sunset Lighthouse] to summon the Monolith monsters.

• Whenever the [Sunset Lighthouse] is activated, a [Lagendia Torch] is consumed.

• Defeat the monsters and gather Sunset Energy to encounter a horde of special monsters that drop rare items.

• Speak with “Priestess of Darkness Canele,” who is located in the [Sunset Watchtower] and [Watchtower: Restricted Area] to receive information on the [Watchtower: Restricted Area].







◆ <Watchtower: Restricted Area> Reward Info

• In <Watchtower: Restricted Area>, you can acquire materials for crafting Named Grade [End of Dreams Weapons] as well as Legend/Ancient Grade End of Dreams Weapons.









■ Added new weapons and blacksmith crafting

- Starcatcher weapons offer identical performance as existing Legend/Ancient Grade End of Dreams Weapons with the highest additional stats.

- Starcatcher weapons carry the same specifications as existing Legend/Ancient Grade End of Dreams Weapons.

- You can make Legend/Ancient Grade Starcatcher weapons using the Craft Item feature accessed through the blacksmith in each town.










• Starcatcher weapons can be disassembled.

• Disassembly of Legend Grade Starcatcher weapons yields 2 Guide Stars.

• Disassembly of Ancient Grade Starcatcher weapons yields 5 Guide Stars.












◆ Blacksmith Crafting/[Restricted Area Supply Shop] Info


• You can make Legend Grade [End of Dreams Weapons] using the Craft Item feature accessed through the blacksmith in each town.






• You can use low-grade material to purchase high-grade material in the [Red Lotus Palace Main Street] → [Sunset Watchtower]’s [Restricted Area Supply Shop].

















 1-5. Cerberus Nest Beginner 



The frenzied beast "Cerberus Kakari," feared by countless heroes in the past, has finally awakened from a deep sleep.

Heroes, open the gates of hell once more to prove your courage and strength.











◆ Entry Info









◆ Entry Ticket Information




• Cerberus Expedition Special Entry Ticket Acquisition Area

  - After the update,a [Cerberus Expedition Pouch] will be distributed as a Beginner’s Guide mission reward for reaching Lv 95.

  - A [Cerberus Expedition Special Entry Ticket] and [Special and Enormous Key] will be included within the [Cerberus Expedition Pouch].

  - The [Special and Enormous Key] is required for opening Special Reward Boxes.

   ※ Existing Cerberus Expedition Special Entry Ticket cannot be used.







◆ Special Entry Ticket Info

• Special Entry Ticket Usage Info

   - Special entry tickets can be used when in the possession of party leaders.

   - Special entry tickets can only be used in certain nests that require them.

• Only party leaders can possess special entry tickets.







◆ Stage Introduction





• Stage 1: Underground Mine Tribe “Crow Hobgoblins”

     - The crows in the underground mine are hobgoblins with sleek movements and powerful axes.








• Stage 2: Goblin Lich “Brother Summoner”

     - Despite its diminutive size, the Goblin Lich uses powerful dark magic and necromancy.







• Stage 3: Chief Guard “Minotaur Bison”

     - The Minotaur Bison is the chief guard of the Cerberus Nest who possesses powerful defensive abilities.








• Stage 4: Glutton “Ogre Brothers”

     - The Glutton Ogre Brothers  are extremely close, and wield the power of darkness with such coordination that it seems they are of one mind and body.








• Stage 5: Gatekeeper of Hell “Cerberus Kakari”

     - The three heads of the gatekeeper of hell Kakari possess unique characteristics and powers.








◆ Reward Info

• Rewards can be acquired by opening a box obtained after clearing Cerberus Nest Beginner.

 - Special reward boxes can only be opened by heroes with a [Special and Enormous Key], and only heroes who open special reward boxes can acquire the rewards within.

 - [Special and Enormous Keys] disappear upon opening a special reward box.

 - Normal reward boxes can be acquired by all heroes.


















[2] Changes/Additions



 2-1. Nightmare Mission Reward Improvements 











• Hound Free appears after clearing a [Nightmare Mission]

- After [Gold/Silver Box] reward selection, [Hound Free] appears in the center of the map, and additional rewards can be acquired by clicking on Hound Free.

- [Gold/Silver Box] rewards have not be changed.













• Common Rewards

- reward distributed irrespective of the Labyrinth floor number.












•  Lapis Reward

- A reward distributed in gradually higher quantities as the Labyrinth floor increases (equivalent to [co-op mission] rewards).










• [Breath of Kilos] Craft Item Function Added

- [Breath of Kilos] can be crafted through the blacksmith using High Grade Luminous Talisman Fragments.













• Breath of Kilos Crafting Cost










• [Nightmare Box] Contents and Probability Changes

- Magic - Epic Grade Ultimate Enhancement Talismans can be acquired from [Nightmare Boxes] and Rare and Epic Grade acquisition rates have been increased.

- Removed Breath of Kilos from [Nightmare Box] contents.
















 2-2. [ Nest ] Changes 



■ Volcano Nest

[Stage 4 – Phoenix Lavanok]

1. It no longer uses the Stomp skill immediately upon appearing.

2. The flight attack pattern will not be triggered immediately after the HP condition has been applied.

3. Characters are no longer knocked down when hit by Fire Seed.








■ Typhoon Kim Nest

[Stage 3 – Blacksmith Little John]

1. Decreased the damage dealt by Meteorc.


[Stage 4 – Typhoon Kim]

1. Decreased the damage dealt by Outskirts Flame









■ Mist Nest

[Stage 1 – Wailing Gatekeeper Ornird]

1. Corrected the guide effect so that it does not appear on inappropriate difficulty levels.



[Stage 2 – Rusty Mist Gustcry]

1. The prison pattern is no longer activated immediately after the condition HP is applied.

2. Increased the maximum shield HP for the shield skill.



[Stage 3 – Hermit Lycan Haylen]

1. Corrected the guide effect so that it does not appear on inappropriate difficulty levels.








■ Daidalos Nest

[Stage 1 – Guard Scimitar]

1. Modified the cooldown and damage of fatal skills.


[Stage 2 – Fannie Broka]

1. Decreased the damage amount of the clock pattern’s red needle.


[Stage 3 – Cold Mirage Sadnyth]

1. Fixed the bug by which the Ice Statue of Sadness was destroyed as soon as it was summoned.


[Stage 4 – Black Lanker]

1. Greatly reduced the power of skills used by Lanker after transforming upon taking damage.

- Removed or significantly increased the cooldown of skills that seemed unreasonably powerful during combat.

- Reduced overall ATK

- Greatly reduced frequency of danger zone damage intervals








■ Professor K Nest

[Stage 3 – Professor K]

1. Professor K now moves to the Arc Reactor room a little bit later.








■ Manticore Nest

[Stage 1 – Lunatic Guardian Slonka]

1. Decreased the HP of clones.

2. Narrowed the hit range of the laser pattern that erupts on the ground.



[Stage 3 – Giant Stone Half Golem]

1. The tracking target has been changed so that it fixes on only one person during the bowling pattern.



[Stage 4 – Manticore Lord Kram]

1. Movement and action speed are no longer decreased around the black smoke pattern.

2. Manticore does not appear right away upon clearing Stage 3.

3. Manticore no longer uses Stomp right away when it appears.








■ Sea Dragon Nest

[Stage 1 – Lizardman Brothers]

1. The script that appears when not all party members have gathered after clearing the stage now says 'Will transfer when all party members have gathered'.



[Stage 2 – Golem Lava]

1. Decreased the attack power of Golem Lava.



[Stage 4 – Golem Montan]

1. Fixed the issue with hits not registering properly within the Stomp attack area.

2. Ghouls summoned by Montan now die after 2 minutes have passed.










■ Archbishop Nest

[Stage 1 – Half Golem Toadstool]

1.Removed the unique skill that removes mushrooms from the safe area.

2.The shield skill was replaced with a unique skill.

3.Decreased damage of wide area attacks.

4.Eliminated the instances where wide area attack damage registered twice.


[Stage 2 – Resurrected Punisher Brass]

1. Decreased fire energy blade damage.


[Stage 3 – Golem Fujinorth]

1. Decreased burn damage the fire floor deals to approaching enemies.









■ Guardian Nest

[Stage 2 – Furious Aera Venom]

1. Increased monster HP.

2. Changed the successive rush skill so that it is no longer used at the very start of battle.


[Stage 3 – Great Dux Arks]

1. Removed the silent debug applied when the hit by an uppercut.









■ Granom Nest

[Stage 2 – Defeated Agnal]

1. The embittered specter that appears when the haunted tombstone cannot be destroyed now escapes after 90 seconds.


[Stage 3 – Sentinel Glacinom]

1. Glacinom no longer flies to the center before losing a certain amount of HP unless 20 seconds have passed.








■ Any

[Lavinia Pattern]

1. Fixed the bug where Lavinia’s pattern sometimes stacked.








■ Forest Dragon HARD

- Changed the Stage 3 Growing Distrust debuff effect to 99%.

















 2-3. Dimension Rock Changes 




• Dimension Rock items now apply to normal nests and stages.

- The Dimension Rock items that can be acquired through the Storm of Time and Space now apply their buffs not only in the originally applicable Division Nests and Trial Nests, but also in normal nests and stages.

- ※Buffs will not be applied to [Catastrophe] Red Lotus Palace content.

- Dimension Rock buffs can be stacked with [Raining Blossoms Stone] item buffs.













 2-4. Forest Dragon Nest Hard Missions Added 



Forest Dragon Nest Hard missions have been newly added to [Mission(L) – Nest – Forest Dragon Nest].

One mission type and one title type have been added.

The mission and title info can be found below.













■ Crystal Point Shop Changes

- [Lebrium Points] can now be purchased in units of 1000 and 10,000 in the Crystal Point Shop.









■ Increased maximum Community Points limit

- To reflect the increase in items that be purchased with Community Points, we changed the maximum amount of Community Points that can be owned as shown below.








■ Chaos Expedition Great Heraldry Acquisition Guide Content Changed

- Changed content and images that can be acquired in stages that do not produce selectable Gold/Silver Boxes.







■ World Daily Tasks Script Changes

- The script that appears during Daily Tasks for stage/nest random missions has been changed to the format below.







■ World Daily Task Reward Changes

- Hero Coins have been completely removed from World Daily Task rewards.















 2-5. Others 



■ Changed the nest fatigue consumption method so that fatigue is consumed when entering.



■ Corrected the following bugs: invincibility being released late at the beginning of Sunset Training Ground battles and not being able to parry rush attacks.



■ Removed the Movement Speed Up buff applied after entering Riverwort Wharf.



■ Made the switch in the Tranquil Monastery Corridor stage easier to operate.



■ Removed [Fortune Coin– Stage Points(5000)] from the following achievement: [5000 Harvests and 5001 Seed Planting].



■ Increased the amount of items that can be accrued when made with cooking.



■ Added Skill Level Up Heraldry Pouches to the Mission Bulletin Board Shop, purchasing consumes 72,500 Hero's Blood, Sweat, and Tears.



■ Removed Colosseum NPC Heraldry Scholar Kenneth's unopened Point Exchange Store.



■ Changed some equipment so that it cannot be disassembled.

















[3] Balance 





 3-1. May skill balancing 
















 3-2. Skill Balancing - Items 














[4] Event



 4-1. May Attendance Event 



• Players will get one ‘Goddess Coin’ as an attendance reward with each daily login from May maintenance until the next update.

• You can exchange 30 Goddess Coins for a ‘Deep Twilight Box (Class-exclusive Armor)’ through ‘Priestess of Darkness Canele’, located in ‘Sunset Watchtower’.











 4-2. Other 



■ Saint Haven Defense has ended.
















[5] Cash Shop





 5-1. Animal Costume 








• Animal Costume Package will be updated. 

• Hero title are not included in the package. 












 5-2. Red Lotus Gacha-Box Update 





◆ WTD: Wings/Tail/Decal of the night filled with dark energy




• Wings/Tail/Decal of the night filled with dark energy will be updated.

• Hidden Flower Wings/Tail/Decal will be removed from Red Lotus Gacha-Box. 










◆ Dreaming Fox Clouds Spirit




• Dreaming Fox Clouds Spirit will be updated.

• Coy Leaf Fairy Spirit will be removed from Red Lotus Gacha-Box. 









 5-3. Pet 4.0 Pure White Snow Leopard and Accessories 







◆ Pure White Snow Leopard Information






• Snow Leopard will be updated in May target and available to exchange with [Love of Friends 10ea] at NPC Lindsay. 

• [Steel Retrobo] will not available to exchange from May update. 









◆ Pure White Snow Leopard Legend Accessory Information





• Pure White Snow Leopard Accessory will be opened in May update. 

• [Snow Leopard] Gallant Scount Set and [Snow Leopard] Chick Feather Hat set are available to wear only for Pure White Snow Leopard. 

• Available to trade 4 times in Trading House.












 5-4. Cash Shop Update 






◆ Lagendia Torch 





• Available to purchase with 15,000 EYET. 

• Lagendia Torch is entrance Ticket for Watchtower: Restricted Area and available to acquire by Mission reward with very rate rate. 










◆ Extra Personal Farm Slot Permit





• Extra Personal Farm Slot Permit will be update in May update, allowing to use four more personal farm slot for 90 days.

  - Price: 5,000 EYET 

• Extra Personal Farm Slot Tickets will be removed in May update.

• Extra Personal Farm Slot Permit will be included in Master of Farming Package, instead of Extra Personal Farm Slot Tickets. 

• If Hero holds Extra Personal Farm Slot Permit, you can use farm slot maxinum 5 slots per 1 ticket.

• Even though Hero holds several Extra Personal Farm Slot Permit, only 1 ticket is applied and available to use maxinum 5 slots.  






◆ Special and Luxury Grubby Key Package will be removed in May 13 maintenance. 








 5-5. Crystal Point Shop Costume Update 






◆ Baseball team Costume Exchange Coupon (2014)






• Baseball team Costume Exchange Coupon (2014) will be update in May update.

• Available to preview costume and exchange with 300,000 Crystal point in NPC Crystal Storekeeper Czerny.

• Lancea and Machina costumes are not included. 






 Status Information 















◆ Hanbok Exchange Coupon (2015)





• Hanbok Exchange Coupon (2015) will be update in May update.

• Available to preview costume and exchange with 300,000 Crystal point in NPC Crystal Storekeeper Czerny.






 Status Information 







◆ Mysterious Wings, Decal and Tail & Hell Night Dragon will be removed at June update.