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EVENT (Reward Sent) [2020 NA Loading Page Contest] Artistic Dragon Nest ! 05. 31. 2020 Views 5302


★★[Updated as of 9th July]★★





Dear, contest winners,




The contest rewards have been sent during the July update patch.

You can check 'Artistic Hero' title at the [Title] section directly and DNP automatically has distributed on the account.




Please check your title section and DNP present condition from the cash shop.




Again, our team really thank you for your participation and love to the contest.











This contest has been closed and the winner will be announced on 5th July via a separate post.

Thank you for all participants! 





★★[Updated as of 10th June]




Many of you are participating with interest, but there are not only 5 people who are recognized as clear participants

because they are not in line with the current rules of the contest.

Please be aware of the following our main rules below.



1) When you submit it, please submit both PSD and PNG files, and JPG files are not accepted.


2) If an external font, design & image source are used, it must be free for business use purposes,

and please share the source reference.

It is the responsibility of the participants for the issues arising from the failure to list the source. 




3. The required size condition is 1280x700 pixels.







Hello heroes! This is [GM]Loren!



 Finally after a long time spent, the player contest is prepared for the heroes who are full of artistic!



Did you know it's already been 4 years since Dragon Nest started serving NA? ᕙ(^▿^-ᕙ)

Thanks to your love and interest, we were able to serve you for 4 years, and [GM]Loren is able to be with you today.

I wanted to share this joy with you and repay you with Dragon Nest, so I prepared this time contest.



Make sure to read the details and please join the event a lot! ~









■ Artistic Dragon Nest : Loading Page Contest ■








[Contest Topic]





' Draw your favorite character or NPC of Dragon Nest,

celebrating NA Dragon Nest 4th anniversary. '








[Contest Period]





1st June. 2020 ~ 30th June 2020 (PDT), 1 month

*Only works received by 23:59 on the 30th June 2020 (PDT)








[Winner announcement]





 5th July 2020 










[Event Reward]





1st winner -  DNP 200,000 & Conver title 

2nd winner - DNP 150,000 & Cover title

3rd winner -  DNP 100,000 & Cover title





[Cover Title Preview]











*Only works selected from 1st to 3rd place will be posted on In-game.


*Also, up to 3 people, will be given special awards that cost 50,000 DNP.








[Basic Event Mechanic]










Please email us your image file to


The subject of the email must be '[DN_NA]', and the content of the email should include your IGN.


If either one is not included, your submission will automatically be dropped.


Once the submission is completed and the person in charge confirms it, we will send you a reply.









The review will be conducted by all staff responsible for the services of Dragon Nest NA.

Works that received the most positive feedbacks such as creativity and suitability will be selected.

I don't doubt you'll surprise us all with your outstanding artistic sense! ᕙ(`´)ᕗ

Show your talents to the fullest so that we can be so touched that evenly prepare CPR for each other!









The selected works will be displayed in 3 villages [Parairie Town / Saint Haven / Red Lotus Palace] via July Update.

It will be exposed for a total of 2 months before the September update.








 [How To Submit and about Details ?]











We are allowed to receive 2 files for this contest, PSD and PNG

and default specification for this event image is limited to 1280x700 pixels. 

If it does not comply with the specification, it is an automatic dropout and will not be notified separately.




▶ When applying in-game, please understand that some images can be cut or resized from our end

depending on the characteristics of the image.




▶ When applying in-game, the edges of the image may be blushed or truncated.

Please keep this in mind and make sure that you have enough edges to start the work.















a. Dragon Nest Thailand Contest Workout (Partial version)











b. Dragon Nest SEA Contest Workout  (Full page version)

















-If you have used external fonts and image sources, please fill in the source and attach them separately.


In addition, make sure to use only the '100% Business Free' option and materials.


If you do not fill it out, your participation will be invalid and in case of perfect handwriting workout, you can ignore this rule.















All responsibilities of participating in the event by stealing other works or using resources that violate rights

shall be legally responsible to the person and the participant,

and maybe invalidated and may be subject to separate operational measures.




In addition, if it is not related to Dragon Nest or contains gambling advertisements,

excessively violent  or suggestive expressions, the election will be invalid

and may be subject to separate operational measures as well.














Violating/threatening the value and quality of Dragon Nest's IP will disqualify them from participation

and will not be notified separately.


 In addition, all images received at this event are copyrighted to EYEDENTITY GAMES

and can be used as marketing materials.















For other matters not specified at this notice,

it will be decided by sending questions through [1:1 inquiry] on the website 

or by internal review with GM.

Most of all, GM's decision is final for this event.





Good luck everyone! :)