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EVENT (Closed Event) [JULY GM EVENT] GO! GO! Burning Adventure! 06. 30. 2020 Views 3430




[EVENT 1 :  Fission Maze Conquer With GM!]










 ■ [Event Date and Mechanics]







1. This event will be held on July 2, July 13, and July 21 for a total of 3 days. (GMT+8).






2. GM will play [Fission Maze 13F] with players 2 times each event date.
The time of the event is random and will be guided through the in-game notice or Red/Bluebird when GM appears.


*The total number of winner: 18






3. [GM]Loren creates a private party room and announce a quiz before proceeding the event play

through in-game notice about the password for 10 seconds.







4. The party room slot will remain 3 except for GM.

GM and party-joined 3 players must clear the maze for each round who have been partied in the following method.









Quiz example:

Q. When the K-POP boy group BTS debut?

Password & Answer: 2013








5. Users should enter Loren's party room after answering the quiz correctly as soon as possible.

This event and party room will be run on a first-come, first-served basis.




6. When 3 people enter the party, separate notice or a Red or Bluebird will be exposed to announce the closing.



6. Users who have cleared the mission with GM until the end to receive the following reward.








■ [Event Reward Info and Reward Date]













▶ Reward Date: 24th July 00:00 (PDT) 

▶ All winners will receive the above prizes on the 24th of July.







▶ The reward can be collectible until 31st July 23:59 (PDT)

▶The event reward will be delivered on a character basis.







▶After finish, each play, [GM] will suggest taking official screenshot time.

It can be used for future inquiries such as reward delivery issues so make sure to save a screenshot on your end.


































■ [NOTE]







▶ The event date may change. 

▶ Matched users (event winners) will be announced later in this event notice.





▶ Duplicated winner selection won't be applied.

-Example: If A is selected on 2nd July, A won't be selected even if match and clear for the next time.

-Example: Even if there are duplicated cases, there will be no additional play match to recruit new winners.

 GM will play only 6 scheduled times.



▶ If the user interferes with DC/departure/play progress during play, the user will not be recognized as 'participation'.

All players must 'Clear' until the end to be recognized as one participation.





In the case of GM disconnection and meeting connection issues during the play, all users who participate during the playtime are recognized as 'clear participation'. 

Regardless of this rule, to prevent such mishaps, GM will be prepared to play in the most stable environment surely.




▶ If there is any difficulty in progress due to server issues or other issues, we will notify you through a separate notice.




▶ GM won't be accepted any inquiries during the event time.

Anyone who keeps asking and trying inquiries, GM can leave the match and party and the matched players lost their participation qualification automatically.




▶ Using offensive language vulgarity can be sanctioned with the following operation policy.




▶ GM's decision is final.








[EVENT 2 :  Come on, Nest Shaker!]











Heroes! Just Play Event Nest!

GM will pick winners and deliver the reward to the winners for herself.











1.  Play the event nest during the event period! 





2. 10 people are randomly selected among players cleared the event nest 

every day of the event by GM and 10,000 Crystal point and 15 Lapis provided (Total 60 Winner)





3. Receive the reward on the coming scheduled maintenance! 






Done! /(uwu*)/ 















Total 6 Days












13th~14th July 00:00 AM ~ 23:59PM (PDT)


Event Location:  Archbishop Nest



▶Reward date:15th July scheduled maintenance






























20th ~ 21st July 00:00AM ~ 23:59PM (PDT)


Event Location:  Volcano Nest



▶Reward date: 22nd July scheduled maintenance





























27th~28th July 00:00 AM ~ 23:59 PM (PDT)



Event Location: Professor K Nest



▶Reward date: 30th July scheduled maintenance


































-The reward will be delivered on a character basis.




-There is no limit on the level/class.





-The event period/announcement date may change depending on various situations,

and in this case, it will be notified through this notice.





-Unclaimed/Deleted/Expired reward can't be reimbursed for any reason.






-GM's decision is final.