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EVENT (Reward Sent) [GM EVENT] The Best Guild Is Here! 07. 28. 2020 Views 3635



The August GM Event, <The Best Guild Is Here> reward has sent to all winning guild member's special storage by account basis.

Please make sure to claim them 24th September 23:59 (PDT)



Please keep in mind that the bread hat reward is not available for Vandar class.


Dear, winners,


The event reward will be distributed during the 16th September Scheduled Maintenance

and you can claim them until 24th September 23:59 (PDT).


Unreceived or deleted prizes will not be recovered and reimbursed for any reason.


This prize will only be delivered to accounts who have completed their join by September 16th, 22:59 PM (PDT).

(Before the maintenance starts)


The reward will be given on an account basis.

You can only receive one character, so please select the character you want to receive carefully.



Thank you.









Our hero there! Are you looking for a new guild member?
The guild manager there! Would you like to promote the guild?

Oh, it's been a long time since you've been here! Returnee and the new heroes!
Are you looking for a guild to join?





GM has prepared this for all of you!
Show off your guild and get a special guild promotion chance!















Tell GM the advantages of your guild!



Make Guild Banner!








By selecting the best 3 guilds

GM will make the exclusive posts

and display the banners on the website and launcher for 2 months!

















[How To Participate?]













Make a banner Image in the size below 

with the main web page or the place, you want to be posted!








[Size Info]




Main Web page: 1100X400
Launcher Banner Size: 666X366









※Make the file in PSD as standard, and attach both PSD and JPG when submitting!



※ Banners should include the event title, guild name, guild introductory players, or guild leader's IGN

If one of these is missing, it will automatically be dropped from the review.

(*Guild introductory players: the person who charges in recruiting new guild member.)


※If you make a banner with your guild members' screenshot, there are extra points for winner review!













Fill out the phrase to the 3 queries below!



※ If selected as a winning guild, the answers will go into the notice board.














Q. Please introduce the guild.

(e.g. PVE-centered, social-oriented, Farming-centered, English-speaking guilds, subscription conditions, etc.)







Q. The reason why you should come to our guild! Advantages of our guild only







Q. Say something freely to the stray who is hesitating to join the guild!















Please send the results 1 and 2 to the email below!







We will send you a reply that has been confirmed after checking submission.

If you have not received a reply over 5 days, please send a confirmation request through a 1:1 inquiry.






■ E-mail address:

■ 1:1 Inquiry link:








It's easy, isn't it?
Make, write, send, and finish!






Please submit above information until 28th August (PDT).

The winning guilds will be announced on August 31st! (PDT).



















The review is conducted by reflecting a number of opinions based on various criteria such as creativity and suitability.


Rewards will be paid below to all guild members.





(Revised as of 14th September)

Delivery date: during 16th September scheduled maintenance

※ All guild members who join before September 16th scheduled maintenance will receive the following rewards.










Common Reward




Guild Name Cover Title

(※If your guild name is Love, the 'Love' cover title will be distributed)













1st Guild




Community Point 10,000

Dimension Rock (Gale) 1

Gesture - Pretending to be a dead



























2nd Guild



Community Point 5,000

Dimension Rock (Gale) 1

Pets Boom Boom Drink (7,000,000) x 10















3rd Guild



Community Point 3,000

Dimension Rock (Gale) 1

Soft Honey Bread Helmet 1




































As of last, please read the precautions for the event! 

Otherwise, the disadvantage may apply even after winning.








▶If you have used external fonts and image sources, please fill in the source and attach them separately.


In addition, make sure to use only the '100% Business Free' option and materials.


If you do not fill it out, your participation will be invalid and in case of perfect handwriting workout, you can ignore this rule.











▶All responsibilities of participating in the event by stealing other works or using resources that violate rights

shall be legally responsible to the person and the participant,

and maybe invalidated and may be subject to separate operational measures.


In addition, if it is not related to Dragon Nest and guild event or contains gambling advertisements,

excessively violent  or suggestive expressions, the election will be invalid

and may be subject to separate operational measures as well.












▶Violating/threatening the value and quality of Dragon Nest's IP will disqualify them from participation

and will not be notified separately.









All submissions through this contest can be used as marketing materials by EYEDENTITY GAMES regardless of the award.
In addition, EYEDENTITY GAMES will not use these works except in-game, official web pages, and official social media.

Dragon Nest intellectual property is owned by EYEDENTITY GAMES and its parent company

SHENGQU GAMES LTD, and the copyright of artwork belongs to the participant (Artist).











▶For other matters not specified at this notice,

it will be decided by sending questions through [1:1 inquiry] on the website 

or by internal review with GM.

Most of all, GM's decision is final for this event.